The Devil's Bride

Azmir Ali (1st Year)

Red Dress and Bloody Lips,
Waving in a sultry dance,
Not knowing what will happen,
She was in such a trance,

A figure entered through the gate,
With a grin on his face,
His dark eyes following her gait,
The Devil was enthralled by her grace,

Captivated by her vestal beauty,
The Devil beseeched her to a dance,
She was illuded by his charms,
By the idyllic feeling of romance,

Their dance capturing everybody’s gaze,
The scene blurred by a mysterious haze,
Holding her frail body,
The Devil knew it was time,
Fire swallowed all her body,
Leaving neither a penny nor a dime,

Searched the people on their legs,
Searched the people on their rides,
But nobody knew that she,
Had become the Devil’s Bride.


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