Maternity Copy Samples

Some tips:

  • Get Maam Ghazala's signatures as soon as possible. Preferably on the test day of Unit 1. 
  • After Maam Ghazala's sign, submit copies to Dr. Arshad's PA. He'll get them signed and stamped.
  • For other units, the doctors' sign on the cases can be done by any PG
  • Write each unit's respective consultants name on the page 1 of the case.
  • Write 1 SVD/ 2 C sections in each unit section. You can also write 2 SVDs/ 1 C section if you like making the partograms :P
  • For unit 2, you can get the AP's sign as well on the main page
  • Try finishing the copy during your maternity rotation. Take pictures of respective unit cases and fill out your copy. Then you can get it signed during unit 2 and 3 ward duty days in LWH without extra trips to LWH. For unit 1 every students should write 3  separate cases. For other units you can all write the same cases. 
  • Do not make up PG names/cases for unit 1 :P Maam Ghazala wont sign it. 




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