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From Palace to Slums (2)

"FROM PALACE TO SLUMS" (Session 2) By Sidra chishti, Waseem Sajjad -Kemcolians Akhuwat Club  Ramadan Ration Packs Distribution I was so keen to join ration pack distribution. Was informed at around  midnight  (oops!). Couldn't join at  10 am  due to my so called intrinsic theeta-pan (by friends :P) as i'm crazy to attend Dr. Somia's class in north medicine ward. Had to wait and it took about 2 hours to reach model town due to heavy rain. Landed finally in Dr. Ismat Leghari's home where the packing of ration packs had been executed by volunteers of Akhuwat, Pakistan Youth Spring and Kemcolians Akuwat Club. People from LUMS,GIKI,FCU,GCU,UOL and my very own KEMU were there. They had packed some 50 ration packs. 1 team had gone for disbursement in Township.

From Palace to Slums

"FROM PALACE TO SLUMS" By Sidra chishti, Waseem Sajjad -Kemcolians Akhuwat Club  Ramadan Ration Packs Distribution

Histology Handmade Diagrams Cards for 2nd Year MBBS

HISTOLOGY Handmade Diagrams for 2ND YEAR MBBS Histology of Gastrointestinal System Histology of Ileum Histolgy cards of diagrams for second year...

بلا عنوان........By Ayesha Shahid

شام کے سائے گہرے ہوتے جا رہے تھے۔ سڑک پر ٹریفک رواں دواں تھی۔ ہر گاڑی اپنی منزل پر پہنچنے کے لیے بے تاب تھی۔ انھی میں ایک گاڑی تھی جس کی منزل صدارتی محل تھی۔ اس گاڑی کا سوار الفلاح ٹرسٹ کا روح ورواں اور چیرمین ۔۔ڈاکڑ داؤداپنی تمام تر جاہ و حشمت سمیٹ زندگی بھر کی ریاضت و خدمت کے اعتراف میں ایوارڈ وصول کرنے صدارتی محل جا رہے تھے۔ صدر وقت نے ان کی سماجی و فلاحی خدمات کے سلسلے میں درخوش آب کے خطاب سےنوازا تھا ۔اور آج کی تقریب میں صدارتی ایوارڈ سے نوازا جانا تھا۔

Fast And Furious: The Freshman Year

By  Maryam Fatima. 1st Year.  Comic Credits: Unsa Athar So it's that time of the year again when the holiday season sets in. The roller-coaster ride comes to a halt and as you look around, and as you look back, you gain perspective!! Walking down the memory lane, first year seems like a blur (or a kaleidoscope of memories, as Swift would say). As our first session approaches its end, most of us (other than those who can't wait to get out of the place) feel the sadness in the air as we are left with only four more years of fun and then KABOOM!!.. we have entered practical life..!!! Seniors approaching us on our first day..

Neuroanatomy Labelled Specimen for 2nd Yr MBBS Spotting

Neuroanatomy Labelled Specimen for 2nd Yr MBBS Spotting Cerebrum -  Sagittal section Folowing structures are visible: Medial frontal gyrus Paracentral lobule Precuneus Cingulate sulcus Septum pellucidum Fornix Head of caudate process Thalamus Hypothalamus Midbrain Colliculi Corpus Callosum: Rostrum, Genu, Body, Splenium Gross Anatomy of Base of Brain - Cerebral hemisection Structures visible: Occipitotemporal gyrus Parahippocampal gyrus Orbital gyri and sulci Olfactory sulcus Mammillary body Midbrain



First Year- Important stuff for prof/send ups

Courtesy:  Syed Ahmed Raza,  Ayesha Shahid.  2nd Year

Some Mnemonics for Metabolic acidosis (for first years)

Metabolic acidosis is of two types In which Anion Gap increases Causes/ features: MUD PILES M = methanol U = Uremia


Hey first years! I actually had all the bank of VIVA questions of the last year saved. What we did was that we asked everyone in the class to come online and share his/her experiences and questions on the facebook group of our class after taking the vivas. So I am giving you all that had been uploaded by my class fellows. I just made a doc of each subject and compiled everyone's contribution.  Here it is. Just don't get intimidated by the length of it :P Some questions might repeat. I hope you'll have a good idea of what happened in last year's prof and how :) So at least, don't skip the questions mentioned below.

The Broome Hall Sojourn....!

By Usama Irshad We,the batch 17' arrived at KE amidst a lot of strifes,sit-ins and demonstrations over something called " Broom" by the media. It was that rainy evening of December 13th----our first evening as Kemcoloians----that the mystery of the so-called "Broom"  finally dawned upon upon us with alarming clarity.                                                                                        Dr. Broome(Professor of Anatomy&Pricipal,KEMC)              What had been "Broom",turned out to be "Broome",the fabaled "Broome Hall" with winding archways and endlessly long corridors more befitting to some rustic mansion.Built somewhere between 1917 and 27 and named after Lt.Col.H.H.Broome(Principal KEMC---1923-30),Broome Hall is a masterpiece of the colonial architecture. We stood and gaped at that mammoth structure,while words of the Hostel admins seemed to be floating around us,shattering any romantic illusion

Neuroanatomy / Brain 2nd Year

Major topics that you must not skip: Spinal tap, caudal anethesia Intracranial hemorrhages All cross-sections v imp (must memorize them from inderbir in detail ) Ascending tracts v imp (lat ,ant spinothalamic & post more imp) , injuries Arcuate fibres Descending tracts , diff b/w upper & lower motor neurons & lesions (corticospinal imp) Spinal Cord clinical  Brainstem gross features + cross sections (prefer Inderbir) facial coliculus arnold chiari malformation