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Laiba Khalid’s Chronicles Return

Episode 1: Click here Episode 2: Click here Episode 3: Click here Laiba Khalid’s Chronicles return Yes I am BACK !! Can you hear THE BANG ! ! ? ? No? Never mind….. You thought the chronicles were over ?! So did I ….  But those sad faces most of you made when I’d reply to your question, ‘ When is the next episode coming up ??’ With, ‘Err never. Finale means the end !’ (The last sentence obviously nothing more than a thought) & innumerable requests (innumerable because i am just too lazy to count) compelled me to change my mind. How can I dare disappoint you all? (ok nose, you can stop growing now !) And to save us some trouble and avoid all such awkward situations....  True story ! my blogs are just a click away now….   The rest can make all the weird faces they want….   second year Chronicles Nearing the end …. Incredible ! Isn’t it? 6 months have passed, the course is all done with, the society events wrapped up

The Complete Book Guide for 1st Years

Which ones to get, where to get and what to do with them! By Dr. Mehreen Zameer - A legendary Kemcolian, Ex-president IFMSA and a great person

The Complete First Year Survival Guide by Myra Khan

Written by Myra Khan, Member IFMSA Lahore Learn the tricks of the trade, the ins & outs and use these pearls of wisdom to make it through "the toughest year"

Advice to First Year by Mehvish Mehmood

Written by Dr. Mehvish Mehmood, Project Director IFMSA Lahore. This article talks about how to adjust and survive in KEMU, and life at KEMU. Plus, it also talks about A-levels and foreign students perspective. 

Histology Revision Slides for 1st Year

To view the album click here   or  copy paste this link into your browser :

The WINNERS of 2012 Photo Captioning!

With the staggering 102 photos that were entered, thank you everybody for participating. You made the given challenge more competitive and even more enjoyable than we ever expected it to be. Amid the hundreds of photos that were contributed this year it was nearly impossible to unanimously decide on a winner. The winners that have emerged are based on the given criteria.  1. Photo Caption  2. Photo Quality  3. Public Response Please know that it was not easy, especially while each photograph portrayed a versatile angle of King Edward unparalleled and certainly not explored before. 1st Position - Hina Akram Khan and Mohammed Abd-ur-Rehman (4th Year) Don't focus things on the Retina; Focus 'em on your Heart; Only then you will see Even a Wine Glass accommodate ONE & A HALF CENTURY! Score: 92 2nd Position - Fizza Mobasher, Amber Ilyas and Mariam Baig (4th Year) "God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled". Score:


RESULTS  KAPS 8TH ANNUAL ALL PAK ARTS & PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION 2012 INTER-COLLEGE OIL PAINTING 1st Danish Javed PU 2nd Fizza Tariq College of Home Economics  3rd Samman Sarfraz UMT