The WINNERS of 2012 Photo Captioning!

With the staggering 102 photos that were entered, thank you everybody for participating. You made the given challenge more competitive and even more enjoyable than we ever expected it to be.

Amid the hundreds of photos that were contributed this year it was nearly impossible to unanimously decide on a winner. The winners that have emerged are based on the given criteria.

 1. Photo Caption
 2. Photo Quality
 3. Public Response

Please know that it was not easy, especially while each photograph portrayed a versatile angle of King Edward unparalleled and certainly not explored before.

1st Position - Hina Akram Khan and Mohammed Abd-ur-Rehman (4th Year)

Don't focus things on the Retina;
Focus 'em on your Heart;
Only then you will see
Even a Wine Glass accommodate ONE & A HALF CENTURY!

Score: 92

2nd Position - Fizza Mobasher, Amber Ilyas and Mariam Baig (4th Year)

"God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled".

Score: 83

3rd Position - Anam Naz (4th Year)

Every day the sun shines i thank Almighty that i can walk this building as a healer, not a sufferer!

Score: 64

4th Position - Moeed Ahmed (2nd Year)

The Vestigial KEMU Waterfall!

Score: 63

4th Position - Amlish Bilal (2nd year)

And yet the best things in life are the words unstated and the stories untold.

Score: 63

The 5 more photos that wowed everyone alike and made it to TOP 10!

Qudrat Ullah (1st Year)

He who is above all
Yet masked in plain sight
Rekindles the altapete flame
Looking over our epitome of pride!

Maryam Nasir (3rd Year)

Think about your final destiny, that is inevitable, the rest will eventually fade...

Fatima Qamar (1st Year)

Let Altapete be defined as the power of your wings.

Shaarif Bashir (2nd Year)

'As' it happens...from KE to Mayo.

Rabia Jameel and Sadaf Hafeez (4th Year)

Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


It goes without saying that the judges; Mussab Ahmed, Remisha Zahid, Saad Javed, Mushal Noor and Muhammad Bilal dissected every aspect of each picture to come up with this result.
It would not have been possible without their uncanny eye and expertise. And not to forget Fatima Waqar (President KELS) for managing to put up this show of talent and literature and being indispensable throughout!


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