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A Land Without Barriers

the S tudents' Patient Welfare Society in collaboration with RAMP movement Pakistan invite you to the disability rights campaign: A LAND WITHOUT BARRIERS A workshop including discussions b/w architects and stake holders, presentations and speeches on the disability bill and its importance in the present age. An interactive session including competition between participants, skits prepared by the public, tea break and a special performance by the revolutionary LAAL Band . An event where the youth is put into action, where the students will voice their opinion and sign the petition . Venue: King Edward Medical University Auditorium Date: 28th January, 2012 Time: 1-6pm Chief Guests: Dr. Khalid Jameel Shahista Pervaiz (MNA) Orya Maqbool jaan (Columnist) Ayesha Alam Khan (Director of the Knowledge Factory) Umair Rana Ali Moeen Nawazish (23 A's in O' Levels) Taimur Rahman - LAAL Band For queries, cont


PAST PAPERS AND VIVA QUESTIONS  2011 hmmm..... ANATOMY Lower Limb Stage - how is femoral sheath formed ? contents? femoral hernia ? (1+2+2) - what is positive tredelenberg test ? conditions in which this test is positive ? (2+3) - extrinsic muscles of sole of foot. identify the layers in which they are present and give their nerve supply. (2+1+2) - classify knee joint. what are various movements possible, role of menisci & cruciate ligaments. (1+3+3+3) - a football player has sufferd from severe trauma to the lateral part of left leg just below the knee. he drags his left toe when he walks & cannot feel the dorsum of foot. give the origin , distribution & termination of the nerve involved. (1+3+1) -structures passing under extensor retinaculum

KEMCOL 2011: PDF Version

KEMCOL 2011 1)Click on the link 2) Click on download now and wait for 20 seconds 3) the download link will appear. Click on it

Physiological parameters, indices and values

Physiological parameters, indices and values Reference: USMLE book Blood and Hematology * Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) 8–20 U/L 8–20 U/L Amylase, serum 25–125 U/L 25–125 U/L * Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) 8–20 U/L 8–20 U/L Bilirubin, serum (adult) Total // Direct 0.1–1.0 mg/dL // 0.0–0.3 mg/dL 2–17 µmol/L // 0–5 µmol/L * Calcium, serum (Ca2+) 8.4–10.2 mg/dL 2.1–2.8 mmol/L * Cholesterol, serum Rec:<200 mg/dL <5.2 mmol/L Cortisol, serum 0800 h: 5–23 µg/dL // 1600 h: 3–15 µg/dL 138–635 nmol/L // 82–413 nmol/L 2000 h: ≤ 50% of 0800 h Fraction of 0800 h: ≤ 0.50 Creatine kinase, serum Male: 25–90 U/L 25–90 U/L Female: 10–70 U/L 10–70 U/L * Creatinine, serum 0.6–1.2 mg/dL 53–106 µmol/L Electrolytes, serum   Sodium

3rd Year Study Guide 2011 - Read at your own risk!

Welcome to 3rd Year ! Still having bouts of anxiety about leaving the cozy, well cocooned world of anatomy and physiology (and probably biochem too :P), having jitters about what it will be like in third year, and yet doubting that are you really gonna enter the ward years, feel like real daac saab for once, ABSOLUTELY NORMAL, don’t worry seniors are here to lend a hand to you (though seniors will appreciate if juniors show their gratitude by some fiscal means ;) ) So let us have a ride, you and me together through the waters of third year, how to trudge safe and clear off the dangerous spots and what to take seriously and what to ignore... Hope to cover all the bases, let us go! Third year lectures and lecture theater: You are luckiest in this regard! Believe me one thing I am literally bawling over is that I no more will get to sit in forensic lecture theater. Without doubt the most sleep-conducive and student-friendly lecture theater of all times is forensic lecture theatre! G

4th Year: ENT Instruments Demonstration

ENT Instruments Demonstration 4th Year King Edward Medical University from KemUnited KEMU on Vimeo . ENT Instruments Demonstration Video (YouTube version)