Do you want to increase your knowledge and have some electrifying fun at the same time ?

SARD | KE Research Society brings you people an exciting General and MEDICAL KNOWLRDGE Quiz competition...


Specially for 1st and 2nd yr MBBS !!!

Important Dates:

Last date for registration  18th April, 2011 

Date of Event                   21st April 2011

Venue : Auditorium
Time   : 11 am to 2 pm

Sample Questions 

1.which of the following cities is called as manchester of pakistan?
a. lahore
b. rawalpindi
c. faisalabad
d. islamabad

2. which is the most common cause of cell injury?
a. hypoxia
b. ischaemia
c. trauma
d. chemicals

3.which is the longest nerve in the body?
a. femoral nerve
b. vagus nerve
c. sciatic nerve
d. radial nerve

4. sheehan syndrome involves which part of brain?
a. hypothalamus
b. thalamus
c. cortex
d. cerebellum

Some quick Rules:

 A team cannot have more than three participants.
2) Final selection of the competing teams is the right of SARD | KE research society's executive body which cannot be challenged in any case.
3) The decision of the judges will be final in any case and cannot be challenged.
4) The competition is a knock out style tournament; No team will be given any extra chance.
5) In case of a Tie there will be a Tie Breaker Round.
6) Answer once given by any of the team members will be considered final.
7) Any cheating or rule violation will result in the disqualification of the team and cannot be challenged.
8) It is a general knowledge and medical based quiz competition but liability of any question cannot be challenged.
9) Active audience would be asked questions and 'Gift hampers' will be distributed.

Detail Of Rounds 

Match of 4 teams ....... ONE will be selected 

suppose for 16 teams 

4 Matches

1 selected from each match

Semi Final .... 2 matches between 4 teams

2 will be selected 

Final ...... winner and runners up

Prizes and Certificates are waiting for you ( Surprise !)

Subjects Included

General Knowledge
Thori c general Pathology

How To Register Your Team

1. Registertaion forms available at Kings Photo Copy Shop
2.You can submit the form to 
Registration Team:

Haris bin Akhtar 4th year

Usama Shabbir and Sadaf Hafeez 3rd yr

M. Bilal and Saman Goraya 2nd yr

Sohail Asghar and Hajira Iftikhar 
1st yr

Don't get late. Register yourself NOW !


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