The Lantern Eve aka ( LIGHTS OF HOPE) !


The Event was organized by the SPWS (Student patient Welfare Society), with of sole purpose of fund raising for charity. This society has been working for decades, to improve the health and living standards of patients of MAYO Hospital Lahore and for the Students of KEMU. The Society is run by a group of enthusiastic medical students, under the Guidance of their Patron In Chief, the Vice Chancellor and Staff Presidents. We carry many events around the year like Bake Sales, Movie nights and Awareness seminars for the betterment of society and to raise funds. These very funds are transparently allocated to the betterment and advancement of Hospital Equipment and the help of needy students. To fulfill the same purpose , this Year SPWS came up with yet another Exciting fun filled activity with a noble cause at hand! Our team worked Day and Night to make this event a success, which we suppose paid off, Since Every Kemcolian has a cover and Display with a lantern ;)

Yeah Not taken from internet, Actually live from Cricket Ground KEMU :) !

The Team that brought you the
 Night of a Lifetime:

Project Supervisors :
Ahsan Ali ( 4th Year )
Gul e Jannat ( 4th Year)

Project Directors:
Zain Sattar  (3rd Year)
Aleesha Kainat (3rd year) ( thts me:p)
Managers : Ruhma Ihsan and Tanveer Shaukat
The rest of the ream members !
 Hammad Shafi and Asnia Latif for Hosting the show!
Nabiha Sarfraz and team
Usman Sheikh, Hamza Arshad , Saad Naseer
Team from 2nd year (Ali Naveed Malghani , Mussab Nadeem, Awais Sharif, Moiz Tahir, Muhammad Haisum , Muhammad Tabish , hazqeel , Amna cheema , Maryam, Salman Javed
Team from First Year ( Taimoor Jaffar, Khizar, Muhammad Umair Khan , Haris, hassan imtiaz , Ahmed Abdullah , Ahmad Hassan Chatha , M Usama , talha Arif, Sehrish, Aneeqa, Larabe , Mawwra n the girls on photo booth !
Photographers: Awais Raza, Ibrahim Raza, Shahryar, Usama & Noormah !
Performers Moeed Ahmed , Saad Ur Rahman , Farah Javaid, Farhan Ashraf.
4th Year"
Umber Waseem, Zahra Butt, Aisha Rehman,  Asma Zafar , Ayesha Saleem Khan , Taqdees Raza , Zunaira Hannan,
Mudasir Abbas,Arslan Ali, Umar Ijaz, Fawad Ahmed !!

If I've missed someone Feel free to comment, your name will be added !

So the event kicked off with the Beautiful Cricket Ground lit up with amber lights, Stalls of tantalizing food around the corners, a Photo booth in the middle and of course the Lantern Stalls.
As exciting as I was when I first heard the idea of arranging such an event in KEMU, I could see the same happiness on the faces of everyone who bought the tickets. We had hoped to have sold around 400 tickets but To our utmost awe we end up selling 650 tickets with many yet left in despair because they had missed the deadline for buying the tickets.

Now this enthusiasm and the hopes of everyone, had actually put a lot of burden on the team, Because we were now even more bound to pull an event that would actually touch the heart of everyone as they had expected!

We literally put all our efforts to it, getting sponsors, choosing the right lantern( seriously the right size, the right color and the right quality), making the right decisions for the decorations, and on the Big Day i.e 20th we all barely got half an hour to ourselves to go and dress up for the event. =P

The Event was highlighted with the release of lanterns in two major shifts on a countdown to 10. It
seemed like a dream come true when so many lanterns rose at a time. The event also had Media coverage and Kemcolians actually were on SAMAA TV documentary lighting lanterns. As huge as the event was, it also had musical performances from the famous THREE MUSKETEERS, and performances form our own talented students as well.

The ending was marked by the lighting of the 11 ft long lantern !! Which honestly was HUGE and required around 20 students to make it steady !

To the people who actually made it happen, lets hear it to their views :)

As a president of SPWS I must say this event had been a great success. We were continuously thinking to get maximum charity for patient welfare this event is a product of that thinking. My whole team showed their dedication to the society and to the patient welfare. I'm really thankful to Ahsan Ali and Mushafia Hassan who took keen interest in this project. This event will be an addition to the usual set of events here INSHALLAH ..
Usama Iqbal
President (SPWS)

Well, when the lanterns started going up the first time, I don't quite know how but it was like a dream come true and I guess not for me only but for everyone else too. There was something so enchanting and euphoric about it. Doing such a hue thing purely for a noble cause; does wonders for your conscience. Me and my team, we had worked day in and out to make this possible and all of it was just there in those couple of minutes, all more than paid off. And I remember all those greetings after the last big one, that's a feeling I would like to remember always. i wish I could take that day, fold it and keep it in my diary forever.
Mushafia Hassan.
Vice President (SPWS)

’14 has been the luckiest year so far for SPWS for what it has got, the Astute of Mr. Usama Iqbal and Wisdom of Miss Mushafia Hassan. This year +600 kemcolians were awestricken by the 'lights of hope' presenting an enchanting view of Patiala ground by the dancing stars. That gleaming and vibrant Patiala will be filling vivid colors into millions lives good charity of 1, 18,000. It was a great experience working from dawn to dusk with meticulous Team SPWS as a supervisor for such a noble cause. ‘it is more blessed to give to those who cant return ,than to receive.May the Good work continues .
Gul jannat
Project Supervisor.

It was a total new project .. no one had ever thought of doing this in KEMU , but it was the dedicated team of SPWS who made everything possible .. From deciding name of the event to the release of last sky lantern that evening, everything went well . I am very Grateful to Usama iqbal who had been with me through everything .. thank you Usama and the whole SPWS team . And above all Thanks to the Almighty Allah for making this event a great success.
Ahsan Ali
Project Supervisor.


  1. While everyone here is busy reminiscing what hell of a time they had lighting those lanterns and taking photographs and drinking free coffee,let me burst your happy little bubble.
    I dont undermine the charitable spirit of SPWS,nor do I ever set out to wildly criticise every event they organise(heck,no,I love the bake sales!)but this lantern festival was a childish and utterly irresponsible act for such a society.
    Being a born environmentalist I was shocked at the amount of soot and grit you guys exposed those 150 years old buildings to. Had nobody amongst the SPWS had sense enough to see the damage the smoke would cause to such buildings as Patiala and Newton and Ewing Halls?
    Plus contrary to what you guys might believe,those lanters DO eventually land. And imagine the amount of litter they made:(
    And anyway is it ever wise to leave fire floating around in the sky?
    It could have led to some serious catastrophe.
    So stop gloating over this 'Lights of Hope' and learn to protect and preserve the environment and the heritage.


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