Us Against The Odds

by Larabe Farrukh Chaudry
(1st Year)

Life is something that happens to us without us realizing, and It was life that happened to bring us into this veteran of fa├žade, thus known as KEMU. I still remember having that rush of adrenaline, realizing that I had finally made it there, Oh, what joy! I am finally going to become the greatest neurophysician on the face of the planet. Such lies, such infidelity.

Day 1, at the Oh mighty KEMU, seniors hunting us down like vultures, making us do all sorts of pathetically pointless stuff which now I realize was out of desperation, as they had been stuck in this mole hole for more than a year, and we were the shiny new toys from the outside world with still a bit of sanity somewhere deep within. Then there was this not so oriented orientation week, in which they tried to prepare our unaware minds for what was coming for us and was going to take us down eventually. 

Our newfound love for Piccadilly with its very “sharai” sort of sitting place having a wall between the opposite genders but not between their hearts of course. The unusual, yet quite amusing thing about KEMU is that there is this distinctive separation amongst the lads and the lassies from where they sit, eat, hangout to where they study. Hence, KEMU has successfully conserved the mashraqi rawayat .

But everything has consequences which are not so appropriate to be mentioned here forth. It’s amazing how such large masses of students fit into such teency lecture halls everyday wasting at least 20 minutes of lecture which is surely nothing less than a bliss. The little puns we throw towards the faculty, playing lollywood songs undercover to lighten up the heat. The way we encourage our nerd brothers and sisters when they come up with their smart ass answers in their unusually fake accents is just heart touching. Laughing out loud unless it is you who is being bistified is part of the game. The way we say it all on the class page but not having the guts to say to their faces is so our thing.

Even though there is a lot of strain, a lot of expectations but putting this all aside we need to see the brighter part of the picture, it is all a matter of how we want to get through the years, it could both be torturous and bone breaking or we could simply have the best time of our lives around here, thereby looking out for each other, cooperating in the time of need, giving each other the happiness we all deserve, considering ourselves as team rather than competent. Respecting the opposite gender while being friendly and supportive. The race is over and now it is us against the odds.


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