Societies at KEMU

by McFearless .A look at all the societies in KEMU . Extra-curricular activities at KE explained!

Golden tips out of experience from the octopus society person, Farkhanda Qaisar

Know your Society _ Societies in KEMU 

Get benefited by Unsa Athar's keen observation on which society is suitable for you according to your aptitude.

A Guide to the Social Circus

Taroof Lateef wants you to have a balanced life at KE. Neither too nerdy nor overly ignorant.

The Art of Making a CV 

by Taroob Latef
It's important how you present yourself in an interview for any society or organization. Learn that here.

Unofficial Societies at KEMU 

by Lubaba Mukhtar
When you ain't a part of the official, make your own unofficial thing :P

Unofficial Societies at KEMU (part 2)


Sports Week '13 Review

 Rabia Zia | Farkhanda Qaisar | Laiba Khalid | Aleesha Kainat | Unsa Athar
See what happened when the flowers bloomed all around in KE with happiness in the guise of Sports Week.

No More Worlds to Conquer 

                                                                                 by Anam Naz Class of 2013
Story of an outstanding KEMCOLIAN athlete. Read to get inspired.

My first ever sports week at KE. 

by Ali Naveed Malghani
The joys and fun of the first ever attended sports week at KE, well scribbled down by Ali.

KEMCOL- The Annual University Magazine

KAPS : Kemcolians' Arts & Photography Society

KemComics Fiesta 2014
A contest where your art makes the people laugh out loud

A Letter to Short Video makers in KEMU. @KAPS

One of the renowned film makers of KEMU shares his beautiful memories and describes the evolution of film making at KE.

King Edward Film Festival 2014

That part of the year when every Kemcolian looks for an Oscar

SPWS : Student Patients' Welfare Society

The Lantern Eve aka ( LIGHTS OF HOPE) ! 

by Aleesha Kainat
One of the memorable events organized in the history of KEMU by SPWS

BAKE SALE '14 - Relived. 

by Romesa Qaisar Khan

SPWS Event Review : A land without Barriers - The Ramp Foundation at KEMU

SPWS Fund Raising Campaign2011

Story of a Successful Campaign By Farkhanda Qaiser (2nd Year) and Shafaq Tabassum (3rd Year)
A campaign about increasing awareness about Hep C among the masses

Hep C Awareness Week 2011

SPWS 4th Annual Charity Bake-sale 2011!!

KDS : Kemcolians' Dramatic Society

KDS ANNUAL PLAY 2013- A Tale Of Two Tales 

by Faiza Hameed
A wonderful description of all the characters seen on the stage in 2013

For the gift you have, persist! 

by Syed Ahmed Raza
A synopsis of All Pakistan Aspiring Writers’ Convention, 2013 at LUMS

A motivational lecture about being a doctor


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