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The Art of Making a CV

Be innovative, fresh and ideal.

As future doctors we have to apply to numerous programs, observerships, electives and whatnot. A CV is like a weapon for us. A good CV can do wonders since most of the universities abroad offering programs for immigrants narrow students down to their CVs.

What is important is that a commendable CV cannot be formulated over night. It’s best to begin early and update it every now and chronologically then to crowd all your achievements in one go. NEVER state an untruth to look impressive in your CV, it may be overlooked when you are applying for a measly society but it won’t go unexplored on a bigger forum. 

As it is said : “it is best to boast about stuff you have a photograph of”.

Three things to keep in mind:
1.       Keep it simple.
2.       Keep it concise.
3.       A CV is your advertisement; follow the rules of an ad.

Avoid Table Templates
The table template CVs are bad news, because while evaluating candidates recruiters go through countless CVs and a tabulated style leaves little room for your personality to show.

Select an Appropriate CV Style
The important information concerning the motive of your CV should be presented at the top. Make sure that you have asked around and are following the correct style required.

CV Presentation
DO NOT clutter your CV. Don’t crowd in all the details. Every important detail should look the reader in the eye instead of waiting to be found.

Most Recent First
Put your academic history and employment history, if any, in chronological order starting with the most recent first. It immediately tells your superior if you are eligible for the job.

Stress on Job Duties
Always mention your capabilities. If your presence has made any difference to an organization, society or group, mention it. Use past tense for previous happenings and present tense for the ones still in process. Try avoiding the word “I”.

Be Accurate
It’s best to ask a teacher or a relative to read through your CV before sending it. Even the slightest grammatical and punctuation errors can dig a big hole.

Poor Photocopies
Never send photocopies. It not only shows your lack of commitment and motivation but also puts off your reader. The quote ‘first impressions are the last’ was made for a reason. Remember it! Get a fine printed copy.

Misleading statements have a tendency of back firing at you. Stick to the truth.

Avoid abbreviations, because they don’t help in setting a formal tone and because they can be misunderstood.

There is no need to mention references in your CV unless you are requested to.

Point to Ponder
Make a CV with the objective that it does not get discarded at first glance.

Your CV is your secret tool. It is between you and your recruiter. There is a reason why there are hardly any two CVs that look alike. Don’t show it to your fellow colleagues or, friends if you have to =P 

Identical CVs, no matter how exceptional will fail to capture attention.

Bon Voyage People!


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