USMLE Step 1 Preparation Scheme


By Dr. Waqas Nawaz (Score: 242)
Founder K.E. USMLE Forum

I am going to explain how one can start for step 1 de novo. I will try to make it as simple as possible:

USMLE step 1 needs 4 reads in total.

Materials required
Kaplan series
First Aid
100 cases by Conrad fischer ( blue book )
Online NBME 



 3 months (1st read)+2 months and 10 days (2nd read) +2 months and 10days (3rd read) +6 days whole 1st AID and NBME, then 10 days ( 4th read) =Total 8 months

Sequence of subjects in each Read: 
Physiology, then pharmacology; biochemistry; microbiology; immunology; pathology; anatomy; behavioral sciences

First Read:

 3 months

biochem/genetics- 8 days
immunology-4 days
microbiology-8 days
pathology-3 weeks
anatomy -10 days
behavioral sciences 4 days

In this plan , when you finish one subject , don't rush to next; rather re-read same in 1-2 days . For example, you are supposed to finish physio in 8 days and then revise in next 2 days whole physio .Same plan for other subjects


 2 MONTHS and 10days :
In 2nd read , there will be add on of 1st aid. You should read Kaplan but then same subject from 1st AID BEFORE moving to next subject)

Physio- 8 days ( 6days of physio from Kaplan and 2 days of physio from 1st AID)
PHARMA-8 days ( same 6+2)
biochem/genetics: 8 days (6+2)
immunology 3 days (2 +1)
microbiology 8 days ( 6+2)
pathology 26 days ( 2 weeks of Kaplan 1 week of golgon 5 days of 1st AID)
anatomy 7 days (6+1)
behavioral sciences 3 days (2+1 )

Second read =Total 70 days


This time there will be add on of U world including revision of Kaplan and 1st Aid

physio- 8 days (5 Kaplan + 1 1st aid +2 u world)
pharma-8 days (5+1+2)
biochem/ genetics- 7 days (4+1+2)
immunology -3 days (1+1+1)
microbiology -8 days ( 5 +1+2)
pathology-26 days (10days +4 days of golgon +12 days of u world))
anatomy- 7 days (4 + 1+2)
behavioral sciences 3 days (1+1+1) also read 100 cases by Conrad fischer in this read

3rd read =total 2 months 10days

After 3 reads , you should read 1 st aid in continuity for 4 days and take NBME on 5th and 6th days. If YOU get >250in NBME , schedule a date in next 15 days .

4th read: 

10 days-just give1 day to one subject from Kaplan
pharma-1 day
biochem/genetics- 1 day
immunology/microbiology-2 days
pathology-3 days
anatomy-1 day
BS -1 day

after this 3-4 days of 1ST aid and then take exam .

It is an estimate.; may vary depending on how much stamina and memory one has but this is how it works for most of students


  1. If one is to start preparing during graduation, say in 3rd year, How can that be facilitated alongwith college studies?


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