Random things I learnt from school and college which I think will help me in university!

Random things I learnt from school  and college which I think will help me in university!

Unsa Athar

A funny list of things I learnt from school and college that might make you have the feeling of De Ja Vu.

Ø  When you are done with your assignment, you always find a better way to do it.

Ø  When you finally get the opportunity to go and buy all the stuff your teacher told you to, she/he will remember another one the very next day. And that too a thing very important!

Ø  It’s no use telling your friend you have prepared for the tomorrow’s test or saying aik lafz nahi parhna. They will never believe it. Just say “woi haalat hai jo sab ki hoti hai

Ø  If you are the famous one in your class, be mentally prepared to hear some weird (really weird) rumours about yourself.

Ø  Giving explanations to everyone will not kill the rumour. Saying just a “Whatever” will produce better results.
Ø  If you once bring a frog for school dissection, you will always be expected to ‘produce’ frogs for every dissection that follows. So do not volunteer to bring a cadaver for dissection in medical college! :P

Ø  Each and every co-curricular and extra-curricular activity is not made for you. You have one head, two arms and two legs. So go for 5 at the max.!

Ø  People come and go. Getting too emotionally attached to a friend is not a good idea. Just be good and true to everyone and you shall make friends for life!

Ø  If you do not understand administration’s politics, stay away from them.

Ø  Making notes in writing legible only to you has its benefits. People don’t ask for your registers. So you are saved from the tension of begging people to give back your notes.

Ø  If a teacher asks a question with a who-dares-to-answer-it expression, keep the answer to yourself.

Ø  If a teacher asks a question with a lets-see-who-answers-it expression, make sure you answer the question.

Ø  Just being the monitor/CR/GR will not impress your teachers. Fulfilling your duties as one will do that.

Ø  Laughing at someone’s stupid blunder in class will make them laugh harder at yours.

Ø  If you cannot understand how people who seemed to have the worst preparation score the highest, try studying all night and acting as cool as someone who never touched a book.

Ø  The day before the test, watching TV is better than lying all day and night with an open book  in hand when you know your brain won’t let you study.

Ø  Having a tough time at the school/college/university does not mean you have to look like Severus Snape in the HP movies every time.
 “Eating and dressing up well shall make you feel better” was what my Bio’s professor told me.
Ø  Yes, you have studied that your brain has many compartments. But that doesn’t mean you have to think about everything simultaneously. I think that’s what Einstein did and look what happened to his hair!

Ø  If you are having study issues and don’t want to listen to your friends’ haaaeyyy mera haal tou is sei b bura hai , your siblings’ ouuufooohh and your mother’s aww mera bachaaa, talk to your stuffed toy. Its constant facial expression shall do wonders. :P

Ø  If you want your parents to believe you are studying, spread out all the books on the bed. Having one book out at a time does not give the impact.

Ø  Never wear a new dress to the chemistry lab. I once dropped KMNO4 on mine and what I found next day were random holes here and there in it! </3

Ø  You always have someone in the class who is better than you. If not this year, next year shall bring such a person. So never have the superiority complex.

^You might be a big fish in a little pond Doesn't mean you've won 'Cause along may come a bigger one and you'll be lost..^ (Coldplay-Lost)

Ø  If someone asks you your detailed marks and then your roll number, never give it to them. That will make them believe you lied. Good for them!

§  And So Much More….!


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