For the future MCATIANs -Fighting your fears by Unsa Athar

When I was youngster of 8th class, I was not sure which field I really wanted to choose. In our school, only sciences are taught. In 9th class also, we had no choice between biology and mathematics. We only had biology to study to. Aur jab bachpan mn pocha jata tha k bdey ho k kia bno gai, my answer always was ‘DOCTOR’ even though I had never thought about it.  Scoring good grades has this one short coming, you are expected to become a doctor or an engineerL. After acquiring good marks in Matric, and getting a bit time to think straight, I brooded over it and came to know that Yes, Medicine was my field! So my first advices for all those students of matriculation out there is to think, discuss and decide where they really want to go. Go through proper career counseling after Matriculation. Even If you are in pre-medical right now, take out time to discuss yourself with someone who is already in medicine and make sure you are ready to be a part of that field and your heart feels one with medicine. This year, KEMU arranged an Undergraduate Open Day whose purpose was to introduce students interested in medicine to the challenges faced by a person in this field. Do attend such a seminar. It helps you make your goals clearJ.
Now let’s take a step further. If you are dead sure that Medicine is what you want to waste your life for (just kidding :-P ), start preparing for it right now. The first step toward the preparation is fighting your fears. The students who are serious in studies mostly have a big burden on their mind. Tensions, Depressions, Anxiety, admission ho paey ga ya nahi… L
Our people have a really bad habit of telling tales and creating myths about nearly everything. The Myths about MCAT that I heard were MCAT mein jaan bhooj k fail kr detey hain, MCAT bohaaaaaaat mushkil hota hai, achey achey reh jatey hain, bs docotoru k bachey ho patey hain etc.
But all of them were just myths. It’s just your serious behaviour, sheer hard work and sincere prayers that will make you pass through your MCAT. Nothing else shall contribute.
According to this triangle even if you don’t have a good luck, prayers and hard work can compensate and do wonders J . So now no more complains like yawwr meri to kismet hi khrab hai..!!
So now a word on how to get you prepared for the test during the two years of FSc. The thing you must have repeatedly heard that MCAT comes from the books is ONE HUNDRED AND ONE PERCENT TRUE. The MCQs are from the books of Intermediate Part I and II, but with a bit different wording. The concept is the same you studied in FSc., but it has been rotated and bent in such a way as to mislead you to the wrong answer. So while you are preparing for your FSc. exams, read the book thoroughly, make concepts clear, make MCQs by yourself from the lines and formulae present in book, read the tidbits carefully. Learn information present in book. Do buy some MCQ handbooks like that of Ilmi, Azeem etc and try solving them. This will do you two goods, FSc. preparation and MCAT preparation. Underline important points in the book, scribble extra info told by the teachers in the margins. Especially for the biology section, make sure you have gone through each and every line of the book during the two years. I think two years are enough to do that. If you have prepared for FSc. in such a way, you won’t have much problem in revising things after the board exams. Even if you feel you were unable to revise things properly before the MCAT but you have studied well in FSc., things will come in your mind automatically when you will be solving a MCQ during the entrance test. That’s what happened with me! During the MCAT, things came flowing in my conscious mind from the sub-conscious one by seeing the related MCQs.
BIOLOGY PORTION: In this year’s MCAT and mostly all the MCATs, lines from the books are simply taken and MCQs are made from them. For the topic of immunity, UHS made even MCQs like the one stated below:
The Skin and Mucous membrane are …… barriers.
a)     Mechanical  c) Chemical
b)    Physical      d) None of these
This information has been taken from such a line that appears to be unimportant as compared to the whole topic. So be very specific that you have gone through every line of the book during your FSc.
CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS PORTION: I heard that last year’s MCAT had simple book lines for even these portions, but this year there were conceptual questions. Figures of compounds were present in chemistry portion asking for probable products and functional groups etc. Hey, hey, hey, don’t freak out! Those figures were not from Mars! They were simple concepts of reactions present in the very book of chemistry which you memorize like parrots for the board exams. So keep making your concepts clear by asking questions from your teachers if you do not understand something even if you have to appear as a chipku to other students. My friend and I used to ask questions and went to teachers often to clear concepts that kept irritating our minds. And hence we got a name ‘Remoras’ by our fellows because we were always seen surrounding teachers like remoras surround Sharks!(how rude though :P). But When MCAT’s official result came, She and I scored 1049 and 1046 respectively! So our remorapan did not go wasted. (For lahori students: Try to get your hands on the MCQ Notes given by Sir Iqbal Nazir of Physics and Sir Zahid Mehmood of Chemistry from Punjab College and try out solving them. If you practise those MCQs, the MCAT ones will become easier for you. No offence to students who cannot get them L )
ENGLISH PORTION: English potion was aS treat this year, Sentence completion, correction of sentences, spot the error and vocab. were easy enough to be solved within 10-15minutes. You will learn most of the rules in Part II that will also be used in MCAT. In our test, some sentences were random i.e. not from the text and some were lines from the text too. The ones from the text are too easy to solve as FSc. students read, re-read and re-re-read the textual lines during the two years for translation, short questions and other such board questions. Some instances from the MCAT 2012 are stated below which will make you heave a sigh of relief ‘ye to muje atey hain’
Choose the best statement:
a)     Norma felt unreal as the voice informed her of the subway accident
b)    Norma felt unreal while the voice informed her the subway accident
c)     Norma felt unreal becauseS the voice informed her of the subway accident
d)    Norma felt unreal during the voice informed her of the subway accident
a)     All his life he longed for a tricycle.
b)    All his life he longed as a tricycle.
c)     All his life he longed with a tricycle.
d)    All his life he longed with a tricycle.
The extra hard work that you will have to do for the MCAT is the 872 UHS vocabulary. Start it the very next day.. ummm okay okay don’t scowl at me.. The very next week of your last board exam. Keep learning and revising them. Make sentences and pictures to memorize them. Try to use them in your everyday bolchaal. Our English teacher, Sir Nadeem Saleem, used to give us a topic to write on by using words from the vocab. Try this. It really helps!  A fortnight or so after MCAT, I remember well those words only that I used in such assignments.
1.     Trust ALLAH always!
2.     Do not miss prayers because of study.
3.     Ask your parents, siblings and teachers to pray for you.
4.     Always ask Allah to do the best for you.
5.     Never let depression and anxiety affect your work.
6.     If you are tensed and have fears regarding things, discuss them with Allah or someone you know is true to you. Do not discuss them with each and every fellow. They will just advertise them.
7.     Keep away from people full of negative energy. If you feel that talking to X will make you more depressed, prevent talking to X!
8.     Do what your heart says. (If it says something good :P)

1.     Practice filling the circles with a blue ball point. Some students do not get the marks they estimate because improperly filled circles are not read by the optical machine
2.     If your teachers deliver lectures on things out of the UHS syllabus, do listen to them and understand. But focus and learn only the UHS syllabus things.
3.     During a test session, if there are MCQs out of the UHS syllabus try solving them, attend the discussions and see how are they to be solved. But do not get depressed and make a fuss because of them. When you are in home studying, keep UHS syllabus in mind.
4.     If you feel that taking tests in the last week or last two weeks will help you, do take them. But if you feel you need to read the books in that time, stay at home and read the books.
5.     Do not get over confident if your scores are really good in such tests. Similarly, do not under estimate yourself or get tensed if your score is bad.
Here I am quoting the way three students spent their last three days before MCAT.
A: Taking a test, scoring in 800s, getting tensed
B: Taking a test, scoring in 900s, revising biology part 1
C: Taking no test, sitting in home tired of studying, revising UHS Vocab.

A: Studying all day and night to improve score. No test.
B: Revising biology Part 2. No test
C: Again UHS vocab. No test

A: No test. Studying the remaining things all day.
B: Revising UHS vocab. Taking a test.
C: UHS vocab again :P knowing she simply cannot touch books now.

Interestingly, I know A, B and C (C being me :D )and the all three of them scored 1000+ marks. Therefore it is proved that you should follow the way you are comfortable with instead of bothering what others have done and are doing.
6.     Read instructions given by UHS on the prospectus. Do attend the orientation seminar if possible.
7.     Make Sure you have given tests in the way the real MCAT will be conducted. It will help you cope with the pressure of examination hall if you have gone through it before. Try taking The Agha Khan and Nust test even if you have no preparation because it will make you familiar with the hall pressure.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR THAT PARTICULAR MCAT DAY: This is it! You can do it. Trust Allah. Be confident. AND NO CHEATING! Asking others and telling others makes you confused, distracts you, makes you mark wrong answers and above all, kaam sei barkat uth jati hai L. I have seen people scoring much less than everyone expected of them because of asking and telling others that day.
And remember:
Naik neyat, sakht mehnat berha paar =)


  1. its true MCAT is very easy n everything comes from book i too took this test this year bt somewhere i feel dat the key issued by UHS should also have questions with it jst for student's satisfaction!!

  2. A great effort,, Well done btw,,!!
    See u officially at skpians frame.. :)

  3. yup you are so right. even UET has given their past papers now, uhs should also.

  4. where to get notes of sir nazir and sir zahid ? any bookstore or any place?

  5. . ferozpur road pe campus 5 hai pgc ka. wahan pe wo donu hotey hain. u can personally ask them to help u out.

  6. ferozpur road pe campus 5 hai pgc ka. wahan wo donu hotey hain. u can go to them for any help. Azeem publishers ki mcq books le k try solving them which are infact their notes. agar nahi mil paatey to b koi baat nahi, focus on ur books and try solving mcqs from any help book. hard work doesn't go unrewarded.

  7. ye dats wat my point a friend of mine got 982 marks in matric n 985 marks in fsc bt in entry test she got only 781 even her series n everything was correct according to her she is so upset these days n she is not satisfied with her answer key so i think uhs should give the answers along with the question papers on site dat may help the student to satisfy him/herself

    1. hmm right. It will help repeaters if they know Which did they do wrong . but uhs claims that past papers' questions are a question bank for them for next papers. n for ur frnd, tell her to Trust Allah. n pray. if she still blvs medicine is her thing, she shud start working for it ryt nw. I know a person with 1002 marks in fsc n 750 somethng in mcat. she repeated and has score good enough for AIMC nw :-)

  8. Well yes.. It would have been really helpful for repeaters if they knew which questions did they do wrong. but uhs claims their questions are a bank for them for the next papers :/

    And for your friend, tell her to trust Allah and if she intends to repeat, she should start working for it ryt nw.

  9. very impressive :)
    keep it up

  10. yeah she has to do it :)
    whats ur aggregate unsa??

  11. aww mashALLAH dats awsum congrats :)

  12. A gr8.....helper!!!!!!!thnkx 4 this information...

  13. Awesome. This article gonna help me lot.

  14. uhs k past ppr mil skty hen kahin sy?or kya wo helpful hty hen?

  15. uhs k past papers officially nai mojud.. but questions mind mn reh jatey hain bachu us sei papers bna liye jateyn hain.. they can be helpful cz idea ho jata questions ka

  16. ap nay knsy institute sy tiyarii ki the?

  17. ap kitna parhti the?i mean sara sara din and all nite???????/

  18. ap nay mcat men kitnay mcq chory thay?

  19. u can get past papers from ASIM PHOTOCOPY JOHOR TOWN,.,.almost 10 ques were repeated.,.,.u should get those....

  20. u can get past papers from ASIM PHOTOCOPY JOHOR TOWN,.,.almost 10 ques were repeated.,.,.u should get those.....

  21. Mcat sy ik do din phly kiya parhna chahiye ya kiya karna chahiye plz guide..??????????

  22. it depends on u. as i have mentioned in the article. aap chaho to rest kro chaho to revise krlo. rest is better.
    vocab zaroor krna revise

  23. nai.. bs jb tk kaam complete na ho jae tb tk

  24. nay is sal Mcat diya ha mery marks 950 hen lakin Mcat men marks nai ay nay repeat ka soacha mujy samjh nai a rai k pora saal ksy parhoun ksy tiyari karoun or kahan sy karoun....or syllabus yahi rahy ga ya chnge ho jae ga or men sirf Mcat ka tst dn ya koe or bhi dn ya kya karoun pora sall ksy parhoun or kahan sy iyari karoun taky next year mera admit ho jae.......plz help men men bht pareshan hn ....mujy true guidance ki zarorat ha ap plz mujy ashi c advice karen so that mera poora saal sae say guzzar jae or mera admit ho jae..........ap ko pta hi ha k itni mehnat k bad b agr ap ko silla na mily to kya guzarti ha ksi per.plz help

  25. or repeat kar k ho jae ga na?

  26. Unsa appi can u plz talk to me ??

  27. My sister has got 835 marks in matric and 888 marks in Fsc....she want to get admit in RMC (Rawalpindi medical college) ...but she is really disappointed....due to too bad marks in FSC AND MATRIC ...plz tell me how much marks she will be needed in entry test to got admit?? She is too much crazy about her ambition....plz reply..plz suggest some thing...I will be really greatful of yours ...

  28. after my prof IA.. give me some time. got exams!

  29. umm merits are high since last year... in marks pe mushkil hai admission.. 82% aggregate pe hope ki ja skti hais .. its like she ll have to score quite well in mcat i guess to take it to a safe zone

  30. i ll suggest k aap doosri fileds k baarey mn b socho. pharm d ya dpt mn admission le lo sath hi isi saal.. phir sath sath mcat ki b tyyari kro.. tyyari fsc ki books sei hi hoti hain.. wahin sei kro mcqs book solve kro ziada sei ziada and past paprs b hain wo kro.. thora thora kr k roz ka.. syllabus filhaal to woi kro change hua to wo b dekh lena..
    mcat k ilawa aur b tests do.. phir jahan qismat hoi :)

  31. best of luck :)

  32. AoA i am having problems in fsc please can someone help me

  33. aoa men repeat kar rai hun men nay poachna tha k ap mujy kuch asi guide boks bta den jo men practice k tor per use karun so that saal b guzer jen and concepts b clear ho jaen 4 5 bta den

  34. jo ap nay use ki the wo b bta den

  35. mcat k liye punjab college, stars, n kips ki mcq books ya test papers le lo

  36. agr ap ka admit na hota to kiya ap repeat karti?

  37. To ask questions, clink the link below

  38. Mcat ki pgc ki books kahan sy mil skti hen?coz wo to sirf apnay college k bachoun ko detey hen apni books????///

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  40. plz tel me k mcat k past ppr ki website kiya ha????????????????????/plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  41. AOA I'm in 2nd year now and i have secured 442 marks in first year will you please tell me how to study these last months !! I dont know but i'm easily distracted by things and my studies are affected very much plz tell me how to solve this prblm :(


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