Time Management! (A general analysis)

There is a God-forsaken quagmire at the rear of my place. You cannot negotiate with it as to assuming that you would walk through it and that too with a reluctantly sluggish tread, and still expect it not to gulp your whimsical entity in. Cruel, isn’t it? So is “time”.

Want to swallow the bitter fact that “When you fail to plan, you actually plan to fail”? Not that delicious, I know.
Embarking on with recalling our old school times- How many times did you ask your teacher “Mam, May I go to drink water?” or “May I go to washroom?” and end up without making a comprehensive joy round of the whole campus in the name of accomplishing the expected task (water/washroom)? :P And speaking of our day to day life even in university now, don’t most of us have Facebook notification alerts on our “cell-phones”? According to an analytical observation, people waste most of their time in seeing and replying to text messages that pop up every now and then; and you can verily judge how “important” they are or have become to us. Looks like you’re shaking your head in affirmative ;) Trivial, it might seem, but when drops making up a sea are themselves impure, there is no fun of wishing to cherish a clear, transparent, and uncontaminated ocean thereafter. So here we are with that ocean of life, dirtied by such trifling drops of error, which an adept would love to frame as “Mismanagement”.
Our priorities define us. But we have to design them as a perquisite for being under a good definition. Once, just once, go through the lives of great people like Jinnah, Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sir Syed, and above all our own Holy Prophet (SAW) who happened to be the busiest of all with the tightest of schedules (I need not elaborate, we all know). Did those personalities ever crack down as to lick the dust at the hands of their reckless approach towards their mighty responsibilities? A big NO, it is. Now throw an honest glance on what we call “Our life”. Habitually agitated we are by mourning over our bad performance after every test/exam that hurls our way- no matter how much we ignore the resentment superficially, but deep inside, we all know we really could have done better if we had utilized our time productively (talking in a healthy sense). Killing time in the name of hanging out with friends unnecessarily, chattering on cafĂ© tables and playing “Chal aj tu pesey de yar” for hours on daily basis with vivid knowing that something very important could have been done instead (at least Namaz to qazaa’ na ho jay!), gossiping around when your routine itself is pathetic enough to depress you or at least some useful knowledgeable society tidings would have pleased more- All this is coming out of personal experience. And believe me, it pains deep when you wish to reap something never sown.

Well! All it takes is concentration and will power to be a good time manager, the dire need of the hour.




  1. v nice syd ahmd raza...keep it up :) jus shd'v added some tips too for d new riders :)

  2. Thanks baji. Actually it was just meant for an analysis. But sure, I'll prefer adding tips in future. You are right :)

  3. Nice train of thoughts. You never fail to surprise me!

  4. precise, brief, well-written (Y) great job

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