Tales of A Kemcolian Pixie. (Part 1)


Unsa  Athar

Seeing my name in the KEMU list…viola! I did it..!
Feeling excited for the interview…butterflies in tummy..
6th December.. Waking up.. Getting all togged up..
Sitting in the cold lecture hall.. Excited parents.. Chattering students..
And then the drama begins..*Drum roll*
Medical examination. Documents’ submission.  Former was fun. Latter was a tragedy.
13th December 2012, entering the gates of the most prestigious institution of all times.  Entering the auditorium.. and that is where it all started. Listening to the VC, taking that oath, and the group photo scene was pretty cool. The best part was getting the forms for Shahbaz Shareef’s laptop forms :-P
And then we were told to go to the physiology department. Scared baby freshmen walking in groups and seniors eyeing us as we were something to eat. With nasty smiles, sneering at us and pointing.. Firstulllaaayyyy!
Escorted to the anatomy block after it, and then to biochemistry lecture and the physiology tutorial.
Getting caught by seniors, ragged, deprived of a hundred rupee note, some were asked to do do the “gangam style” and adaab, and to wear jackets the wrong side etc (things that cannot be mentioned on a blog :-P) And I have no idea what is happening with the hostel residents. My sympathies..

Taking pictures of the numerous notices. Not knowing at all what to do... Where to go.. And the heavy rain..

These were the highlights from 26th November  to 15th December 2012, regarding KEMU.
It was a roller coaster ride. The three most hungama khaiz days of this year..
Everything seemed very annoying at that time but now I sit and think It was hellva fun…
Here is an overview of what I observed about KEMU in the last three days .
*      THE BEST THING ABOUT KEMU: The white domes of Patalia block that always give an inspiration.
*      THE WORST THING ABOUT KEMU: The far-far-away departments from the main gate, to make you drown In the heavy rain at chutti time.
*      THE MOST ANNOYING THING DURING A LECTURE: Those slides that are shown in physiology lecture which are nearly impossible to read.
*      THE MOST AMUSING THING DURING A LECTURE: when the teacher calls you Dr.Saaaab
*      THE THING COMMON IN ALL THE TEACHERS: The way they scare you by telling you will certainly fail a test if you don’t do this and that. 
*      THE THING THAT MAKES EVERY ONE GO “AAAHHHHHHH”: The different methodologies of taking attendance.
*      A SECRET OF KEMU FOR FRESHMEN: The little street near the Piccadilly café that will take you outside the university premises :D
*      ONE THING THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE COMING HERE: Most of the things go here on the formula “ Apni madad aap.”
*      ONE THING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT KNOW BEFORE COMING HERE: Its history! Because you will have to listen to it again and again at different times and hence you will soon learn it by heart. So no need to know it  beforehand.
*      NOT TO BE TRUSTED: Some of the Seniors and pigeons!
*      TO BE TRUSTED: Your own common sense.
*      THE SECRET TO DIGEST THE NEW ENVIRONMENT: Just keep on reminding yourself you are the Cream of the cream.

A Freshman of 2012 enjoying the biochem class :-P
Photo credits : Ayesha Seerat

Waiting anxiously for more of the KEMU ishtyle life style..!


  1. Enjoy being called a daac saab while it lasts... the title mysteriously vanishes during clinical years or perhaps we become so used to it that it seems same as being called a baji ,bhai or a beta.... :S

    Nice blog !

  2. gud Usa.... its gud :))))
    keep it up...!!!

  3. Haha....and I thought I was the only one who knew about that secret side-street!

  4. Haha! No wonder nobody's telling me the way they were ragged :D xD

  5. good Unsa I really Like Ur blogs :)

  6. hehe :P har freshman ko esa hi laga :D

  7. lol I enjoyed reading this blog...reminded me of the time i wrote my 1st year class diary..! aahh seems so long ago..!

  8. really amazing @facebook-1526977341 so priud of you

  9. lol can i cotact u somehow on facebook :)


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