Electives and Research

Electives in Pakistan

Electives at PIC - Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore

Aariz Zainab describes her clinical electives experience at PIC, Lahore, and guides her juniors on how to secure electives there.

Research for Medical Students in Pakistan

Dr Asad Khizar, describes in two installments, the ultimate modus opernadi of research for Pakistani students!

Part 1 Covers Team-formation and choosing a topic about your research

Research for Medical Students (Part 2)

Part 2 covers the steps involved in research design and data collection 

Electives in USA

Muhammad Bilal (Class of 2012) charts out a comprehensive list of US university that offer paid/free electives to non-US students.

After spending hours in front of her computer screen and putting in months worth of research,Farkhanda Qaisar has prepared the ultimate list of American universities offering electives to Pakistani students. Have a look!

In the first of a series of blogs, Dr Farkhanda Qaisar lays down the chronological scheme
of to-do things in order to land good electives in US.

Elective Experience: Neurology/ Neurocritical care at Emory School of Medicine 

Smeer Salam (Class of 2012) describes his electives experience in Neurology at Emory School of Medicine

Pursing Neurology Residency in the US

Dr. Hamid Ali (Class of 2017) shares his experience and describes the steps towards a successful observership in Neurology.

Electives in USA - Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Umar Tariq answers all the frequently asked questions about electives in USA

United States Clinical Experience Overview: Clinical electives, externship, observerhips and more explained 

Waqas Nawaz, MD guides his juniors about the commonly confused terminology in USCE.

Important Terms: Electives, Observership, Clerkships/ Core Clerkships, Sub-Internship, Residency, Fellowship 

Dr Umar Tariq explains the plethora of terms used in the USMLE/USCE world.

Dr Izzah Vasim shares her Observership experience at Stafford, VA and explains how a good USCE considerably improve a candidate's chances at getting a good match in USMLE. 

Fantastic Electives& Where to Find Them!

Dr Izzah Vasim charts out a list of  hospitals in the US which offer amazingly good opportunities for non-US students aspiring to do observerships,interships and externships in America.

Getting Observerships in USA

Zohaib Aftab doles out the secret pearls of wisdom that helped him successfully get into not one,not two,but THREE Observership programs in US!

Clinical Electives Vs. Research Electives 

Umar Tariq, MD, discusses the pros and cons of clinical and research electives.

Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO): A new era for foreign electives’ aspirants

Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO): A new era for foreign electives’ aspirants 
By Muhammad Asad Hanif Final Year MBBS
 KE’s participation in the GHLO collaborative has proved to be a milestone in aiding students to secure electives abroad. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of awareness among Kemcolians about this amazing opportunity which is at their disposal

                        LoRs & Why They Matter

LoRs and their Worth in a Strong ERAS Application

Waqas Nawaz MD explains all the fuss surrounding LoRs and ERAS applications.


The Art of Making a CV

When it comes to making an impressive CV, even the best among us tend to feel unsure and nervous. Read here a complete guide about how to build a professional CV for yourself!

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