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ERAS Application and LORs

Important points Regarding ERAS application and LORs:

I am feeling to upload this post in view of few misunderstandings about duration vs number of LORs and Importance of Pak vs USA LORs and their role in Eras application.
1- One can only upload 4 LORs in ERAS no matter how much duration they cover. 
2- Duration of LORs is important as it is the requirement of programs as 3 month or 2 month USCE (number of LORs is not a requirement of program)
3- Number of LORs is important as it seems more non biased to receive different letters from different specialties; different hospitals and different Authors (it attracts the program director more but not a requirement of program)

4- One should keep balance of duration and number ;
Example ; from 1 st may to 31 may ; if you have two options that either you do continues 1 month under one author or you do 2 -2 week rotation in 2 different departments of same hospital or two different hospitals under two different authors; second option is better as in both cases you get :
Duration = 1 month
But in second case u get 2 LORs from 2 different people
Now u can upload both LORs on ERAS
This also increase number of LORs and avoids you to upload Pakistani LORs to fill fill Eras requirement of 4 LORs
5- Many people are confused about Deans letter or Chairperson LORs from Pakistan ; do get them but don't upload in Eras until you don't have USA LORs ; MSpE us submitted to all programs and that is what is required (replacement of deans letter)
Question arises : Why you still need them if you don't have to upload ?
This is because in your ERAS application or CV ; you have to mention each and every work experience since day of graduation filling all possible gaps ; there you mention that you worked as house officer under your Dean in North Medicine ; you should have LORs in case u are asked to prove it during interview (very rare probability)
Otherwise ; do not upload then on Eras in place of a USA LOR or even a USA LOR of some unrelated but afflicted field (Peds ; ICU medicine ; emergency med ; radiology)
6- So bottom line duration is important but try to get Max letters in same duration as it seems less biased and more versatile clinical experience.
In the end; start filling your ERAS application by start of July; it's better to gradually upgrade it rather writing full on last day in hurry ; many students under look the Importance ERAS CV; it is the birds eye view of everything you are doing after day of graduation; before signing it; get it reviewed by your seniors; it will always help you.
We will arrange next Google hangout regarding ERAS application ; LORs ; interview skills and program list in August Inshallah.
Best regards
Waqas Nawaz MD
Montefiore medical center


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