Accessing and watching Youtube videos during ban in Pakistan. The solution for educational purposes only!

Accessing Youtube during ban in Pakistan. The solution for educational purposes only!

Youtube ban may be affecting students as there are clinical method videos esp ENT ones for 4th year on it.. 
So here's the perfect solution

1) Download spotflux

2) Open the downloaded file and install it

3) It will prompt in the middle asking you to add the driver. Click yes.

4) At the end, it will ask you to install a bundled program.. It is recommended not to install that and click on cancel when it asks.

5) Now you're done. The program will sit in the notifications area. And you can watch Youtube clips just like before.


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  2. Just Dont let PTA watch this post :D

  3. I think use of VPN will be a reliable solution to open blocked websites so i can only suggest "Hotspot Shield" VPN software to Access Youtube from Work. You can use it conveniently because it is a free vpn, although it is reliable, fast and allows you to go beyond school or office filters and firewalls.

  4. Still people try to use different software to open Youtube but i have a simple way to open Youtbe just a one click and you can open it very easily. access youtube at school


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