Doctors, god complex, the 'whys' and the 'shoulds'

Do doctors have god complex? If you ask me the question plain and simple, I would have to answer yes. Doctors do have god complex.

Have you ever watched a surgery or a patient in medicine opd and wondered how mere hours or minutes would have drastic effects on his life? To that person doctor is some sort of god or atleast a saviour from God. If you aren't in medical field you can try to remember an episode of House MD or Grey's Anatomy and notice the power, the rush actors try to portray when they are pretending to be successful doctors. (Btw IRL the doctors aren't as nice as they are portrayed in Grey's either to their patients or to each other. For full disclosure maybe it's just based on my experiences at Mayo

I think most professions are just Mankind's poor way of trying to replicate one of God's qualities. Civil engineers defeat mountains and water, people in electrical and software fields make use of things which can only be seen virtually, artists create beauty but I think medicine has come closest to being the miraculous profession. If you think about it in the miracle of childbirth, God has imparted His quality of creation to the mother (in one way or another). In the same way doctors can literally alter the biology, as it exists, on a microscopic level in a person's body. 

I guess it's this power , the rush of gratitude the doctor is shown by his patient, the padestel on which he is put, the offerings he is given (as if he is a mythical god of the temple which is his hospital ) makes a person feel superior . Not for every moment in his life, certainly not forever but yes, enough for people to feel as if the doctor has somehow become beyond their reach. In classical terms some doctors have it most of the time, most have it some of the time but no one has it all the time. Because God never suffers a loss. But doctors do. Frequently.

We have established that doctors do have God complex and to some extent why do they have it. But "should they ? " is another question entirely. Because if you look at it another way medicine is just a profession. We study , we get degrees, we get jobs, we get paid, we go home , we live our lives and we die. Just like everyone else. So why should the doctors allowed to be felt superior than the other professions? The teachers alter lives too. Many a times very drastically. The astonauts literally cut through skies. The farmers grow life out of mere soil. I think they kind of should and they kind of shouldn't. Before I am staked let me explain my stance. In school the teachers are treated as idols. Or atleast very special (By younger kids specially and probably the would-be nerds). So why shouldn't doctors be allowed to feel special in hospitals? The armed forces are always heroed and showered with love and benefits (specially in our country but also all over the world) because they supposedly save lives so why shouldn't be doctors be allowed the same? Doctors feel like they deserve respect because in our society doctors and engineers spend their teens competing for the spots. No I am not saying others don't work hard but yes doctors work among some of the hardest from the time they are youngest to the time they get bald and wrinkly. So maybe doctors shouldn't want to be treated as gods but the doctors do deserve to be treated with respect if not for their hard work or sanctity of profession than for the fact that you are putting your lives in their hands and I , for one, won't definitely tell the persons who are gonna cut you one day that no , they don't serve respect. Unless you are a politician . Then you can probably get away with treating doctors like trash because you are not gonna be treated in this country anyway. 

I think the true place of doctors lies somewhere between being treated as a god and being treated as a  free volunteer or in some cases as a personal health slave. Somewhere above money managers and politicians but close to teachers , scholars and aid workers. And I think sooner the doctors and the societies realise it, the better it is for all parties concerned. 


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