MCAT--Some Pre-Exam Tips and Instructions

By Khadija Mohab Khan (Batch 2015-20)

Dear Juniors ! You have worked really hard during last 2 years but you have to be very careful on the  day before MCAT and the MCAT day . Here are some general instructions :
1.            PRAY HARD for your MCAT. You have studied enough but ask ALLAH Almighty to put His Fazal in your hard work.
2.            Be Confident but Humble.
You should be satisfied with your preparation. You have done your best effort. Now It is up to ALLAH Almighty.

3.            ON THE DAY BEFORE MCAT :
•             Relax!
•             Do not study. You have studied enough. Now relax. If you can't help studying , go for revising vocabulary only.
•             Get together everything you need for the test , Admittance card , ball points , clip board and watch.
•             Pray for your test and ask all your sincere fellows , relatives and teachers to pray for you. Ask your maid and driver uncle to pray for you. This matters a lot!!
•             Go to bed early. Get a good night's sleep.
4.            ON THE MCAT DAY :
•             Say fajar prayer.
•             Recite Surah Yaseen.
•             Must take a light , healthy breakfast.
•             Don't panic when you enter the examination centre.
•             When they hand over MCAT paper to you , first check if all the four portions are complete. Check for any misprinting. If you find any misprinting , you may contact invigilator before starting your test.
•             After filling your roll number correctly , MOST IMPORTANT thing is Q-ID.
•             The first row in bubble sheet is of Q-ID. It denotes the color or code of paper assigned to you. God forbid , If one forgets to answer this question , all of his/her  efforts will go in vain.
•             Then , start solving your paper with cool & calm attitude.
•             You can solve in whatever sequence suits you. I started with Biology,then English , Chemistry and physics.
•             REMEMBER not to spend too long on questions you don't understand. Mark them ( in your test booklet , not your answer sheet ) so you can come back to them if there's time.
•             Check periodically ( every 5 to 10 questions ) to make sure you are marking correct answers in bubble sheet. God forbid , If one has marked answer of Q-110 in column of Q-111 , all the remaining mcqs will be wrong.
•             Read mcq statement carefully and read ALL 4 options. Never ever read till option B and mark B even if you think it is correct. Because may be Option D contains 2 correct points ( one same as written in B and another correct point ). So , option D will be correct in this case. That is why , It is necessary to read all 4 options.
•             Rule out Incorrect Answers : You may only be able to eliminate one or two incorrect answers , but every wrong answer you eliminate increases your chances of picking the correct answer.
That's all I was advised. And I followed .
Hope they also help you ! Best of Luck ! 
 May ALLAH help you all! Ameen !


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