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3rd Year Detailed Study-guide ! by Muzna Sarfraz

Hello bachon!
Welcome to 3rd year :D *BIG ONE*
Wow you are stepping into the 'clinical world' great feeling na :p
Again 3 subjects, not tough but retaining what you have studied is the problem over here, so the more no. of times you will revise the better and easier it will be for you!
P.S. Thanks to ALLAH first of all, and whatever is mentioned below i would like to say special thanks to NAWAL HABIB/SOFIA IQBAL for guiding me throughout the year with absolutely everything + my friends ...

Usually known as kami biochem's twin, just a larger syllabus BUT PASSING TESTS too should be taken care of (TRY :p)

*Books: terse, parikh, nasib.r.awan

Divided into TOXI and MEDICINE:
*TOXI:Throughout the year TERSE is a WOW book with all the headings and cuteness whereas PARIKH comes in handy a day before prof :p to review professor's Qs and go through stuf not given in terse = e.g. heroin, CO2, war gases, Part 6 of parikh (hallucinogens, aspirin)
What exactly do we have to do in toxi?
Really simple :p different poisons mentioned, FOR EACH memorise its action, signs and symptoms, treatment, medicolegal aspects, postmortem findings, diagnosis

*MEDICINE: topics= autopsy, thanatology, personal ID, general toxi, asphyxia, trauma, burns, RTA, sex, law

For everything do notes MUSTTTT (available at canteen)
-Additions= do nasib.r.awan ch. 2,3,4,8,criminal abortion from terse
For other topics e.g. do tables too nasib/terse
add terse table 2.3

P.S. Go to nasib r.awan whenever you feel like!

***TIP: Get pastpapers now, and look at Qs for that topic before each test, ATLEAST 60% OF Qs ARE REPEAT! Study, revise, go through Qs again... To avoid trouble start studying around 4 days before test depending on course! Try keeping all last day for revision, not just few hours :p
but lets say time wasted and last day comes :/ dont give up saying its ok to go in blank, pump up and use last day+night like crazy, revise in the morning, take 1st class off too relaxedly prepare well :D Cheating MAY NOT WORKK if you want to copy it all off from start till end! DONT RELY SOLELY ON IT! Short answers required, less time, have a look at seniors answer papers too!

PROF: -written: past papers DUH, medicine do well, toxi sadly for 1 LEQ you have to go through all the trouble of doing it all "MOST HATED THING EVER BY 3RD YEARS, WATCHOUT"
-vivas: toxi taken by professor, studyyy eww! medicine easy: only definitions
-spotting: slides, pics etc. ratayyy!
-prac: has 5 sections in copy: medicolegal, autopsy, biological, toxi, radio
only need to study bio and toxi for prof, rest is just to tire you throughout the year and getting it checked LOL


Consists of: general patho, general microbiology, special bacteriology, fungi, immunology, virology, parasitology.

Looks scary right? Well going through it the 1st time seems like it wont ever end but trust me this is the most likable one during prof since it can be reviewed quickly unlike pharma :/

BOOKS: *General patho = ROBBINS medium + have a look at JAWAD for tables (and differences for all ch.ESPECIALLY NEOPLASIA). Some of my fellows also looked over goljan too, i heard its hard so never bought it :p but nothing is missing from robbins + jawad combination!

*General micro = LEVINSON, left ch. 5,8,10. Do 1,2,3 VIP,4 VIP,6 tables,7 just do endo/exotoxins and koch postulates mainly,9 IMP.,11 resistance table,12 name vaccines,13 VVVVIIIPPPPP

*Bacteriology = MRS is awesome !!! may supplement with levinson whenever you wish, i did for gram +ve cocci/enterics + do ALL LAB DIAGNOSIS FROM SHAMIM the missing ones from levinson and culture bacteria from shamim!
Professor has his favourite bacteria so watch out for those "with open eyes and mind".

*Immuno = LEVINSON, we left the last 3 ch. since all the seniors told us too, most IMPORTANT AND ALWAYS ASKED ARE ch. 59,64,65.

*Viro = Do all from MRS + 1 ch. of diagnosis techniques from LEVINSON

*Fungi = MRS, just 1 baby ch.!

*Parasito = Dr. Shahid Anwar's QAIDA is the best!! LEVINSON summaries may be supplementary...

*** Revise Qaida atleast 3-4 times before the test, the rest would be fine with 1/2 reviews as time allows! Again go through past Qs 1st..

**TIP: In tests, people hardly study at times since cheating is also "an option" but dont do the mistake of opening books right before prof and feel like omg im dead :/

PROF: -written: Ours was a copy of sendups, general patho's mcqs do review pathology by coltran "especially neoplasia ch." rest of them levinson (they are bulky so did few :p)
-prac: The whole year you write and write but dont worry! Only Zn stain, gram stain, urine, stool are to be studied a\for prof..
-viva: 4 viva's: 2internal, 2 external, Qs from bacterio and parasito are must (with draw parasites eggs), general micro, immuno, viro frequently asked alongside,, read over past Qs.


Toughest of the 3 because even after doing it 3 times you would feel like "whoaaa? did i even study this before? where did it go? VANISHED LIKE A GENIE :p SAD BUT TRUE :D So dont be shocked at all = keep pushing yourself until your head starts holding it, 3-4 reads required !!

Consists of: general pharma, GIT, respo, diuretics, blood, autocoids, ANS, skeletal muscle relaxants, CVS, endo, CNS, NSAIDS, chemo.

BOOKS: *General pharma = CHEEMA leave pages 68-73, 77-86, 89-94

*Respo = LIPPIN + CHEEMA (antitussives: codeine phosphate, pholcodine, noscapine, benzonatate + expectorants:ipecacuanha, ammonium chloride, sodium/potassium iodide + mucolytics + pg.307 bronchodilators classification go through once if you want)

*Diuretcs = LIPPIN or KATZUNG.

*GIT = KATZUNG (really good headings) + CHEEMA (emetics p.266 + p.246 table)

*Blood/autocoids = LIPPIN + MINI-K (prostaglandins, histamine, serotonin, ergot)

*ANS = intro from MINI-K, parasympathetic part is good with headings in KATZUNG, sympathetic is weirdly written in BIG so do MINI-K 1st + ch. 7 of lippin

*CVS = Antiarryhthmics from LIPPIN + KATZUNG for remaining ch. and digoxin ch. from MINI-K as well.
NOTE: Please try to do atleast CVS from KATZUNG if not anything else, it is really really good!

*Endo = LIPPIN + MINI-K for thyroid and stuff here 'n' there.


*Chemo = LIPPIN


P.S. MINI-K can be supplemented with absolutely anything, some may replace it for KAZUNG if no time.. LIPPIN + MINI-K combinations are frequently used too (especially chemo/cns/endo/cvs)

**TIP: Each topic needs a billion years to study so start max a day or 2 after test date is put up :p keep 1-2 days for revising twics/thrice :D Again review Qs first, CLASSIFICATION OF EACH CH. IS MUST !!
Dr. Bhatti's tiny orange book is kind of tough so i did all classification from MINI-K, just a few chemical classifications from tiny book.

PROF: -Written/viva: Keep revising, many of my fellows went through review pharmacology, see what suits you best !!

USMLE bachon: All kids planning to give USMLE i advice you to start preparing NOW in 3rd year!! Atleast get started with anatomy, physio, biochem, the rest once you know your 3rd year you will manage inshaAllah and can go for it easily in summer of 4th year *bingo* then enjoyy :p





  1. well written exellent and helpful

  2. thanks. i guess it would be helpful inshAllah.

  3. we have a guide on wards too !

  4. I checked patho's syllabus today...OMG ... I'm dead ! :/

  5. what have i been doing the whole year? 10 days left in send ups. :-((

  6. hey niicee one...!

  7. can u make notes of cycles in biochem ?? and physio notes ?? plz thanks you !!


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