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Pathology Important Topics

Important Topics
General Pathology
Chapter 1:
·         Cellular Adaptations to Stress
·         Cell Injury causes
·         Table 1-1
·         Reversible Injury
·         Necrosis
·         Mechanisms of Cell Injury
·         Examples of Cell Injury & Necrosis
·         Apoptosis
·         Intracellular Accumulations
·         Pathologic Calcification

Chapter 2:
·         Table 2-1, 2-5, 2-7, 2-9
·         Acute Inflammation
·         Chemical Mediators and Regulators
·         Of  Inflammation.
·         Figure 2-19
·         Chronic Inflammation
·         Systemic Effects of Inflammation
·         Proliferative Capacities of Tissues
·         Growth Factors
·         Collagen
·         Functions of ECF
·         Scar Formation
·         Tissue Repair
Chapter 3:
·         Whole Important
Chapter 4:
·         Only do SLE from Robbins. Rest of Immunity from Levinson.
Chapter 5:
·         Characteristics of Benign & Malignant Tumors
·         Genetic Lesions in Cancer
·         Hallmarks of Cancer
·         Carcinogenic Agents
·         Tumor Markers
·         Clinical Aspects of Neoplasia
·         Tables: 5-1, 5-2, 5-4, 5-5,
Chapter 6:
·         Alterations in Protein-Coding Genes
·         X-Linked Disorders
·         Marfan Syndrome
·         Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes
·         Cystic Fibrosis
·         Down Syndrome
·         Deletion Syndrome
·         Klinefelter Syndrome
·         Turner Syndrome
·         Fragile X Syndrome
·         Diseases Caused by Mutations in Mitochondrial Genes
·         Prader-Willi & Angelman Syndromes.
·         Table: 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5
·         Fig: 6-3, 6-4
Do chapter 6 if u want distinction or have extra time. J
Chapter 8:
·         For Only MCQs.
(Also do morphologies of all important topics)
General Microbiology
Basic Bacteriology:
·         Left ch. 5,8,10.
·         Do 1,2,3.
·         VIP 4.
·         VIP 6 (Table)
·         Chapte 7:just do endo/exotoxins and koch postulates mainly,
·         9 IMP.
·         11 resistance table,
·         12 name vaccines,
·         13 VVVVIIIPPPPP 
Basic Virology:
·         Lysogeny
·         Lytic Cycle
·         Viral Growth Curve
·         Classification
·         RNA-Enveloped/ Non-Enveloped Virus
·         DNA-Enveloped/ Non-Enveloped Virus
·         Chapter 29
·         Chapter 34.
Basic Mycology:
·         Chapter 47 (Pearls)

Clinical Microbiology
(Levinson & Shamim)
Clinical Bacteriology:
·         All Important.
·         Minor Bacterial Pathogens can be done from Summary.
Clinical Virology:
·         Hepatitis
·         HIV
·         Dengue
·         Influenza
·         Measles
·         Mumps
·         Rubella
·         Polio
·         Dengue (Google it)
·         Read summaries of all virues.
Clinical Mycology:
·         Summaries
Dr. Shahid Anwar's QAIDA is the best!! LEVINSON summaries may be supplementary... 
Important Parasites:
·         Entamoeba Histolytica
·         Leishmania
·         Trypanosoma
·         Giardia
·         Trichomonas
·         Balantidium Coli
·         Plasmodium
·         Diphylloboththrium latum
·         Taenia saginata
·         Taenia Solium
·         Echinococcus granulosus
·         Schistosoms haematobium
·         Schistosoma mansoni
·         Schistosoma japonicum
·         Trichinella spiralis
·         Trichuris trichiura
·         Loa loa
·         Brugia malayi
·         Onchocerca volvulus
·         Wuchereria bancrofti
·         Ascaris Lumbricodes
·         Enterobius vermicularis
·         Ancyclostoma duodenale
·         Dracunculus medinensis

(Pathogenesis, Clinical Features, Lab diagnosis, Lifecycles, egg diagram imp of above mentioned parasites)

Only do SLE from Robbins. Rest of Immunity from Levinson.
From Levinson:
·         Sara krne hain but

·         VIP :Ch. 59,64,65


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Anatomy/Histology Gallery
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Histology Slides for Professional Exams
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Histology Revision Slides Updated (2011)
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Lower Limb Anatomy Spotting Labelled

Embryology Models Some models are labelled and others mentioned in comments

Anatomy Museum Models (unlabelled) This album covers Upper limb, Lower limb and Thorax regions of anatomy

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