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By Maham Waqar
(3rd Year)

Ok so prof has ended finally leaving some of us overweight and some underweight,some with acne, some with dry hair and some with freckles on the face.This is that time of the year when many of us are forced to think
"why did I come in medicine?'
"Oh my God what have i done with my life?
"Kiya meri zindagi main sirf parhna reh gya hai?"
Anyways its over now.
 The storm that seemed to never calm down has finally settled. The HAPPINESS that we feel at the end if prof is a  feeling out of the world.
Before prof we be like

But this year's prof was not the same as that of previous years for the girls living in KEMU old girls hostel, particularly residents of the extension and i was one of them...I would say it was more of an adventure than prof.
Well it all started when we were off for ramzan preparing for send ups Construction of two new blocks  had started in our hostel and we were relieved with the thought that after the two blocks would be completed we would be able to live in better conditions in bigger spacious rooms but who knew construction of the new buildings would cause havoc instead of bringing relief.
As we stepped in our hostel afer ramzan,we were shocked to see its condition.All lawns and grounds had been decimated. What could be seen was nothing but this;

and  we were like
but that was not the end ...something else was waiting for we stepped in the building and started going upstairs with heavy bags loaded with books and our minds loaded with the stress of approaching send ups, suddenly something wierd came across our eyes... i first thought that  someone had drawn curved lines with markers on the walls of the building but that did not ,from any angle, give the appearance of a painting or something. It took me a while to register that those curved twisted lines were not mere lines. They were cracks......
Well the cause  we got to know was that due to excessive digging for the new building the foundations of our building had been damaged which resulted in the cracks....
WE took all this very lightly.  yes very lightly  ...because we had our first send up after two days so we did not have time to think about anything else and we started our study as usual.But there were students who were living for past  so many days in that building without any fear.Especially affected was one side of the building which was severely damaged while the other side was in a better position in comparison with the first one..
Everything was going on normal, the same prof stress, the same old us saying :"syllabus complete nai ho raha" ."aik din aur mil jata tu  aisee tiyaari ho jani thi k bus prof main distinction pakki thi." 
The very next day as i was walking in the corridor ,the word "cancelled"  somehow managed to reach my ears but i did not pay heed to it and continued learning the course of vagus nerve......a moment later all the girls of extension were called in the common room.
We were like "aj tu warden  ko saari complaints ker dalni hain. Khaane ka Menu bhi change kerwana hai. "
Who knew a new surprise was waiting for us in the common room.. As we stepped in the common room ,we saw a graceful women surrounded by a crowd of girls uttering these words:
"Since this building has cracks and its risky to live in it,so keeping your safety in mind we have cancelled your send ups. You may proceed to your homes now".

What ? Our ears could not believe what we had just heard. Seriously??? Send ups cancelled??? So this means we can go home now. How is this even possible?Am I watching a dream or something?. We began to scream with joy. What else could we do in that state of shock-a blessing
in disguise....anyhow we tried to control that beatitude of ours when the chief warden said: "i would be thankful if u  celebrate this news outside the common room and not inside" 

on the other hand were the theetas in deep sorrow and grief.....

At the same  time so many questions were roaming in our heads like" :where are we gonna live when we come back for prof?" will the university arrange some alternate accommodation for us?"" if so, where would it be? and send ups do carry weightage  in internal assessment so wouldn't this affect the over all result?
Anyways,putting all these thoughts aside without further delay we headed towards our rooms ,packed our bags and travelled back home. That journey was  a different journey i tell u. That feeling was different. We had not experienced such a feeling before. We had forgotten that we were still left with a teeny-weeny thing known as prof. It seemed as if ,
"Zindagi se saare gham khatam ho gai hain."
Till eid ul adha nobody was ready to touch the books again. It was only few days after Eid that we realized that oh prof was still there lingering with its own we got in touch with our books again.
Prof was scheduled to start from 14th november. meanwhile repair of our building had started to fill in the cracks and addition of concrete in the foundations to secure it.....
Everything was going on as usual but no... this years prof had to be an adventure with unexpected happenings , delays and cancellations
Natural disasters can neither be predicted nor stopped.....
An earthquake struck pakistan on 26th october 2015.It had a magnitude of 8.1.......
And this changed the whole scene.....
What happened next ? Did our building survive the earthquake? How did we reach shadhara from anarkali. ? To know all this stay tuned for my next blog... anarkali to shadhara part 2......


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