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Pharmacology Important Topics

All Classification Tables are Important .



·         Chap 6 : Cholinergic/Adrenergic Transmission ,Cholinoceptors.
·         Chap 7 : Tissue and Organ Effects, Table 7-3
·         Chap 8: Pharmacokinetics of Muscuranic Antagonists, It’s Effects, Contraindications, Cholinesterase Regenerators, Trimethaphan
·         Chap 9: M.O.A, Effects on CNS , Eye, Vascular System and Heart ,Table 9-1, Clinical Uses in CVS ,bronchi and genitourinary tract.
·         Chap 10: Pharmacokinetics, effects,table 10-2.


·         Chap 11: Table 11-1,Sympathoplegics, fig 11-1, Angiotensin antagonists and rennin inhibitor,fig 11-3.
·         Chap12 : fig12-1, Nitrates, effects of Calcium channel blocking drugs, table 12-1, newer drugs.
·         Chap 13 : fig 13-1,2, Cardiac effects of cardiac glycosides, digitalis toxicity, phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
·         Chap 14 : Torsades de pointes,table 14-1,group 3 antiarrhythmics,fig 14-4,6.

Diuretics :

·         Chap 15 : Whole.

Autacoids :

·         Chap 16 : table 16-1,Hitamine receptors and effects, serotonin clinical uses, hyperpyrexic syndromes, ergots alkaloids
·         Prostaglandins (chap 18 ) : synthesis,M.O.A, fig 18-1.Clinical Uses.


·         Chap 20 : whole


·         Chap 59 : PPI, Colloidal bismuth, Drugs promoting GIT motility, Drugs for IBS, Drugs for IBD, Antidiarrheal drugs.


·         Chap 21 : fig 21-1, table21-1.
·         Chap 22: Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Pharmacodynamics, Toxicity, Buspirone, Ramelton side effects.
·         Chap 23 : Acute and chronic effects of ethanol, tolerance
·         Chap 24 : phenytoin,carbamazepine, M.O.A,toxicity , benzodiazepines + lamotrigine+phenytoin+valproic acid from table 24-1
·         Chap 25: Stages of Anasthesia ,fig 25-1, minimum alveolar anesthetic conc, effects of inhaled anesthetics ,ketamine,etomidate.
·         Chap 26: Route of Administration, M.O.A,fig26-1,toxicity.
·         Chap 28: levadopa, MAOI,amantadine.
·         Chap 29:M.O.A, toxicity,Lithium
·         Chap 30: TCAs, SSRIs, SNRIs.clinical uses, toxicity of TCAs and SSRI, serotonin syndrome.
·         Chap 31 : M.O.A of morphine,acute effects, clinical uses,management of acute pulmonary edema,toxicity,naloxone.


·         Chap 33: IRON
·         Chap 34 : heparin,table34-1,warfarin,aspirin.
·         Chap 35: drugs treatment strategies,familial hypertriglyceridemia, niacin
·         Chap 36: asprin uses, moa,toxicity,interactions,Acetaminophen toxicity, DMARDs,leflunomide,allopurinol


·         Chap 37 :fig37-1, mecasermine,prolactin,Endogenous gonadotropin Production.
·         Chap 38 : synthesis and transport of thyroid hormones,M.O.A, fig 38-1,table38-1,effects of TH,antithyroid drugs-thioamide
·         Chap 39: M.O.A, organ and tissue effect,fig 39-1,clinical uses,synthesis inhibitors.
·         Chap 40: hormonal contraceptives,fig 40-1,2,clomiphene.
·         Chap 41:Insulin effects,preparation, Noninsulin antidiabetic drugs-Insulin secretagogues,alpha-glucoside inhibitors,exenatide,Type 1&2 Diabetes.

·         Chap 42 : bisphosphonates


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