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11 points about "doctor brides" which should settle most arguments

By Maryam Ayub (4th year MBBS) I remember a rishta call my grandmother had (she loves being a one woman-matrimonial service) , in which she was asked for a doctor but she shouldn't work after marriage. My grandmother clearly told her that a simple graduate student would suffice if she just wanted a stay-at-home girl. And I know my cousin whose only condition for marriage was a person (and a family) who would let her pursue a career in general surgery. But I also know of my mom and her cousins who opted to go in teaching side to balance their work and family life since they weren't as ambitious. 
But the thing is i belong to an educated family with conservative yet feminist views so I know better than to think about giving up my career without a reason.  A girl who is the first doctor in her family with family and susral pressure just doesn't has the support to stand up for herself even though she really wants to.  So here are my eleven points which we should remember while cr…

The 'Doctor bride'

My husband and I are the stereotypical Pakistani couple. He is an engineer from a prestigious university, I am a doctor from King Edward Medical University which one of the top college in Pakistan. Our story is typical too. We had our nikkah when I was still finishing up medicine. We got married just as I graduated. I shifted to Europe and walked away from career. No, I was not forced to do so. My husband had made my job prospects clear the moment he proposed. My parents told me to take some days to think about it. I made my choice on my own, knowing full well what it meant. I didn't always wanted to be a doctor. As a child, I changed my mind over what i wanted to be every 6 months all through my school years. I had wanted to be a princess, artist, teacher, archeologist , astrologist, scientist, author, physicist etc etc. I remember when it finally came time for me to choose, I told my parents I didn't want to work. Their loving reply was to choose the thing I loved to learn. …

Lecture Slides: Medicine; Diabetes Mellitus

Lecture Slides: Medicine ;CKD

Lecture Slides: Paeds Surgery; Neonatal Intestinal Obstruction

Lecture Slides; Gynecology; Control of Labour Pain

Lecture Slides; Pediatrics: Poisoning in Children

1st Year Class Tests 2015

1st Year Class Tests 2014

An SMS that changed my Life

By Kainat Zaffar Laghari 2nd year
Sometimes, in life, THINGS do happen.... Those things which you wish for, they happen in a way you CANNOT even imagine for them to ACTUALLY happen..... So breaking the ice,here's what really happened!!                                               *********************************** In the darkening shadows of "Prof", the gloominess of send ups , melancholy of Preps , the terrifying pre-exam nights, the peace-longing eyes, (not to forget the dark circles around 'em) the thought of a HAPPY LIFE had literally died............... No Hope ........... No hangouts with friends........... .  No EVENTS......................  Just me and my miserable pile of books..... I wished for some Miracle to happen...... . 
But then I recalled : "Miracles don’t Happen in the real world" BUT BUT I tried being optimistic for a while and said to myself... "Hey MIRACLES DO HAPPEN IN THE MEDICAL WORLD!!" That’s what I wondered during sleep through the n…

Lecture slides: Paediatric surgery: Intestinal malrotation/intususseption

Lecture Slides: Gynaecology ; Operative Vaginal Delivery

Lecture slides: Surgery: Management of diabetic foot

The AWKWARD moments!!

Current status:
… yup…… you heard me right… “THE PRAAF” season
And the most awkward thing about this season is that except studies, everything else becomes interesting….  you become nostalgic..... And you waste time admiring photos of the "good times"......

Whole year we plan and do stuffs what we want to and gather up moments of experiences that are sad, happy, funny or AWKWARD in nature…. And the last kind of moments happen to us aaayy looot!! So here are some of the awkward moments which most of you must have experienced:
The AWKWARD moment#1 When you go back to university after summer vacations and you realize...
The AWKWARD moment#2 When you get caught up in Dr.Izhaar’s lecture on “class-fellowship” (for all of those who have survived this, mutual feelings bro :p )

The AWKWARD moment#3 When you read the first question in test and...:
The AWKWARD moment#4 When u realize you don’t have a cat…
 (this one’s especially for the hostelites)

The AWKWARD moment#5 When everybo…

Lecture Slides: Surgery; Sterilization And Disinfection

1st KemVines Contest 2015 - Winners !!!

First - Ever KemVines Contest (2015) brought to you by KemUnited
(Staff President Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam)

The first-ever KemUnited KemVines Contest was held with a generous amount of reservation, the team being unsure if Kemcolians would rise to meet the challenge ! But the response was not only surprisingly overwhelming but refreshingly competitive. Each KemVine was a story in its own, beautifully executed and demonstrating to everyone that not only Kemcolians have a smashing sense of humor but that they can act and sing and shoot like they were born doing it !!!

Because it’s true, we have to say the cliched: ‘judges had a very hard time deciding who to put first’. All entries were astounding, many a times making the judges end up in quarrels when each judge would relentlessly stick with their favorite :P and hence we have more than just 1 winner (as initially announced). We, like all of you, thoroughly enjoyed each Vine. Thank you immensely for participating.

Note: A usual vine is 6 secon…

1st year HISTOLOGY: Hand made diagrams

-Hina Amjad Batch'19

Lecture Slides; Medicine; UTIs

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Kidney involvement in other diseases

Lecture Slides; Surgery; Vascular trauma

Lecture Slides; Medicine; Stroke

Lecture Slides; Surgery; Aneurysms & vascular Surgery

Lecture Slides; Surgery; Blood & blood products

Lecture Slides; Paeds; HUS

Lecture Slides; Gynaecology;Laparoscopy n Hysteroscopy

Lecture Slides; Surgery; Monitoring in ICU

Lecture Slides; surgery; Nutrition

Exploring Choices Other than MBBS/BDS

Ayesha Mushtaq
1st Year MBBS
There are certain stereotypes prevalent in our society, one of them being the preference for the medical field. Entire lives of people revolve around the dream of seeing their kids one day as doctors. So when you encounter hard luck and are unable to make it to a public sector medical college, that undoubtedly and unfortunately means a lot of shattered dreams. It is of course up to you whether you opt to study medicine privately (or abroad) or take MCAT again the following year, but there are also a variety of career options other than MBBS/BDS which you can opt for with a pre-medical background, and still remain directly or indirectly associated with the medical field.
Here’s a brief overview of these options.
1. Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
Physiotherapists treat a wide range of disorders; relieving pain and the rehabilitation of patients are among the hallmarks of physical therapy. Physiotherapy is one of the most lucrative professions in western …