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The Aliens

This Ramzan while you eat splendid food, lie in your comfy beds, your homes and offices regulated through central Air-conditioning, enjoying all the perks of freedom and liberty,
just remember that there are those KEMU hosteliites aka
"Allahwaale log"  who don't get to eat even a single paratha - the like of which has been unprecedented by me - at Sehri because there aren't enough chairs to sit on in the hall, not enough room to stand in and breathe at the same time. The struggle is real for us. It is like the amateur swimmers, who take, firstly, a deep breath in and then dive into the water. Same thing's done here.

Let us look at the daily routine of these miserable creatures. Start from the time of the sight of moon. Ramzan commences.
 They have a penchant for staying up late at night - about 1 or 2 am in the night. After this threshold time, they won't sleep because in an hour, Sehri time will be in its ending zone. So they better be in the competition t…

A (Psychological) Guide To Hostel Life

Unaiza Khalid Chaudhry
4th Year MBBS
I have had the chance to live in a hostel for a little less than two years - 1.5 years in Mozang Hostel for KEMU girls during my first year and second year, and 3 months before that in a private hostel in Lahore during my preparation for entry test . Other people who have a much longer experience of living in a hostel will definitely be in a better position to share helpful tips regarding hostel life. However I am sharing few things that helped me live fairly comfortably in hostel!
A hostel is a new place different from our homes. We meet new people who might have very different views than ours. It can be a little stressful in the start which is natural but if you have a positive mindset it can make things easier and make it a great learning experience. The best part about public universities is that since students get admission on merit, you have very diverse people coming together at one place. People from different cities with…