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1st/2nd Year : Anatomy Study Guide

hey!! first of all, to all the 1st yrs i'd like 2 say ....WELCOME to ke!! Congrats!! uv survived a levels!! get used 2 being called 'doc saab' :P... but with that gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility (forgive my spiderman reference :D).... now u hav 2 survive K.E. itself!!

N for the 2nd yrs..... uv given ur 1st prof!! now time 2 do it all over again :P.... but no worries, the 1st one is the worst, at least that was the case for me. the tension n drama is at a peak n u thnk u just cant go on!! aftr ur through the 1st exam u realize its not impossible, n nows its time 2 put ur new found confidence in ur medical skills 2 good use by kiking off ur 2nd yr in style :)

here r some things i learnt along the way :)



1. Books :

B.D churasia..... the teachrs will curse this book over and over again!! bt dnt get freakd out, almost evry1 i know junior or semior 2 me used this text n got thru anatomy fine!! so y fix somthng that isnt broken?? :P..... my advice is to stik 2 this as ur main text but definently supplement it with a good standard foreign text

K.L.M....... a brilliant book!! i jsut enjoyed flipping thru the pages reading randomly when i had nothing bettr 2 do :D..... the diags r really good, n if u dnt wana buy netters atlas, i found the diags in klm were sufficient 2 help me understand..... but the most important thing this book is used for is the clinical anatomy!! i strongly advise u go thru the clinicals in this book thoroughly.... especially b4 maam attiyaz viva.... i didnt get askd a single q 4m bd in the viva, it was 100 percent klm clinical anatomy 4 me

Last...... it looks boring, but i found reading it helpd make my concepts clearer..... but only 1nce ur dun with BD n KLM!!.... ther r some topics that i found only in last, like the diff kinds of all in all a worthwhile read, but dont try n study 4m this

Snells..... i bought this book n regrettd doing so. the small print gave me a headache n i found it much more confusing than KLM

Greyz anatomy...... nevr bought it, nevr opened it, n my anatomy didnt suffer 1 bit contrary 2 wat ur teachrs may tell u :)

Atlases..... i had McMinns, very helpful in dissections n keep it open when ur learning relations of structures 2..... most ppl get nettr, but i found if u get a foreign print of klm, it works just as good

Embryology books...... since its the topic maam attiya teaches i went a little insane studyng for it :P...... i ended up reading langmans n klm n some topics 4m inderbir..... my advice is 2 pay very close attention 2 maam atiyaz lectures, i found shez sometimes speaking word for word from 1 of the 3 above books.... flip thru n find out whch book she did that topic 4m (eg. she did placenta mostly 4m inderbir) n read that topic 4m that book

G.A..... from G.A ie. ghulam ahmad.... its easy but dnt 4get 2 do it!! its builds a good foundation n plenty of vivaqz can cum 4m it 2

Histology...... u usually just get a diag in the exam so dnt gv histo 2 much time.... just try n pay attention in practicals n read thru laiq superficially. the 1st 2 chaps, cell junctions epithelia n glands, r particularly important... do those in detail



neuroanatomy..... u'll need 2 books for this. inderbir n snells (i also found mrs neuroanatmy helpful). inderbir was the book i used for the substages but when the prof rolled around i found it had 2 many irrelevant details.... so no.1 pay attention in class2 wat is importnt n wat isnt. no.2 gv inderbir a reading, n then make ur concepts solid with snells... or just take the shortcut of doing snells 4m the get go

embryology..... stik 2 klm this year, but also hav a look at urogenitals n cvs chaps 4m langman.... urogenital n pharyngeal arches are by far the most importnt, ur prof qz will mostly cum 4m these

histo n the rest.... stik to the pattern u adoptd for 1st yr, n for abdomen n head n neck remembr 2 do the development of structures alongside so ur embryo almost takes care of itself


  1. is there any link to Histo slides for 1st year?

  2. Well-reminded Nida. Contributes should upload them too ALONG with reasons of identification , if possible :)


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