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4th Year Prof Viva Questions

Question Asked
Correct Answer
Name the instrument.

When named, the question asked was 'give it's use'
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Ballinger Swivel Knife

Used in SMR
What's your diagnosis?

What treatment do you suggest?
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Secretory Otitis Media

Surgery: grommet insertion

[read details in the book :)]
"what passes through foramen lacerum?"

"where is the incision given in septoplasty?"
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Define Dysphagia lusoria
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Define Nasal Polyp. how do you differentiate between the two types of nasal polyps
Prof. Amjad
Pathological lesion of achalasia cardia
Prof. Azhar Hameed
What is CSF rhinorrhea
Prof. Azhar Hameed
What is Temporal lobe abscess and its precautions?

How does the lesion reach temporal lobe abscess?

What are the clinical features of temporal lobe abscess?
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Define Bezold abscess and its precautions.

What are it's clinical features?
Prof. Azhar Hameed
How much CSF is produced within 24 hours
Prof. Azhar Hameed
What is Ludwig’s angina?
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Clinical Presentation of sub-dural abscess
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Define Vestibular nystagmus
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Give the bumber of ethmoid bones in the skull
Prof. Azhar Hameed

You may be asked to list the parts of ethmoid bone as a leading question... be ready!
Parts of temporal bone
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Contents of internal acoustic meatus
Prof. Azhar Hameed
Contraindications of oesophagoscopy
Prof. Azhar Hameed
describe functions of airway used in ent
dr manzoor
during anaesthesia if tongue falls back maintains open airway
Hoarseness and its causes, the degrees of "T" in TNM staging of Laryngeal carcinoma (By External)

Indications of SMR (By Dr. Paal)

Causes of lymphadenitis, investigations required and the treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma (Long case taken by External Examiner)

Short case taken by external examiner: Examine the left ear and check for nystagmus. How would you ascertain the mobility of tympanic membrane?
Dr. Mansoor Basir Pal and External Examiners
Dr Pal:
What is this(Pointing towards the mastoid retractor), Use of Mastoid retractor, Name 5 causes of Deafness due to Conditions of external ear, What is Malignant Otitis Externa? Why is it called Malignant ?!

Acoustic Neuroma? From where does it arise ?! Investigation ? What is Brainstem evoked Response !

Long Case Same external:
Depends on your case .. Jo case milta hay us say related question poch liya tha..easy hota hay agar akal mandi say answer do..

Short Case:
Viva On Vocal Cord PALSY..
PAL sb
Name the instrument, and list it's uses in ophthalmology
External Unit 2 (name?)
Convex lens: used in dark room tests, and for treatment of hypertropia

Non ophth uses: magnifying glass, optical instruments
You are about to get married, and your would be wife doesn't like your glasses... what options do you have to fulfill her wish?
Prof. Mumtaz Hussein
I have myopia, so had to give the surgical options for treatment of myopia.

Contact lens: [sir said: Yaar woh to fraud ho ga... ;)]

He wanted to hear the surgical options... so mentioned them... and be ready for the complications of the procedures...
indications of enucleation, difference between enucleation and evisceration
prof mumtaz
Dr Sahi Short Case:
Arcus..and his pet questions..just draw what you see...simple !

Long Case:
Jo long case hey us ka viva achi tarhan parh jao..u have enuff time...mine was aphakia..every question was in JOGI..aram say ho jata hay

Short Case:
Squit: Diagnostic test karo..i did Cover uncover Test using my was alternating concomitant squint !

Corneal Opacity..what is your diagnosis ? Treatment ? from where you will take the graft for cornea ?

@Short Case Prof Mumtaz Sb.
Staphyloma..and Myopia..then perfomd Retinoscopy..!

Short Case Another External:
Corneal Ulcer and complication
Corneal Opacity treatment..

If the eye is blind, Do tatooing..
if the eye is not Blind, Do Keratoplasty...

take graft from Eye Bank
Give the names of malignant neoplasms of the thyroid
Prof. I A Naveed
Paprillary carcinoma, follicular carcinoma, medullary carcinoma, anaplastic carcinoma
Dr Munir: Diseases of Muscles, diseases of blood vessels, parasites affecting muscles, method of confirming infection of trichinella spiralis, and method of determining from which muscle the biopsy should be acquired (obviously a CT-Scan, Ultrasound or X-Ray).

External examiner: A model of atheromatous aorta, sentinel lymph nodes, commonest cause of cirrhosis in the world and in pakistan, causes of Right ventricular failure, whether systemic hypertension is related to right ventricular failure or not, how to differentiate between ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive ductal carcinoma on light microscope, commonest breast carcinoma, genetics of breast carcinoma, effects of silicosis on lungs.

Other questions asked from others were Caplan Syndrome and effect of cold on lungs.

Dr. Samina Naeem: A scenario in which PT normal PTT prolonged and bleeding time also prolonged, what is the mode of inheritance of vWD, which factor deficiencies are inherited, the factor the deficiency of which causes thrombosis rather than bleeding tendencies, the function of factor 13 (XIII), laboratory investigations in haemolytic aneamia, reticulocyte count.

External examiner taking viva of long slides: I got Papillary carcinoma of thyroid, microcytic hypochromic anaemia and Chondrosarcoma. Questions were asked related to papillary carcinoma. How to differentiate between follicular carcinoma and follicular adenoma by light microscopy, what is the appearance of psamomma bodies and where else are they appreciated by LM.

Scenario case with internal examiner: Related to a finding of HYPONATRAEMIA in a hospitalized patient who was neither over nor de hydrated. Questions were related mainly to ADH functions and associated diseases.
Dr. Munir, Dr. Samina, External     and Internal Examiners
Remember that hyponatraemia in a hospitalized patient after a major surgery may either be due to     stress-induced ADH release OR overhydration through exuberant IV line.

The factor deficiency related to THROMBOSIS is factor 12 (XII). This is also a very important usmle relevant clinical point. The reason for that is that activated factor 12 also activates the thrombolytic system through liberating the kinins. Its deficiency may not account for bleeding because of compensation by the external cascade of coagulation (Factor 7).

Effect of cold on lungs may be vaguely defined as pneumonia but should specifically be labelled as interstitial pneumonitis. Remember that overventilating in cold environment induces inflammatory and oedematous changes in the airways which also accounts of transient hoarseness of voice and croupy dry cough.
My viva Q Mam Samina:
TLC, DLC, NameLeukemias/ Lymphomas,Commonest Non Hogdkin lymphomaPAKISTAN,Burkit,its morphology,Is Burkit present in some Leukemia which one,Which Class Of FAB,which cell,CLLvsSLL,H. anemia,Autoimmune HA,example,,Coombs test, Direct/Indirect Coombs.

External:Lung CA, Effects of Smok on BV,Tree Bark,...Hep B&C,Which is more preventable?!

Dr Munir :Names of Liver Diseases,HEP B,Diabetes
Dr Patho


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