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5th Year : Prof Viva Questions

Viva Type
Question Asked

Correct Answer
Table Viva

what is tetrology of fallot?
those 4 things...i told him 3 n said that i do not remember the 4th one..n he said.."tetra means 4 so u hav to tell all 4"
Short Case
1.examine motor system of lower limbs in 3 min?

2. then examiner came to me n askd how much hav i done... i told him i was checking the reflexes....he sais do the babinsks's ...then he askd 
    to elicit knee jerk

3. questions after performance were....
a)causes of upgoing plantar?
b)diff btw umn n lmn lesions?
c) causes of exaggerated n slugish knee jerk?
d) wat happens to superficial n deep reflexes in lesions of umn and lmn?
Dr.akbar chaudry
Short Case
Examine the cranial nerves

No questions asked
Prof. Javed Akram
Sir just observed what I did, no remarks, no questions.

Just asked to repeat the 5th nerve (he was not looking when I did it, so
     asked me to do again)
Long Case
Examine the hand of the patient as you would in a general physical examination.
Prof. Jawad Zaheer
Things to note:

temperature & sweating (by handshake), pulse, note for scars/IV cannulas, tremors, the nodules, and the usual stuff mentioned in the 

REMEMBER: Radial pulse is included in this... I didn't do it... and sir kept on asking me to complete the exam, till I remembered & took the pulse ;)
Long Case
What are the main causes of Syncope?
X-principal of FJ
Vasovagal syncope, postural hypotension, drugs,Valvular herat diseases like Aortic stenosis.
Long Case
What are the signs of Aortic stenosis?
X-principal of FJ
1.Pulsus Pleatau
2.Sustained Heaving
3.Outwardly displaced apex beat
4.hars blowing, high grade murmur radiating towards neck, best heard with diaphragm, and best heard on leand forwards.
Long Case
How will you differentiate between Normal splitting and Reverse splitting?
X-principal of FJ
Normal splitting decreases on breath held in expiration while reverse splitting increases with breath held in expiration.
Table Viva
tell me def n causes of pph n aph?
Dr. tabinda rana
u hav to narrate those tables from arshad chohan n complete definitions as told by dr. tabinda in her ward classes
Long Case
1.askd me to narrate the gyene history...
2.then askd me the causes of post menopausal bleeding...
3.askd me the most likely cause in my pt. who was a 70 year old female
4.askd me detailed staging n grading of CA cervix
5. asked me detailed management of ca cervix
dr.wasseem yousaf
see chohan for the answer......
ca cervix , as i told him, was not the most likely cause in dat pt. acc. 2 dr. waseem yousaf...he said...
" waisay aap ke pt me ye cause koi nae hay jo aap bata rahay ho...chalo laikin phir bhee,,, ca cervix hee suna do"
Table Viva
wat is silent rupture of uterus?
i remembered it once....lolz... ub yaad nae... apnay teacher se pooch lena
Long Case
What are the causes of dysmenorrhea?
Dr.Yasmin Rashid.
Pelvic Inflammatory disease.
complicated fibroid.
Idiopathic(most common)
Table Viva
What are the two important complications of prolonged use of fohley catheter?
Prof. Khawja Azeem
UTIs, Urethral Strictures
Table Viva
Identify the specimen? (gall stones & gall bladder)

What are the causes of gall stones?

What is the most common cause?

What's the best treatment?
Prof. Majeed Ch.
'Appears to be a specimen of post operative gall bladder for a case of cholecystitis'

WHY 'stones can be seen'

Causes: see the table in bailey & love

Best treatment: cholecystectomy, laparoscopic if possible, otherwise open.
Long Case
Narrate history and examination findings.

What's your diagnosis?

How will you manage it?

What's the complication of mesh repair, if the surgeon is perfect expert?
External (name?)
Narrated history and exam.

Diagnosis: right sided, indirect, inguinal hernia

Management: name all the repairs

Complication of mesh repair: INFECTION-as mesh is foreign body.
Short Case
Examine the patient and report back in 7 minutes.

After 7 minutes: Explain your findings?

What investigations would you like to do?
Prof. Khawja Azeem
Explained the findings.
(was multinodular goiter)

Investigations: thyroid scan, ultrasound
Long Case
name and classify the causative microbes of appendicitis ?
Dr.Arshad cheema
u hav to name them and tell whether they r gram + or -
Long Case
What is the root value of phrenic nerve
Dr Aftaab
C234 but precisely its C4
Long Case
What is the function of gall bladder


What is the test from which these can be assessed
Dr Aftaab
1- to store and concentrate the Bile

2- Oral Cholecystography
Table Viva
What's instrument/
Prof.Khwaja Azeem
I/V cannula
Table Viva
What fluid does you transfuse when a person is in shock?
Prof.Khwaja Azeem
some colloid, so that it can retain intravascular volume......Blood, Haemaccel, dextran etc.


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