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4th Yr: EYE

i found eye to be the easiest in 4th year .... though many dont.... u baisically study eye only in the one month eye ward .. for rest of the year u seem to forget tht eye too is a major subject....yes class tests do take place... but in a manner tht make u want not to study.... with the entire class in one lecture room ... u can imagine how "seriously" these class tests were taken.... we have 3 eye units... UNIT 1 has Dr. Sahi as professor... the ward days u have for unit one u shud always be ON time , WITH a working torch and a bundle of TWENTY FIVE eye examination sheets (u can get them at the photocopier).....otherwise u ll end up being kicked out of the ward or nt having ur attendence marked... the rest units are cool EXCEPT when u get dr. javed chaudry in unit 2... then i m afraid u should brace yourself a LONG long day ahead... with Dr. Mumtaz being the head of UNIT2 and DR. Asad the head of unit 3... but its mostly Dr Raza in unit 3 who teaches us..... at the end of ur ward dont forget to write 25 eye examination sheets and getting them signed by only UNIT 1 teachers... they are required in final viva... do bug the teachers about teaching u DARK ROOM TESTS ... they are a important part of final viva and none of us really knew how to perform them..... whenever u get the time... go see instruments in O.T.. which we never did and they are now being asked in viva... baqi at the end of one month of eye ward u will have 3 ward tests.... one with each unit... unit 1 test is taken by dr. sahi... he mainly emphasizes on clinical examination... unit 2 mostly by dr javed or by dr mumtaz.. this is a killer viva the one u need to study for... and lastly unit 3 ward test taken by dr raza... its mostly easy as well... now coming over to the books ... i made SALEEM AKHTAR my basic book ...i found it realtively easier then i would advise u saleem akhtar as well with a few topics from Jogi....

Imp topics:

Dark room tests, eye lids complete, lacrimation, epiphora, conjunctivitis, opthalmia neonatorum, xeropthalmia, bacterial corneal ulcer+Cx, keratoconus, Lens complete, Glaucoma complete, vitreous hemorrhage, diabetic + HTN retinopathy, retinal detachment, visual pathway, pupilary reflexes, proptosis, Ocular trauma, errors of refraction + squint complete.


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