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4th Yr: Special Pathology

Okay so in 4th year u can forget all the babysitting u have been so used in 3rd year... no longer will u be plagued by the tests every other 2 weeks...... the patho department just takes 4 tests the entire year ..and each test is huge enough to make you want to rip your hair out .... ..atleast 3 units are included in one test ...and no these are not the 40 paged ones u were used to in 3rd year.... i always ended up not being able to even go through the entire test syllabus... u might want to have a head start in studying patho before each test ... because this is the only time u ll get to study pathology in detail... i made medium robbins my basic text book because frankly big robbins gave me creeps every time i opened it up.... but there are those nerdier of us who made big robbins their basic text book .... it depends on u really... whichever u manage to retain is suitable for u.... most of the mcqs though ccome from big robbins... u might wanna consult JAYPEE for histological diagrams... learn the diagrams along as u go through morphologies of different structures.... for all those people who wana do steps goljan is a good book to go through at the end of ur basic book read... it has everything in it in a concise and orderly manner.... for the practical copies... i made mine at the very end of year ... its really ur choice whether u want to get it done with the weekly practicals which somehow i never managed to get done .......

Important Topics Patho

(Updated January 2012)

Barrete esophagus,
Esophagus ca,
Peptic ulcer*,
Gastric carcinoma*,
Cause of intestinal obstruction(tb,typhoid,amebais
Crohn,disease vs ulcerative collitis*,
List non neoplastic polyps of intestine,
Colorectal carcinoma*-aster colar classification,
Carcinoid syndrome,
One reading of following topics
Hirshburg disese,
ischemic bowl dis,
clasify adenoma on morph basis,
celiac nd topical sprue

Blood vessels:
syphlitic,dissecting hematoma,
Vasculitis-general mechanism,classification,Polya
rtritis nodosa,Takayasu nd giant arthritis,Kaposi sarcoma,
Enlist tumor of blood vessels
Atherosclerosis*,Difre types of arterio sclerosis,

Ischemic heart disease-factors morphology complication,
Myocardial infrauction-enzymatic changes*,
Causes of htn,
Infective endocarditis*,
Rhematic heart disease*,
Types of heart failure(cardiomyopathy),
ital anomolies(coarctation of aorta)
Blood RBC :  
Clasi of anemia,
lab diag of megalo blastic,microcytic,aplastic anemia,erythroblastosis,thalas
( Must do Ma'am Samina's Notes On Blood)
Clasify lymphoma,
hodgkins lymphoma-staging,
Classification of NHL ( Follicular,Burkitt’s and SLL)
Leukemias(all,cml,aml,cll)-with prosnostic factors ,
Hazards of blood transfusion,
Multiple myeloma,
causes of thrombocytopenia.

Morphological types of emphysema,
Clasi of pneumonia-
morphology of lobar pneumonia,
Clasi lung tumour Bronchogenic carcinoma.

Clasify atelctesis,
Dif bw Restrictive and obstructive lung disease.
sthma complete,

Tb granuloma-pri nd secondry gohn complex,5 imp sites for tb. Pancosst tumour
Paraneoplastic syndrom in lung ca.
auses of pleural effusion.

Causes of liver abscess
Alcoholic liver disease.
Pathopyhsiology of hbv,
Lab diag of viaral hepatitis,
Serology of hepB, lab diag of hepC,
Hepatocellular carcinoma,
Liver cirrhosis-causes,
Chronic pancreatitis

 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis(pathogenesis)
Carcinoma of pancreas
Musculo Skeletal System :
Paget bone

Tumors classification + main types  (osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, giant cell
tumor, ewings tumor)
Rheumatoid (pathogenesis)
Gout (pathogenesis, role of HGPRT)

Soft tissue tumors (lipoma,leiommyoma.
fibrosarcoma, rhabdosarcoma, synovial sarcoma)
Muscle dystrophy

premalignent lesions..scc,bcc,malignant melanoma.

Male Reproductive sys:
Testicullar tumour classif (seminoma,teratoma more imp)
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
,Prostate carcinoma
(with gleaseon grading system) and psa.
Causes of testicular swelling.

Female Reproductive sys:
CIN..stging nd grading,
metrial carcinoma,
Ovarion tumour classi (cystic neoplasm,teratoma are more imp),
Hyditiform mole,
chorio carcinoma,
Ectopic pregnancy nd toxemia...just reading
CA breast classification + main to be done  (ductal, lobular, medullary) + bloom grading
Prognostic factors (major and minor)
List of premalignant lesions of breast
ER – PR / HER/2neu

Endocrinology:Pituitary adenoma(prolectinoma),baqi ke names,
Thyroid:Prim nd secondry hyperthyroidism causes,Graves disese,hashimoto thyroiditis,Follicular nd papillary neoplasm histologic features)
Addison dis,Cushing syndrom..causes,Waterhouse fredrick syndrome,Congenital adrenal hyperplasia,MEN syndrom ,adrenogenital syndrom,causes of adrenal insufficiency,pheochromocytoma
sheehan syndrom

tumours:astrocytoma..epidural nd subdural hematoma
Renal cell carcinoma 
Diabetic kidney

Glomerulonephritis (types, details of acute
post streptococcal, membranous,membranoproliferative and rapidly progressive)

Chronic pyelonephritis/causes of
hydronephrosis/kidney stones


transitional cell carcinoma
malakoplakia – what is it?


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  2. hey sure ...feel free to ask whatver u want to :)..

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