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So i am finally back with the male staff of the gross anatomy.............. one word to describe them all is ........ DIVERSITY........... u can be as lucky as to be with sir alamgeer or have a hard day with Dr. Azhar..... So here goes:

the reason i chose him as the first teacher to write about is cuz i have given him a total of 8 vivas the very first one in my 1st year and the very last one in my 2nd year as well............... tou nobody knows his vivas like our group............. he is bound to choose the most unimportant and the tincy wincy thing nobody cares about and the he will not move onto the next question u have answered the first one.......... DO NOT LEAVE ANY NOOK OR CRANNY OF UR SYLLABUS WHEN GIVING HIM THE VIVA........ keep a cool head and be bisti proof!!!!!!!! But the good news is he rarely fails anyone and awards good marks when the student has studied well.


he is the teacher every one prays for before the sub stage or stage.... un k paas viva bole tou no tension....... he is really soft and helping and if u have studied well ou u can do wonders in ur viva


The complete opposite of sir alamgir .if your viva is with him tou ap ko dwa ki nhn dua ki zaroorat hati hai............ loves failing . never crosses 56......... only once gave 60..........never satisfied with any answer....... has his own spectrum of anatomy which is way out of the reach of normal students............. i have given him two vivas and passed both at 53 and felt like a victor both the times :D

Dr.Javaid Aslam

He does take a long viva but it is an easy one and you are bound to pass without a hitch :D

Dr. Suhail

He does ask conceptual questions but asks 97 to 9 questions an easily passes you if you have answered 4. he keeps on prompting the student and makes sure he finds a question the student can answer.... U r actually amongst the lucky ones to have your stage with him............

Dr. Izhaar

to the point bullet questions ...... no messing around.......... no aen baen shaen................

u guys wont have Dr.Amin and Dr.Ashiq Hussain any more but they were great teachers to give vivas to as well...........

But the most important thing to keep in mind is that vivas vary greatly from person

and from time to time just have sound grip on ur subject and keep ur confidence levels high....


Rabia Zia


  1. Reminded me of anatomy days..
    I had given substages to Dr.Samee,Dr.Jalal,Dr.Dr.Nadia Tazeen and a stage to DR.ATTYA..

    they are memorable days of life..But one thing to say

    "No teacher is your enemy. Most of the time fault is in us. Always respect the teacher and you will be successful in life"

    Dr.M.Naeem Safdar
    K.E. 2004-2009

  2. Dr. Lubna shah
    almost at 99% times mam is partial to asking the relations of almost everything


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