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KEDS at LSE !! - The Lahore School Debate 2011

Lahore School Parliamentary Debates were held from 4th to 6th February

Day1 - The reporting time was 6 pm. There was 1 round on this day. KEMU had 2 english teams and 1 Urdu team.

Day2- This was when the real action started. 2 rounds were held that day. Urdu team went on a rampage and won both their rounds. English team A was at the 3rd spot after their 1st round ! A match with UCL-A later took them a little down (The judges are always biased against KEMU :P).. KEMU-B Also did good enough considering they had 2 speakers, speaking for the first time ever ! like really first time ever !

With chief adjudicator and LSEAD VP (aka "Godfather of LSE")

Team KEMU English A and B 

Team KEMU urdu in action

Austerity was  being observed for the first time ever and no meals were served this day !!

In the end there was a masters round in which the chief-adjudicator Raymond Davis (thats what we kept calling him because he was white and noone remembered his real name) and some of the best debators went head to head to demonstrate some quality debating skills. This was an explosive match and the young debators learnt a lot from these maestros.

Day 3:
Ok, so day 3 was the funnest part. There was a Josh concert !!



Josh concert!

The After-party

KEMU leaves a mark !

So there were 2 rounds this day. The first one was the rather typical one.. But the second one ...*drum roll* the free-speech round is something that many people look forward to and at the same time many people dread the most ! It is the round when, there are no rules ! i mean seriously no rules ! you can use english, urdu and punjabi ( i used all 3 of them) u can use ANY kind of language ! ..... enough said ! we ended on the note "what happens in LSE stays in LSE" ;)


  1. o my! thats awesome mashaAllah. lol m so inviting my non-kemcolian med friends to take a sneak peak here! 3 cheers for KEDS!!!

  2. hahaha ! awesome ! thanks for appreciation!


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