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If you’re a Kemcolian and are into videos n music (and psychiatry cases :P), 23rd April must have been YOUR day!! Yup, tis was the day KAPS presented its much awaited ‘Interclass Video Competition and Music Show’.

'Happiness lies around us'- Pursuit of Happiness,
Humkhayal, 1st Year

WHAT AN EVENT!!! With videos that were bigger and better than last year and musical performances that rocked the stage, it was truly a day to be remembered! Creativity soared sky high with every year making excellent video contributions… though Wapda’s contribution to the event seemed the most noticed! Oddly, ‘going nuts’ seemed a popular theme this year. Spooky! The event also highlighted the winners of the live sketching and photography contests.

To Make A Rose Bleed- By Zauraiz, 3rd Year
Videos exhibited included Mirage, The Pursuit of Happiness, Ishq Laahasil, To make a Rose bleed and many more though the ‘Oscars’ went to the following:

Qabr Sai Mazaar Tak Concept by Harris Bilal, Direction Aziz Chattha, 2nd Year
An amazing concept backed by an ultra-amazing script, this vid managed to highlight all that is wrong in today’s Pakistan. Linking the old man as our Quaid and explaining how we’ve reduced his inspiring ideals to just his mausoleum was electrifying, soul- touching and very thought provoking.

Resident Evil -By Mehroo Bakhtawar, 3rd Year

Resident Evil by Mehroo Bakhtawar, 3rd Year
Oooo my fav! In stark difference to the other vids that portrayed fellow students as either going loony or… um… dying, this animated masterpiece provided some much needed comic relief. We saw Cartoon corpses at their best, girls giving some nice shaja kaba to cadavers and learnt that the boys’ hostel could possibly be rooming some Bagum Nawazish Ali fans. Hmm lucky her (I mean him??)!

Talaash by 4th Year
Talaash revolved around an element that many med-students could relate to, going to med school only because your parents want you to. With the vid hero finally getting his guitar, all turned out well in Talaash. Most pleasing was the vid’s eye-catching cinematography and effects. (The house must have won points too… ‘Ye Ghar bara aalaa dakaya hai, sinks fit hain!’ –Girl sitting behind me)

Omer Altaf and Usman Qureshi -Tu Janay Na

And how can we forget those wow-yyyy live-music performances!!? Abdul Moiz and Mouid of first year initiated the live music. Omer Altaf and Usman Qureshi duet-ed with songs Tu Janay Na and Dil tou Rona Nahi. Some fab fluting was shown by Hassan Butt and Taimoor Khan, with cool keyboard work by Mehtab Sami. Arsalan Baig and Hassan Butt teamed up for Aadat. Tayyab Ilyas rocked the joint with a crowd favourite Tonight to be followed by calls of ‘Once more!! Once moooore!’ But two rapper-dudes, Aamir Sohail with his neat rap moves and the bandanna-ed Muaz bin Syed stole the show like hell!!

'Please Excuse Me I don't mean to be Rude!'- TONIGHT

Musical Instruments Performance

First Year Rappers wrapping up the Show

So that sums up the KAPS event*. Applause to the President and Lady President of KAPS for such a successful event.

Do Comment below.
On anything!! Like: How did you find the event? Hey! How come one rapper had a bandanna and the other didn’t? ;D Which vids did you like the most? Was the Resident Evil right in saying that Kemcolian guys resemble corpses? :O How many med students do you believe have a future in psychopathic serial killing?? :s

Stay Tuned for further (humour filled) event reviews of KE, to be found only on KEMUNITED, the official KEMU blog.
(*Info above pertains to the Second Show.)


  1. AwSm job Fizza Baji!
    wt a comprehensive review!
    this surely adds to the xitement of the show wich lingers evn aftr its over...

  2. forgot the hosts..!! =p
    btw yeahhh resident evil was my favourite too...
    i loved that part,
    "what did it look like yar?"
    "looked like our kemcolian boys...!!"

  3. What an energetic review Fizza! All those who missed the function would be having second thoughts about their decision after reading this...!
    An overflowing interest in psychiatry...Yep thats what I noticed too!
    And the enthralling performance by the " Musical sensation of F.J " ( aka Mehtab Sami ) gets mentioned too ! How did you like it folks ? :)

  4. amazing writer !!

    great jobb!!

    @farkhanda: LOLL

  5. hey fizza nice job :) ...btw u mis spelled my name :P its hassaan butt!! :P

  6. Great as far as da Bandana question is concerned...i cudn't get da Bandana cz my car broke dWn half way to da Store...sorry guys..maybe nXt tym...

  7. a job excellently done waiting for more fun filled events :)

  8. post videos of 1st year rapperz...

  9. those videos are uploaded

  10. a BIG THANKS to Laiba and Farkhanda for helping me with the names! thanks guys!

  11. Wow WOW WOOOW, thanks everyone so sOOO much for liking the review!! :))) I mean Really!!! :)))

  12. Thanks Laiba... yeah it did take some time to wear off!
    @M. Bilal Thanks!! :))
    Hey Farkhanda, sorry about the hosts... they varied in every show so couldn't add so many names...;/
    SADAF :))) thanks bud! yup mehtab sami really has raw talent! She gave the show a fresh item...
    @techworld THANKU so much 4the kind words :D
    Apologies for any 'name-spelling' errors (I know there must be a bunch up there!)
    @Rectifire LOLzzz aahh it doesn't matter kiddo, you rocked without it :D
    @Gumnaam :P thanks, yeah we're all waiting eagerly 4 MORE...
    @Omer Naseem: 'thnx' (If u meant the review :P)
    Idiopath: I guess prob solved by techworld..

  13. @ fizza...its really alrite...90% of ppl miss spell my name :P ...btw it ws a really nice review of the event..keep it up!!

  14. ur always wlcm :-)


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