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Top Eat-outs Around KEMU !!

Farkhanda Qaiser

Part 2 Updated (Click here after reading)

Options Explored!
Well, yeah the title might sound odd...but trust me, the food is one of the best parts about KE or should i say Anarkali.
The variety, the delicious mouth watering taste of Anarkali food is ONE-OF-A-KIND and its a luxury that only us kemcolians enjoy. You doubt that? If so, go to AIMC, and try their tasteless pheekay fries and dry shawarmas and then you will realize what i'm talking about...!
Now here's a list of places which you should definitely try out and i can bet that they will become your much-haunted aboards in the coming 5 years...

1-Al-Karim Bakery
First of all, the ever famous Al-Karim which according to kemcol data, earns half of its income from kemcolians. The best item is the band-makhan burger. If you're an over-obesity concerned girl then let me tell you that it sure has alot of calories so make sure to share it with a friend of yours.
The egg sandwich is tasty too but i dont really like the shawarma.

2- Lovely burger and Popsy burger
For shawarmas, the best place is lovely burger (i'm not sure whether its still there or not because i heard the road encroachment authorities had removed our 2 best burger spots-lovely and popsy) The lovely burger is more spicy and has more sauces whereas the popsy is more crispy...So you can choose what you like better.
3 -RFC (You dont wanna know what R stands for!)
Another place for shawarmas is the newly built Rangola Fried Chicken just across from the patiala gate (buses wala) but these RFC ppl take ALOT of time to make your shawarmas so remember to time them from the moment you give your order and pester them after every few minutes to hurry up. Only this will ensure that you can be back for your next lecture in time if you've nicked from uni during break or DH. Yes, i've tried this too.
4 -Qasr-e-Shireen
Next to RFC is qasr-e-shireen which is the samosa place. Don't use their spoons, they are very dirty. Yes even dirtier than the normal hygienic standards of Anarkali! Instead ask them to give you the samosas in the brown bags and eat with your hands. I hope you've used safeguard or lifebuoy after your last DH. Because if you haven't then ask your friends who never even come near the deadbodies to feed you because formalin doesn't taste that nice...!

5-Salad Bar Anarkali
Now if there's a birthday party and you have to give a treat to a huge group of friends and the budget is short then the best place is the salad bar in anarkali-the one opposite the wigs shop. (Yes, you can try the wigs after the treat and take lots of pictures) There is a clothes shop next to the salad bar which has a bench where you can all sit and eat. HEY, don't make faces! You're in KE now and should be courageous enough for these little adventures. The Anarkali shopkeepers are well aware of the young 'doc saabs' and will never stop from entertaining you.
6-Hafiz Fruit and Juice Corner
These were some of the nearby places where you could have a quick snack and be back for the next class. but if you've decided to bunk DH or a practical then you have a good 2 hours in which you can enjoy. The first place you should try out is Hafiz fruit and juice corner. Head towards union book shop and keep on going straight, you will reach food street and see the green board with hafiz jee's picture on it. Go upstairs and take your waiter with you. He'd be a lanky guy strolling around with the menu in his hand. The only 2 things that i've eaten on every visit of mine are gol gappay and papri chaat. aah...mouth watering. Don't forget to mix the sweet and sour chatnis! And oh yes, don't even DARE to read the menu or else you'll feel like your kindergarten teacher taught you nothing about spellings...! Because, what you always thought was 'nestle' water will become Nassly large. Russian salad will squirm on the massacre of Reaction Salad. Egg friend rice will become senile on the mention of Age Fried rice...!
So be ware...! You have been warned...!
You can also walk up the food street and enjoy the halwa puri if you've missed your 1st lecture because that's only available as nashta in the morning. And i've heard there's falooda as well but ive yet to try it but as everything else, i'm sure it must be scrumptious too...!
7-Red Chillies
Now coming to the very last item on my list but that doesn't mean it's less frequently visited by us. RED chllies...! I'm sure the hostelites must already be familiar with it but those day scholars who are not, let me guide you. Walk out of physio dept, go towards emergency and walk out of mayo through a huge black gate. Then turn to the right and keep walking till you reach the chowk. Now turn left and keep watching the boards on the left side, you'd finally spot the red board among the many camera shops...! Once inside, you can choose from a wide variety of food items. You have finally entered a proper restaurant in the vicinity of KE so enjoy...! The best deal is the pizza deal... yummy...
8-Fresh Juice stalls
AND oh yeah a special summer package is the 'fresh juice stalls' Outside k.e. Never go for the over-expensive and over-thick juices of Mayo canteen.
In summers, my day is incomplete Without a lemonade or peach juice in a, i cant bear those unhygienic glasses jis pe moti moti makhian bethti hain...!
I hope my little guide will prove useful to you. Because it took me almost a year to figure out all these places and my best times have been spent eating vociferously and enjoying with my friends...! Life is very short. Don't forget to enjoy...! That's my motto...!
Till next time...
Good bye! =)

Added by Mc Fearless: =)

9) Doctors Cafe
This is a small cafe located at the farthest end of Mayo Hospital, crossing the Medical Superitendant offices. It has better seating and ambiance than our cafe (there's an aquarium in there too !) cant say that it has better menu. Still, good place to go for a change!

10) Ghulam Rasool ke chanay
This is located among the many surgical stores, in a tight alley and is at a walking distance from patiala. The chanas are legendary and the price is good !

11)Food Streets Anarkali and Gawalmandi
If you havent been to any of the above till your stay here at KEMU, you've been missing the finest cuisine Lahore has to offer ! From Halwa poori breakfast, to Takka tak dinner.. From sumptuous Lassis to heavenly fruit juices, Patooras, Parathas and the list is endless..

Some places at driving/rickshaw distance

D)Biryani Express
E) Pizza Hut
G)Salt N' Pepper
H)Bundu Khan

Part 2 Updated (Click here after reading)

Are we missing anything here ?? Write in the comments section any place that you would like to share, that would complete the list !


  1. oops...we missed out MAYO canteen...!!! lol =p

  2. gud job girl...=)

  3. gud job girl...=)


  5. its cute :) i like that birthday idea at the salad bar :D

  6. waoooo! we have come across a food critic-cum-doctor.....well done farkhanda....very well written, i mus say

  7. nice ... i think the list is complete !!

  8. hey..!!! who are all these anonymous people?
    but anyway..thanks alot everyone..
    your compliments have encouraged me to write more often..=)

  9. its very well written! and the details of eatouts are quite interesting. i think u should also rate the hygiene standards of these places...
    ps.i have also heard about crow eaters in anarkali. u can add that too :)

  10. alaaa profunda!!
    yes we live in a food paradise :D

  11. really tremendous layout, superb! great job!

  12. farkhanda very impressive ;)BHT WIDE RESEARCH HAI ;)

    aur midnight tabaq k saath wala pink tea stall
    aur boys hostel k saamne puratha stall(12am-7am)

  14. wah wah.. buhaaaaaaaat aala=)
    and btw, the fact tht ive been to all these places and eaten at all these places makes me realise tht im such a big-eater..

  15. aallaa farkhnda....superb job....:)

  16. one of d many gr8 things abt k.e- u l nevr b hungry=p!! way 2 go farkhanda!!

  17. its realy suprb...........waesy i thnk khany ka bht shoq hai apko... :p
    hostlites realy enjoy food stuff 4m all dese places

  18. veryyyyy nice farkhanda... mayo canteen was worth a miss... :p

  19. gud job farkhanda...:) realy cool

  20. Nice Job!!!! Yeaaa v hv a vaaaast variety ov food around us!!!;)

  21. :) i being an ncite can relate to some of these places...especially hAFIZ

  22. Dat was awesum work farkhanda....
    yummy stuff...:)

  23. hahahahahah........... gud yar...

  24. =D really interesting girl n good job ...=)

  25. wow...nice to see ppl from a wide variety of backgrounds..thankyou v.v.v.v. much for your compliments..!!! =)
    rabail and anonymous nciite..yeah we do share proximity to some of these places...esp. hafiz...and me hygiene standards and anarkali should not even be talked about in the same line and see, they simply dont belong together..!!! lol

  26. @rabia and mehak...yo lciites..!! thanks girls=)

  27. Rida Fatima ChaudharyApril 10, 2011 at 10:14 PM

    nice job ! Interesting one indeed :).

  28. i will come to visit it soon:p thanks to you.

  29. nice
    good job done
    keep it up



  32. Ahaaa!! Our food manual...
    Good job!

  33. thts like a true kemcolian;-)))) mind blowng !! APPLAUSEZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  34. ausmmmm;-))))))

  35. wow.. great response.. after reading all the feedback it would be no exaggeration to say that "food makes the kemcolians go!" the article has suited the palate of so many people for a reason ! fooooood ! the possibilities are endless, kemu being located in the center of the food-capital of pakistan (lahore) !!

    great job Farkhanda !

  36. great effort... thnx a lot!

  37. i love hafiz juice n doctor zcafe

  38. despite every thing, AIMC is becoming more fascinating for the students than K.E! what do you think?will it be able to get the top position in the coming years with that building and education?

  39. boring people in K.E ............... ! :p


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