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Laiba Khalid’s: FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 1 ‘How it All Began’

Laiba Khalid’s:
Episode: 1
‘How it All Began’

1st year, a common occurrence at KEMU – occurs every year. Every year a new generation of nerds and geeks is enslaved in the name of modern medicine, and the older one gets a fix of stress relief. For those of you who are wondering where I am at, it’s called ragging.

After years in lifeless primary and secondary institutes, months in hard knock academies, and for some of us here, certain days right there on the roads, we finally got to our dream university. Kind makes one wonder what dreams we people have. I mean cutting dead people and learning about equally sick human parts. I kinda wanted to write more, but yeah, that’s about it. And when we graduate, a further array of road protests await us. Yes YDA, fresh blood is en route.
As a class we would prove we rocked a lot, but before coming to KE we surely had a rocky time! Perhaps because this year only the lucky ones got through the tough time given to us by UHS.

First the entry test got scheduled only 15 days after our FSC exams, then the change in eligibility criteria as well as the admission criteria followed by a storm of protests , court writs and campaigns against the injustice...with the whole movement starting primarily on … well ‘’Facebook’’.

Talking about Facebook the future class fellows became friends even before the term started and this increasing interaction created a very strong sense of unity, a thing immensely envied by the seniors, truly despised by our teachers and ridiculed by humanity itself. I mean what brand of sorry people would bind over microwaves?

1st year started with a blast. 2 HODs changed and so was the curriculum. The pressure of studies was more than ever. (YEAHHHHH!! More books, books, booooks)

But we luckily always managed to get a break and relax by indulging in extra-curricular activities. The membership forms submitted to societies were surely record breaking. I’ve heard of certain society presidents who’re now using most as toilet paper.

KAPS alone had 85+ members from our class. They declared our class to be the most talented one and so the posts were announced on merit. Meaning the largest class ever in the history of KEMU consisting of 326 students, that wouldn’t fit in the AUDITORIUM!!, let alone the lecture theatres, fitted everywhere else just perfectly!

And we were the last class to have our class photo on our orientation day in ‘poor’ Jillani pavilion (R.I.P.)

To start with, the much awaited welcome party was organized after ages in KEMU but the odd thing about this one was that the party ‘guests’ had to fund it themselves LOL (well our respected seniors couldn’t afford a class this big ! ) Also half of the entertaining performances were by the 1st year students. These included a skit directed by Muaaz bin Saeed, musical performances by Abdul Moiz , Moeed Ahmed, Hasan Mehmood Lak, Hamna Khan, Farah Javed and ofcourse the rappers Muaaz bin Saeed and Aamer Sohail. 1st year singers, guitarists, actors, and rappers rocked the night! (Most of us had never been to a part before, so understandably the party didn’t end until 12!).

The catering was no less lavish than a ‘walima ceremony ’. Never expected this party to be so awesome!! (This could be the first time party goes talking) And we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to 2nd year who organized our very first event. (Not really though: p)

So this was our beginning... yet more was to come, dreaded tests as well as sports events.... but this will be continued, in the next episode of First Year Chronicles!


  1. OMG i wonder if this piece is anythng LESS than AWESOMEEE!!!
    way to go Laiba!! :) can't wait for episode 2! ;)

  2. RANA ADIL FARMANMay 28, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    may v hav many more episodes like this
    best of luck



  5. great work.the real awesomeness of 1st year started after this which will make your next episodes even better. keep it up!

  6. waaaoww!!!.laiba i dint know...u write so well!!!!.....:)))) thumbs up! girl u r adding to the -as they say- awsmn-ness of our class!!!...:)

  7. Very Well Done, Laiba! Keep up the good work! :)
    Appreciated! :)

  8. NICE to see you blogging laiba :))) nice job and great pics...oh n gosh does that welcome look fun..!

  9. Awsome piece of work Laiba...
    one of the best parts was that u uploaded pics of nearly every occasion...
    keep it up !!!

  10. you so sound like Mia thermopolis...great job girl...! =)
    P.S. though half the performances by 1st year in welcome party...that sure doesnt ring a bell..=p

  11. haha that is not meant to ring 2nd year's bell! :P

  12. alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:)))

  13. hey labzzzzzzzzzz gr8 work waitin for next episode <3 <3 <3

  14. nyc work... =]

  15. alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! great work laiba!
    hundred likes!!

  16. we vry well remember d GREAT SKITTTTT ov frst yr... boooooooha

  17. awsommm laiba .....thousands likes.....

  18. u have narrated A to Z....great job

  19. tremendously epic........thumbs up....!!!!

  20. Excellent Effort laiba!!

  21. laiba its wonderfull.i m anxiously waiting 4 2nd episode

  22. gee. newer gens at kemc (or kemu now)are really talented. you keep up the good work kid and keep the traditions alive. god bless you.

  23. i love this college !!!!!!
    but i m in 1st yr :-(


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