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Pride of KEMU: The Illustrious Kemcolian Authors: Prof Dr. Arshad Chohan

“Altapete” , exemplifies the true sentiments of every kemcolian. It is this motto that makes each and everyone of us “a million dollar girl and a million dollar boy”. This article is dedicated to those determined kemcolians who have made their mark in the world of medical authurs. Needless is to say that they are the pride of KEMU and their hard work will always be remembered. Writing a book is a strenuous and demanding task requiring utmost concentration and a vast knowledge of the subject. We should be extremely proud of these gifted minds who have proved that KEMU is indeed the best. 

Following is a list of authurs from KEMU .  

P.S : Any further additions are welcomed. These are only the ones I m aware of.

1. Dr Arshad Chohan 
Fundamentals of Obstretics
Fundamentals of Gynecology

2. Dr Haroon Mushtaq 
Clinical Examination 

3. Dr Tahir Saeed Haroon
ABC of dermatology

Student Reviews 
 Fundamentals of Obstetrics and Fundamentals of Gynecology by 
Dr. Arshad Chohan

                                                       M.B;B.S(PB), FRCOG(UK). FCPS(PK). FCPS(B'DESH), DOBS(PK)
                                                                                 Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
                                                                   King Edward Medical University
                                                                  Lady Willingdon Hospital , Lahore 

By Dr. Faria Shahab and Jawaria Shahab (Final Year)

Gynae/Obstetrics : no more a dilemma

The day you step into final year,the only synonym you hear with Gynae/Obstetrics is our Professor’s books,namely Fundamentals of Gynae/Obs.
Having been through my final year,I think I am in an adequate position to comment and judge the two books both in character and in literature.Prof.Dr Arshad Chohan is an incredible teacher,his classes keep you focused and his method of study which amalgamates both humour and the course under study drills the subject into you conscious and subconscious mind,and this exactly reflects in his books too.His books are easy to understand,explicitly written and describe how everything happens,which most books don’t,so basically they help you make concepts and not just sacks of memorization being loaded on you.
I now will analyze the mechanics of his two books.His books have a straightforward and effortless English,and everything is explained in the most simple manner possible,disregarding the wider concept in most books,that we would or would not know a particular thing.Infact many of my concepts about different physiological processed actually got corrected through this book,as heavy emphasis is laid on physiology and patho physiology,so by the end you come out more conceptual, more apt about the topic in question.
These are the kind of books,which cover everything and do not leave any space for ambiguity.These books negate the substandard text of other local books,and set a standard on their own,and only because of this,these books are the standard textbooks for the subject all over Pakistan,being a gigantic aid to medical students of almost all medical colleges in Pakistan.

Hence,Gynaecology and Obstetrics as subjects are not a quagmire of dilemma any more,life is easy kids.:) 
You have one thing less to worry about.

Nida Eily said...

I had thought that Gynae is a very dry subject, but Fundamentals of Gynae & Obs by Dr. Arshad Chohan not only refined my concepts in the subject but also helped me develop as interest in the subject.

Anonymous Dr. Umtal Batool said...

When I was a final year student, we were told recipes of what to do from which book & which of that material would please an examiner, & at the end all got jumbled up & what remained was the only photographic memory of one book "Fundamentals of Gynae & Obs by Dr. Arshad Chohan". This is the best book on the subject that i have come across uptil now.
More than sufficient for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well. When reading a chapter of over 30 - 40 pages from other books on the subject,the few things that i remember at the end , to my surprise, are already explained beautifully in the book of Dr. Arshad Chohan. So far it has been a great help in my undergraduate and postgraduate training. Its like an addiction... once you are in, you cant esape the aura created by the author unless you understand each and every bit of it. Simple yet elegant..

Anonymous Dr. Azra Tahir, PGR said...

"Fundamentals of Gynae & Obs" by Dr. Arshad Chohan is most comprehensivee book on the subject for undergraduates. And I m getting benefit from it in my post graduation training as well because it is simple and easy to remeber and follow and apply on the patients. Also it covers those cases very beautifully that r given least importance in books by western authors but they are very common in our country, so dealing and managing those patients has now become easier. Each chapter covers the topic in the best possible sequence that is applicable while managing patients. The treatment options given are those that are available and in the best sequence of importance. The signs n symptoms are also described in the order of percentage of presentation. so a master book for undergraduate and postgraduate trainees.

Anonymous Dr. Nuzhat Asad, PGR said...

A blessing for the students of gynae. simply yet explicitly written books which almost abolish the need to go through cumbersome textbooks.... A "must - have" for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Anonymous Dr. Uzma Malik, PGR said...

"Fundamentals of Gynecology" by Prof. Arshad Chohan covers the gap of knowledge among developed and underdeveloped countries.

Anonymous Dr. Hina , PGR said...

Each and every topic in this book is concise and clinically oriented. This book is a great effort and a great help for the students both under graduates and post graduates.

Anonymous Dr. Yasmin Sattar, SR said...

Concise and a good book for graduate level.

Anonymous Dr. Sadaf Zahra, PGR said...

Medical Students always need a book for their subject which is comprehensive and covers all aspects of that subject and easy to read. "Fundamentals of Gynecology by Prof. M. Arshad Chohan" is the best gift to all medical students which a professor can give , and Prof Arshad Chohan has done this great job. as a medical student and now as Gyne PGR, this book gives me the basic knowledge of my specialty.

Anonymous Dr. Ayesha Dar, PGR said...

The only book I read for Gynecology in the Final year. You can never skip any question after going through this book.

Anonymous Dr. Ruqaya Saqib, WMO said...

This book was a savior for my exam when I was helpless with vast subject of Gynecology.

Anonymous Dr. Maryan Raana, PGR said...

A book that covers all the aspects of Gynecological topics and explains surgery in a very good way. Equally helpful to undergraduate and post graduate students. No need to study any other book in particular at under graduate level.

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or write in the comments section, Dont forget to mention your name and class

PROF. MUHAMMAD ARSHAD CHOHAN graduated in 1985 and got his post graduation training from Services hospital Lahore initially and subsequently from UK and Ireland. He did diploma in obstetrics in 1991 from Royal College Of Physicians Ireland, MRCOG in 1994 from Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists London and FCPS in 1994 from College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. He got elevated to FRCOG in 2006. He is now working as Professor of Obs,&Gynae at King Edward Medical University/Lady Willingdon Hospital Lahore where he is heading unit III. He has written two text books, one in gynae and other in obstetrics. He has also written a book on examination preparation methodology. His 26 papers have been published in different journals.

He is actively involved in academic activities like supervisorship, examinations, workshops and seminars for more than 15 years. He was secretary of faculty of obs and gynae CPSP in session 2007-11. For the training of FCPS trainees he has been running a free annual preparatory course for last 11 years from which a multitude of doctors have benefited. He is also joint secretary of Society of Obs/Gynae Pakistan.



OPP. Lahore College University for Women Lahore, Pakistan.

0092 300 402 7250 


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  2. The books are by all means the Pride of K.E... and Pakistan indeed, as we dont find any other highlighted author in the history of this country who have contributed in the medical field in terms of literature....

  3. Very rightly said... His footsteps should be followed..

  4. The book needs a thorough review... a lot of the information is outdated
    For example DnC has been replaced by Pipelle endometrial sampling as a tool to invastigate Bleeding of endometrial Origin BEO.


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