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Laiba Khalid’s:
Episode: 2


The most awaited study-less week of the year, the sports week, was even more awaited by the 1st year as it was our 1st chance to get sun-burnt and burn the extra couple of ounces, but tragically this fun filled week was followed by our very 1st stage and The SUN tried its best to spoil the FUN. Roasted under the scorching heat were Participants, supporters and the KAPS photographers. I actually got a heat stroke and one of the relay race winners fainted – I do think she was on drugs though (steroids) ………………yet we enjoyed it a lot (don’t we always!) .


The bidding for the stall…..the choice of menu….. Stall décor….. the decision of theme….. the chart fever….. Everything was done mostly in DH ! Nothing works like mutilated corpses to charge up the appetite.
Throughout the event, hideous, disgusting, evil and yet appetizing and exciting posters were plastered all over the campus. (Many ofcourse bribed their siblings to make them)

KEMONSTERS created suspense! And the final day was literally FUN.Yummy Monsters’ delights,
samosas and cold coffee,

the terrifying Devil’s Den, tempting Chicken Aflame,

dangerous Monsters’ Domain…

Everything was a huge success! All the efforts finally paid off when KEMOSTERS INC got the Award for best stall décor ! (yoo-hoo !! ) and not just that but also 3rd prize for the best stall, the shield for which was mysteriously misplaced :/……


The royal colour….
The colour of kings and queens….
That was the colour of 1st year on colours day !
(after all we were the new ‘royals’! Royal slaves that is.
And the theme was ‘majestic dragons ’.
No! Royal Majestic, enslaved dragons :/)

Colour day was made even more colourful by the 1st year. As usual the majestic class wouldn’t fit into the tent so the guys were banished from it.

To keep themselves busy and to add some colour to the event they actually brought a ‘Dhol wala’ which was hijacked by other classes but in the end they retrieved him back and what happened afterwards is quite obvious in this video:

Whenever someone from 1st year won in any event the dhamaal scene turned on and not to mention those nasty little ‘bugles’!
Our tent was just beside the commentary box and can still hear them:
‘1st year please go back into your tent…….’
‘1st year you are requested to clear the ground the race is about to start…….’
‘1st year kindly make less noise………’
‘Another medal for first year……..’
‘There isn’t a single event in which 1st year didn’t participate …’
‘ I think this year 1st year is going to get maximum positions….’

  • Umar Ijaz: bronz medal in 100m 400m & 3000m race, silver medal in 800m & 1500m race, silver medal in long jump. (the marathon runner lost 2/6 medals he got)
  • Aamer Sohail : silver medal in 3000m race
  • Umar Ijaz, Muhammad Yasir, Uzair Ikram, Munis Mahboob: Bronze medal in relay race
  • Laiba Khalid: silver medal in cycling
  • Sidrah Chishti: silver medal in 400 meters race and bronze madal in cycling
  • Hajira Iftikhar: gold medal in needle race & silver medal in sack race
  • Fatima Asim: gold medal in javelin throw and bronze madal in chaati race
  • Asnia Latif: gold medal in long jump
  • Samavia Munir: bronze medal in spoon race
  • Arfa Ahmad, Wardah Shabbir, Maryam Afzal, Samavia Munir: bronze medal in relay race girls

Our parents wanted us to become what? Great doctors but look what we have become... I bet we can earn more this way! (Hasn’t it always been about the money?)

A theme decided at the eleventh hour and opposed by most of the class initially was followed and liked by almost everyone in the end. The bandit queens looked pretty cool and guys …well ….they were pretty much the same. The ‘dacoits’ were the life of the party! ‘We came, we saw, we stole’!

The dacoits stopped the mehndi procession from moving ahead, while some had their own ‘rasm-e-henna’ performed, they even chased away the caravan of the great Mughal emperor

and diverted the attention of almost everyone from the cricket match that was being held in the ground! And then was the picture mania with the dacoits and their muddy horses…

[1] Rebecca Black


  1. hahaha.. but Rebecca Black ... seriously ?!

  2. Fantastic! :)

  3. You did do effort to collect photographs...:P

  4. Gr8 job Laiba!!! :)

  5. W.O.W ! Howcome I missed this video ! just watching the races sent me to flight or fight condition ! :p :p :p :p :p :p Mazaa aa gia !
    Wasy the entire post is a great effort Laiba ! Shaaandaaaar !! :)

  6. such a fun yaaar


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