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The sound of Silence

A short story by Hamdan Ali Khan, 1st Year MBBS

The old man sat on the beach, barefooted and alone. Silence reigned everywhere except the occasional thrashing of waves which disturbed the acoustic equilibrium. Night it was, the sky filled with a million lanterns, the birds dozing off quietly and the sea like an old pirate sang a silent shanty. Oh! He missed his youth, when he could swim to the Black Rock without drowning, when he could shout at the vast ocean, his resonant voice fading upon the edges of horizon. But all good things come to an end, the voice that once resonated; now a husky whisper. The man who was the fastest swimmer; now an ancient remainder of time and its echoes. The doctors said he had terminal cancer that he would die in a week. He didn’t fear death, he had no family, nothing to lose except maybe the sight when someone would break his 50 years old record. The silence of the calm sea nurtured in him a desire to swim to the Black Rock once again, one last time. He …

Magic with Medicine by Umair Jaliawala

By Farkhanda Qaiser
Thank You everyone for turning up for the event, "Magic with Medicine" and making it a HUGE SUCCESS...
An auditorium overflowing with people...
An audience of over 350 students from all walks of life with a huge majority being the medical students of KE...
A rowdy crowd that was tamed by the great Umair Jaliawala ...
An engaging 2 and a half hour session in which no one left their seats, infact more people kept on pouring in...despite the fact that there was no more seating capacity...they were content to sit on the floor, on the stairs, at the armchairs...anywhere...just to listen to the magic that was coming forth from the mouth of a great magician who claims to turn 'on' people and INDEED that's exactly what he did...!! Thank You so much SOL and SARD for makin it happen!
Exactly a month ago, on 1st July 2011, I landed on Karachi airport to attend the "10th Young Leaders Conference"

And now on 1st August 2011, I have completed my Post YLC project...

It certainly could not have been possible without the great team that I had...

My friends who stuck with me through thick and thin...Isna for repeatedly going to the VC office with me to get permission for holding this event (a Motivational session by Umair Jaliawala)...Humaira for being my deputy and overseeing everything in my absence, Mahym and Seemab for sitting at the registration desk outside the auditorium in such sweltering heat...Iqra and Mirrah for being the fast legs who could fetch anything from any part of the world...

My lovely seniors, the trio, Rabia, Iqra and Shafaq for their words of advice and caution at every step...Shafaq's brilliant idea of advertising in every ward of Mayo Hospital and then dispatching invites to every HOD of KEMU...Rabia for supporting me whole heartedly since the inception of this idea...Iqra for selflessly helping me with her presence always...Anum Asad for being the reliable Project Assistant who attended every meeting and did every task that was assigned to her...Namra, Nimrah and Reema for being there whenever I needed them...Oh and how could I forget my Bank Balance Keeper, Noor...thanks Noor for the safe keeping and calculations..I don't know what I wouldve done without you=p

My energetic Juniors for doing all the menial yet important tasks...Hajra and laiba for the registrations...Junaid for running off to al kareem to get refreshments...hira for the photography...shahbano for the dreaded door duty...nida for tirelessly publicizing this session...Srsly guys, no event is complete without these hats off to you for pulling it off..

My class fellows Maimoona, Saira, Fahad, Abeera, Aushna, Saman, Zara for supporting me throughout and convincing people to attend this event...

Oh and Yes the most Important People...Ahsan bhai and his team Haris bhai and Ijaz bhai for being the amazing seniors who made it possible...for dealing with the technical issues...for providing the guidance and expertise of carrying such a Mega Event...and owning my post ylc project so whole heartedly...I could never be thankful enough to you all...3 Cheers to you...

And NOW...The people who really and actually made this event feasible...yes...THE SPONSORS...

A huge heartfelt thanks to Qavi Engineers Pvt. Ltd. who also sponsored me for YLC...the Managing Director, Mr. Arshad Dad for believing in my mission and giving me beautiful pearls of advice from his vast experience...

And Dynamic Packages for willing to sponsor our event at such short notice...the CEO Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhry for providing the means to make our idea a reality...

The cooperation from the people at School of Leadership was definitely a driving force for me...

Sumrah for continuously answering my many queries and never once getting impatient...

Asad Chohan for being a true Youth Facilitator who was always there with his kind and encouraging words...

Quratulain for giving me great ideas about my project..

Kambha, Shipa and Sipa for creating SOL - a great platform for youth like us...

Hiba, Maddy, Maalik, Bilal, Khadija, Saqib for being my inspiration to carry out this event..

and Yes Ofcourse...Umair Bhai for believing in me when i talked to him about a session in KE and finally making it a reality...Thanks a tonnneeee Umair're the most humble person I've ever met...returning my phone calls...trying to work out a date and venue for our session...listening to my problems and coming up with solutions...

I bless the day i filled the registration form of YLC and met such great ppl as you...!

And last but not the least...kudos to my family for supporting me throughout...

Oh and I've saved the biggest thanks for the end (yes, this is finally the last)

Thanks to my Allah for providing me with all these brilliant people..

for making our event a huge success...

and for all the countless blessings that He's bestowed on me...


Project Director,

Farkhanda Qaiser


  1. haha aur sb tou <3 hai BUT tamed? ;) already? :P lol

  2. some extent, you could say so...
    cuz those 'chuss' ppl were actually applauding in the end...=p


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