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4th Year: Community Medicine Past Papers Sendups Prof

4th Year: Community Medicine Past Papers Sendups Prof


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Sendup 2011 Community Medicine


                        paper 2011

1.Give detail of maternal mortality ratio,Age specific fertility rate and Total fertility rate?
2.What is demographic transition?Discuss briefly its different stages?
3.Apply three levels of prevention for the prevention and control of breast cancer?

In a basic health unit of a village,there were rise in number of patients coming with high grade fever with rigors and chills.The patient also complained of severe body aches and shivering with fever.
a.What is the diagnosis and prevention of this disease?
b.How can you determine the transmission index of this disease?
d.What id the Roll back PROGRAM?

a.What are the different types of epidemiological studies?
b.What are the steps in selection of cases and controls in a case control study?
Calculate ODDS ratio and give its interpretation in following CASE-CONTROL study.
In a 40 cases of lung carcinoma were smokers and 10 were non smokers.In control group 20 were smokers and 30 were non smokers.WHAT IS ODDS RATIO?

C.Med Prof 2012


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