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Final Year Study Guide Complete Subjects

By Saba Fatima

ok new final year..the most wonderful and d most hectic year of mbbs...:P rite frm frst yr,,final yeAr face one prob...and that is WHICH BOOK TO STUDY???a breif guide ofa ll subjects...\

2 books are usually used...ARSHAD CHOHAN n TEN TEACHERS...Dr. Arshad Chohan's book is the ultimate gold standard in Gynae and Obs... ten teachers is a short breif  review of the subject..defintely not even close to can only be aptly described as a book for those seeking shortcuts.. or merely if you just want a quick review.. but as per our detailed written pattern it canot fulfill the requirements...this is where Prof Arshad Chohan's book is the perfect fit.. it will get you through the complete written paper with absolute ease and give you a complete grip on the subject unlike ten teachers.. this book is fully equipped to get you through the exam with flying colors be it MCQs, SEQs, LEQs or PBQs... Once u go through it u know the imp thngs to do out of it,u r dun wd it far i recommend... read arshad chohan and especially cram d headings as that is wt i did :P try to cover all the imp topics during ur ward rotation as it helps u alot in sendups and prof...and DONT EVER MISS class lecture of prof dr arshad chohan as his lectures are simply amazing and will save you hours of study from the book ..His lectures are very well-prepared and should not be missed.. Prof. Dr. Arshad Chohan is simply and outstanding educationist. Also the  ward classes of dr nadeem goraya and dr amna...try ur levels best to learn THE TOPIC OF LABOUR during ur maternity duties as it is all practical work...if u apply wt u hav seen in maternity it becums very easy...

unfortunately thr is only one book recommended and its worst of all final yr bookS :( PERVAIZ AKBAR...keep one thng very clear in ur mind...if u ve ur ward of paeds before medicine u CANNOT LEARN ANYTHNG OUT OF THS BOOK ACCEPT NEONATOLOGY...once u ll go through ur med ward u ll b master in paeds batches C & D,,dnt b tensed on ur ward tests as i was also batch C and i was really depressed abt my future in in prof it wenmt well alhamdulillah...only study those topix frm ths book whch are specially of kids :P as neonatology,growth development,congenital heart disese,epilepsy topix will b coverd frm medicine

for surgery u hv lottss of books available...bailey,dogar,shamim,srb,alles etc...different ppl hv diff opinions abt books...i hv read all these books and by d day i knew nuthng and i remained confused till end whch book to follow whch nt :( our written pattern requires local writers books...but u hv to study sum good book as i would suggest u to study bailey as ur basic book but just read it and follow it fr mcqs as its very lenghthy...but fr u written paper ur subjective pattern requires shamim...its best as it follows bailey,easy to learn and revise...but DO FOLLOW AN INTERNATIONAL BOOK...srb is good too but its nt reliable as some points are wrong in it and u cant use it fr refernce purpose..our professors dnt lyk ds book...ALLES notes are best as short book...u can use it fr those topix whch r not oftenly asked in exams as cardiac surgery,urology etc...for GENERAL SURGERY,use dogar only...u hv to learn and cram each n every word of ths bok...its good fr general...PLUSSS dont mis ur emergencies and ots,try to attend operations on atleast thyroid,breast,hernia,abdominal mass,laparoscopy fr sure...and also emergency laporotomies in emergency ots...they add alot to ur written and mcqs...DONT MISS lect of khawaja saab,dont ever...nd evn if u dont take Cheema's lect u mst know wt hs been taught in unit 1 lect,as ak ques to chawal sa unka parrhya hua zarur ata ha :P as monitoring in our paper A :(

again thr s a confusion...whch book to use...inam danish the famous pakistani writer writes very well but ths book is nt that good for mcq and viva is a typical ratta material,u cn use it fr writtens only...the 2 famous international books are KUMAR &CLARK and DAVIDSON...inam danish is an easy chhapa of kumar n clark but davidson is entirely different..both of these books are awesome,i hv read both...but if u hv to follow inam danish thn read kumar n clark as basic international book...davidson is very different and inam danish nd david cant go side by side,creates a short book fr medicine,u cn use OXFORD HANDBOOK or KAPLAN medicine...both r equally try to learn basic emergency probs treatment as per mayo hospital emergency,whch treatment is given ,whch medicine etc etc...DONT MISS dr irshaad lect,best teacher of medicine...dr tahira as HOD is very nice...sajid ubaid ullah also deleivers very good lectures...

OVERALL u hv to decide by urself which book u r gona use...ths is my experience whch i shared to help my juniors...for imp topix i ll soon upload a website address,all imp topix of evry subject are there...BEST OF LUCK wd ur final yr...share ths doc wd ur class fellows and PRAY FR WHOLE OF OUR CLASS SUCCESS IN PROF...may Allah bless u all...

good note... just a few words out of my experience

Medicine: clark n Kumar is the ultimate bt unfortunately, time doesnt allow u to indulge in that, so better stick with the pathetic, hateable bt sufficent Inam danish+ (useful, retainable n pleasant to read)pocket K&C/pocket oxford... do the combo and u'll be happy in prof

Surgery: agreed with saba that dogar is good fr general.. bt fr the rest, SRB ws the only book i'm glad i read in final yr... Especially useful fr those who hv a tendancy to remember pics and find it difficult to remember words. It might quote a fact or two wrong, bt overall its reliable. U wont be sorry to spend time reading it, even if its a bit lenghty... as far as bailey is concerned, if u follow that, be sure u cover topics like TB abdomen frm sm place else... West might hv forgotten abt these (and so has bailey) bt its an everyday problem in our popluation.

Good job saba..i would like to add my experience here too..:-)

Final year me no compulsion,read the book which YOU LIKE n which YOU CAN RETAIN, chahey wo bailey ho ya srb ya shamim ya steps ki book..n this is exactly why different seniors will give different opinions..PLUS what i would recommend-at the cost of sounding very theeta-ish--take an interest in ur wards,attend them regularly,in the end it does pay off in BOTH writtens n vivas..

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