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Laiba Khalid’s: FIRST YEAR CHRONICLES Episode: 3 ‘Finale’

Laiba Khalid’s:
Episode: 3

Episode 1: Click here
Episode 2: Click here

I know I know I am a bit old for a freshman now but hey I just couldn't gather the courage to say bub-ye to my chronicles , oh someone get me a tissue please ! …....
Duh! To blow my nose of course, it’s freezing cold!

They say all the good things come to an end, i can’t be sure about the ‘good’ part but well it’s got to end, our 1st year at KE as well as the chronicles! It wasn't anything less than a roller coaster ride! Though the last few months were particularly bumpy...

The most awaited and equally hated part of the year, the Prof Season is what i am talking about. The impossible nerds wait rather impatiently for this moment so that their true talent is recognized and the rest of us of course hate it like anything! It’s the time when you realize:
  • Who ‘the’ theta of the group is
  • Who is your best bud
  • What good did attending all the lectures and jotting them all down do to you
  • How many types of liars are there in the class
  • Enjoying the non-prof season to the fullest is a very good idea
  • That the Rs can do a better job too
  • What manic depressive syndrome actually is
  • Who should you message and expect a reply from
  • You are not meant for this field
  • What your new-found hobbies and dreams are
  • How much your family loves you
  • No more celebrating eid for another 5 years
  • Fb can be useful too specially during the vivas
  • What are suicidal tendencies!
When you find that place could look scary too.....

History repeated itself once again when we were bombarded with the news of send-ups being conducted within 3 weeks and we just couldn't stop saying ‘WHY it’s always US??’ and then the ‘First Professional Part 1 Annual Examination’ (it literally feels as great as it sounds) were to commence less than a month after send-ups but due to dengue holidays and efforts of the Rs we got it delayed twice!
A theta's reaction to the delay
A normal reaction !

Some class things that got controversial this year include the class function
No comments.

Then there was this laptop fuss! That too during the prof. The list had names of all the years from 1st to final year but wait a minute! Where is old 1st year? ‘Well your case is under consideration ‘, said some clerk in some office...ugghh......WHY US AGAIN!? What else we could have done but protest (following the tradition) and succeeded in getting registered for an offer we, being the crème de la crème, deserve above all!

Then Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn who boldly claimed to ‘BOL-say it all’ in the class diary, hid their very own identities ‘kiya yeh khula tazaad nahi?!’

At last, only a day after the best function ever (welcome party to first year) the result was expected. ‘Ijtimai’ prayers were said, tears were shed. Every person heading to Patiala carrying a file was suspected to be the ‘result guy’ and then a silence before a storm of shrieks echoing round the campus! 

One word for the juniors before signing off , since we are officially seniors now, though many of you look and are elder than us but: 
Seniors <------R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

1 down , 4 to go ! 
Farewell First Year and the Chronicles !


  1. grt job. but u got 1 thing wrong. that 1st photo. it was my reaction, not a theeta's reaction :P

  2. You represented the 'theta' community at that time, remember?
    Though that pic is yours but that was a common reaction of all the thetas I know !

  3. result actually revealed how many liars r there in the class :P

  4. Hahahaha loving it thoroughly!! Laiba u r the best!!

  5. Suicidal tendecies<------ true story. :D

  6. excellent work laiba!!

  7. so dats the end of a wonderful chronicle...
    even i felt like being sad at the idea of end of 1st year n chronicle... :P
    dats wat the mastery of words can do ... gr8...

  8. Laiba u know it goes without saying that ur the best mashallah !!!! .....hope we get a new series for 2nd yr!!!

  9. lol. It's so funny how every person with a file is suspected to be the result guy. Loved your posts Laiba. You write so well.

  10. Its a sight only Kemcolians can witness !
    Thank you, I just try my best.

  11. Farkhanda QaiserMarch 7, 2012 at 9:14 PM

    woww amazing work laiba..!!!

  12. hahaha..... great work dear
    continue in the 2nd yr tooo.......
    at the end ov ths triology...... i m thinkng k KOI WAQAI ITNA TRUE BHE LIKH SKTA HAE..????
    ;P a true reflection ov our feelings...
    WAITING for ur 2nd yr chronicles...;p

  13. well done liaba...3 episodes ...a series thats simply wowwwwwww


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