Installing Windows 7 on Shahbaz Sharif's Laptops in place of ubuntu

How to install windows 7 on Shahbaz Sharif - Youth Initiative Laptops 

If you're reading this congratulations on your new laptop!!! A great initiative by Shahbaz Sharif - Whatever people might call it. Regardless, it is an unprecedented event in history!

So, your new laptop comes with Linux operating system - UBUNTU - The most popular and visually appealing one.
It looks pretty slick.

And as you can see, it can easily meet your basic needs 

Yes, it can run facebook too!

So it's fun to play with it for a while. The advantages being
1- No risk of viruses
2- Apps like chrome, firefox, VlC and about every thing that is free out there has been made compatible with Ubuntu and can be found in its neat appstore
3- It's completely free ! That is the reason why the govt installed it in the first place - A Windows copy on a laptop would have costed them an extra Rs. 10000 per laptop atleast and this is a very wise move to keep the cost low and so that they can give the laptops to maximum number of people within their set budget.

So Ok. You played with UBuntu for a while and think that it's not the right fit for you.
Let's face it, most of us have been using Windows for like forever.
So here is the guide of how you get the most popular OS back to your lappy!
Enjoy and if you have any question, leave it in the comment.

1. Get a windows 7 cd from any standard cd shop (or borrow from ur neighbor waghira )
2. Insert it into dvdrom and press F2 when computer boots up (boots up means when you turn on the computer after shutting it down/turning it off completely)
3. In the blue looking screen go to boot sequence by pressing left set cd/dvd to 1st boot prority 

3b.Install Windows on Shahbaz Sharif Laptop How to install Windows on Shahbaz Sharif Laptops Dell Inspiron N4050
Install Windows on Shahbaz Sharif Laptop

  1. Stay In Bios Setup and Move to Advanced.
  2. Then move to the “SATA OPERATION “
  3. Change ACHI to ATA. In “SATA OPERATION“
  4. Then you will see a Warning select Yes.
  5. Then click on Exit and select “save  changes and Reset”
After this insert your Windows Xp or Windows 7 CD to install the Windows On Shahbaz Sharif Youth Scheme laptop.

4. When the black screen says press any key to install windows , do so 

4b. When asked how to install windows, click on "Custom" .
5. Delete the previous partitions , create new partition of the same exact size , and format it
6. Now install the windows on this new partition
7. Give it about half an hour an just press next on anything that appears
8. Install the video and network drivers from the dvd that came along (win 7 32 bit wala folder)
9. Restart n u r good to go I installed win 7 on mine n its working perfectly .

and go to this website to install most of the commonly used software (Chrome, Open Office, VLC, Messengers, Utilities, Basically every thing!) with a single installer:

Update 1:

If you're experiencing Blue screen during installation of windows again and again ,then you must've forgotten to follow step 3b and didnot change the SATA mode to ATA from AHCI.. Do this now and try installing windows again.. If that doesnt work then you will have to get Windows 7 Enterprise version DVD and that has been reported to solve the issue by some people...


  1. awright m gonna try it afte changing settings.. let see if it works...

  2. Great.. it doest work either... Thankyou for wastin another installation time...!

  3. There never comes a black screen saying "press any key to install..." :( what to do now?

  4. anam you're not changing the booting order properly.. The CD/DVD Drive must be on number 1 on the list otherwise it will boot up linux because the hard drive is on no. 1 by default in booting preference!

  5. Fawad there must be something wrong with the windows version you are using.. get the latest one..

  6. :) can't believe that someone require blog to install windows. Even KG level children can do that.

  7. bundles of thanks if its realy work, otherwise koi is se bari time zaya kerne wali chawal bazi nai ho sakti?

    1. its a simple guide ! bound to work !

  8. is method se b nahi ho rahi ab kya krna bhai.

  9. when i install win 7 blue screen error come
    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you’ve seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps: The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant. Please contact your system vendor for an updated BIOS. Technical information:

    *** STOP: 0x000000A5 (0x0000001D,0×00000000,0×00000000)

    pls help

  10. win 7 enterprise edition works fine but how to update or register it using net when u dont have lan drivers...

  11. Hey guys !!!!!!! help me out i'm getting the blue screen error when i try to install windows 7.....either x64 or x86 anyone experiencing the same problem will please to hear from u if u get any solution

  12. read the update

  13. win 7 ,updated and working :D, tried win 8 beta too, it crashes because of no drivers..:D but works fine

  14. HI IF U WANT TO INTSTALL WINDOWS 7 , 8 on SHahbaz sharif laptop , I will charge 200 rs only + installation softwares..Contact me 03014323915

  15. try windows 7 enterprise edtion either 32 or will solve ur problem..i have installed yesterday it works fine..after instalation of software..window will be acticated automatically through internet..

  16. Hello FRIENDS please anyone help me out. I have installed win 7 enterprise edition in my laptop but a blue screen ACPI error is coming.

  17. same is happening with me. tried re-installing but still the same. please help!

  18. I dont understand why people are changing the SATA MODE in BIOS from "AHCI to ATA", if they want to install Windows 7. Please note that Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is by default supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7 so you dont need to change the mode to an older one.

    You only have to change SATA MODE in BIOS from "AHCI to ATA" if you want to install WINDOWS XP. You dont need to change this mode from "AHCI to ATA" if you are installing WINDOWS 7.

    If you have not yet changed the SATA MODE in BIOS from "AHCI to ATA" on Shahbaz Sharif Laptop, leave it as it is. Just Change the boot order in Bios to reflect the DVD/CD on first place. Save the changes and restart your laptop with Windows 7 DVD. The laptop should boot from CD and you can easily install it.

    P.S.: If you already changed the mode in bios from "AHCI to SATA", please change it back and you can install windows 7 by booting through DVD. Ofcourse dont forget to set the DVD/CD priority on as first boot device.

  19. And you can download the drivers for your dell laptop from Dell's website.

    Go to

    Click on "DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS".

    Enter the "Service Tag" of your laptop. It is printed on a white label pasted below / underneath your laptop.

    You will go directly to drivers page from where you can download respective drivers. Just download for Lan (Network), Sound, Graphics, Touchpad (Synaptics) and Wireless (WLAN) drivers for version 1702 with BT (bluetooth) drivers. Its a single setup file that works for Wlan and Bluetooth drivers.

  20. You can download drivers from Dell's website.

    Go to:

    Click on "Drivers & Downloads".

    Enter the service tag of your laptop that is pasted below / underneath your laptop on a white label.

    Download drivers.

  21. You can download drivers for your laptop from Dell's website.

    Go to support (dot) dell (dot) com
    Click on "Start Here" under "Support of Home Users"
    Click on "Drivers & Downloads"
    Enter "Service Tag" of your laptop (You can find it on a white label pasted underneath / below your laptop
    Download drivers.

  22. You may try window vista but the only problem i am facing in it that i m unable to find the webcam option but remaining functions are running properly.

  23. Nadeel: Change the ACPI to ATA in the bios setup

    Komal: Try Windows enterprise edition

  24. Nadeel: The webcam works fine.. try it on skype and you will see that it works

  25. how to Change the boot order in Bios to reflect the DVD/CD on first place?

  26. Restart laptop and press F12 to select the boot device.

  27. Restart laptop and press F12 to select the boot device.

  28. Install Windows 7 Enterprise

  29. Final build of win7 doesnt work on dis gives ACPI NOT FULLY COMPLIANT error.just try an older build of win7 and it will work fine .I had dis error wid 4 laptops and it is solved by dis method

  30. i can't find the drivers for network controller and Bluetooth adapter. i did all the drivers from that CD but it is not working. Can anyone please guide? :)

  31. you can find the drivers from by entering your service tag number in box

  32. lamo the software cd has already all the drivers :P

  33. i m doing windows 7 on this laptop but when i press to boot from cd.... i enter the enter button after this now screen appears exept black screen . what is the further thing that i do. some body Tell Me . I will be very thankful 2 u all 4 this.
    Asif G

  34. Abid Javed KambohMay 12, 2012 at 11:57 PM

    Thanks, u have solved my problem.

    Abid Javed Kamboh

  35. Hi I want small partitions any one help me

  36. Bro i am still facing same problem with AHCI n ATA both, the blue screen problem. I am able to install windows from CD but nt DVD. While solved the problem with Enterprise but Driers are not supporting enterprize. what to u? :(

  37. Bro i am still facing same problem with AHCI n ATA both, the blue screen problem. I am able to install windows from CD but nt DVD. While solved the problem with Enterprise but Driers are not supporting enterprize.


    Quote: "Some operating systems, notably Windows Vista and Windows 7, do not configure themselves to load the AHCI driver upon boot if the SATA-drive controller was not in AHCI mode at the time of installation. This can cause failure to boot with an error message if the SATA controller is later switched to AHCI mode. For this reason, Intel recommends changing the drive controller to AHCI or RAID before installing an operating system"

    So, leave the host controller to AHCI so that you don't get bugged later, accidentally. ;)

    BTW, not a single word on Dell's recovery partition by anyone...

  39. I got it installed but did not worked well Crashed.

  40. just install win7 enterprise 32 or 64 bit...and problem solved my problem

  41. it really doesn't work for me, but you can find window activator from me, I will email you the software, just email me @

  42. Free window 7 installation with all hardware drivers and Graphics softwares. Contact 0324-4000468


    Fakhar Majid

  43. what do u mean by older build ?

  44. yes i am facing the same problem... Please guide me if your problem has solved

  45. i am also facing the same problem.... if your problem has solved please also telll me

  46. This is an amazing laptop. Thanks for this amazing post. Please check Dell XPS 12 Review

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  48. bad sector bro in your hard

  49. how to go in BIOS just want to know this. kindly reply ASAP

  50. Yes they can how about the professors and high level officials who even don't know where to connect the mouse. lolx


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