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SPIRIT OF VOLUNTEERISM...A session with Dr. Izhar Hashmi.

A session with Dr. Izhar Hashmi.


25th April....
11'o clock...
I ,enthusiastic to see Dr. Izhar Hashmi(many of you must be knowing him,,especially position holders who have visited YDC and HADP...He is a great kemcolian of 1989), saw secretly THE DOOR OF D.H... :p (OOOO..unguarded!!! You know now a days strictness there) I stepped out of D.H. and rushed to anatomy lecture theatre...(a sitting of the cabinet of KAC with Dr. Izhar was planned there)...... But i was disappointed to see anatomy lecture going on there (ugh :( ). I went back and saw shafaq tabassum baji and maimoona mohsin baji (who let me realize that the time is 12'o clock)...
11-12'o clock...
I , at least slipped out of D.H. ten times (although i knew sir Izhar will come after 12..) Every time, i came out, exchanged smiles with the organizers (shafaq baji and maimoona baji) and went back...
Ah...attendance of D.H. finalyyyyy... Rushed to lecture theatre...Dr. Izhar came,met us affectionately..After some introduction,he was going to start to talk on the topic when attendant Liaqat came and said,"ITHAY TAY CLINICAL SEMINAR EY DAC SB!!) Ooopsss... Organizers managed and finally we settled in LRC.. Dr. Izhar shared his experience of professional exam....terror of Dr. in surface marking by Kala sb etc...
Discussion on VOLUNTEERISM begins...:)
He started with a very simple question... WHO LIVES????IN THE HISTORY..
Multiple answers but the attributes can be summarized as:

  • Continuity of work
  • Productive work
  • Goals setting..marking of destination..
  • Consistency
  • Selflessness
  • Empathy and compassion
Example he gave was...though Newton's laws are studied and followed,,no one follows him as a role model..
Dr.izhar quoted Allama Iqbal...
FIRST..... Have the Almighty...; yourself and the nobility and correctness of the task you are going to do! Carlyle says,"no one can believe in presence of Allah Almighty more than Mohammed (S.A.W.W.)"
SECOND...... Consistency!! Work,Work and Work! Without any self interest.. And again Dr. Izhar gives a great example> Huzoor Kareem (S.A.W.W.) was asked to PREACH(input) irrespective of the output..It wasn't demanded that this specific number of people must embrace Islam in some specific time.. The only requirement from all prophets was to do their task but with consistency.. And the results when you see are amazing.. In first 13 years,103 Muslims, in next 5 years,5000 more and after FATEH MAKKAH,the number rises suddenly to lacs..
THIRD.....Compassion and sincerity!! It marks the distinction!
Detailed discussion on these points among the members... Really the essence of volunteerism!
Then Dr. Izhar quoted Surah ASAR..
Some points discussed were:
*Good actions lead to survival.. The real survival in the actions of the descendants... The actions are followed and the references are cited..
*To do and to spread goodness is the real spirit..
*Hadith... "The biggest SADQA is this that one does good for ones relatives who have got grudges" Why?? The reason is to spread goodness, to spread happiness (beyond yourself) and to integrate! Good deeds lead to good deeds sooner or later..
*DON'T waste your time..
*START GIVING.....START SHARING.......whatever you have.....your time,money,knowledge or whatever you can share and which can bring smiles... Inculcate the habit of giving in yourself with your very few resources.. HISTORY marks that the descendants of are begging in streets and those of hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz are donating millions for preparations of jihad.
*DO AND JUST DO..The only thing you have to minus is yourself!!
*Raise the status of your EMAAN..
  1. The worth of deeds depends on intentions behind them(and the intentions should be governed by knowledge)
  2. Like for your fellows what you like for yourself.
  3. A Muslim doesn't waste his time in fruitless(unnecessary or useless) tasks..
  4. Avoid suspicions. (if a thought comes to your mind "Wuzu toot na gya ho!"...and you go for namaz,its still acceptable.. but the higher   degree is that you go for ablution before namaz again.. A common man can lie for saving his life,can eat the food which he suspects Haram but the higher degree of emaan is that he should abstain from them)
***Some guidelines he gave us were:
  • Be a very good student so that you are followed.
  • Manage your time. When you fail to plan,you are planning to fail. Set small targets and feel the happiness you get by accomplishing your targets..
  • Don't advise what you don't do..
  • Understanding of Quran and Seerat is necessary to become a good Muslim and a good human being..
I asked after lecture..."you all say balance,balance.. But that is not very easy.. How to achieve it??"
He replied beautifully.. "mark a range...a maximum and a minimum....practice things within this very range.." And i got the point!!
Then all participants had some refreshments and talk with sir Izhar.
Annual report including finance report of KEMCOLIANS AKHUWAT CLUB was presented..
Some ideas were discussed..
We let Dr. Izhar see the efforts we did for the the lawn at the back of anatomy department..
And apparently,it was the end...of a beautiful day...a beautiful session...
Actually it is the start...
The start of real life...for many who were there...who were determined to do something for a cause...who were eager for the betterment...of their own lives,their fellows and the ones in misery.....who were gonna play their role.....for bringing a positive change....

Sidra Chishti.
Kemcolians Akhuwat club.


  1. Muhammad Junaid TariqMay 7, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    great effort...

  2. both literary and glossy and really appreciable;

  3. do and just do...only thing you have to minus is yourself.....great words
    thanku sidra for sharing

  4. Shahbano salmanMay 8, 2012 at 3:46 PM

    thanks sidra chisti for this wonderful blog !!

  5. it's awesome.

  6. very inspiring indeed........:-)

  7. Dr Naveed Qadir MalghaniMay 11, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Dr Izhar --- I am proud that I am your class fellow ------ Dr Naveed Qadir Malghani

  8. @dr naveed ..he is our mentor,our inspiration and driving force for us here in ke(even though he is not in ke :) )
    we are proud of him too


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