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Freeeedom !!!

Not just another summer vacation !

by Aleesha Kainat (1st Yr)

It nearly took me four days to come out of post-test-stage-trauma, back to a life finally !!

June had been the hardest of all months. When anatomy department comes up with a list of short attendance students giving them a chance to fill up in June and thorax' stage ! Physio with renal and CVS tests.... Biochem.......well . . . . . Never mind  !!  Most of u I know won't go like this :

Because we all know when it comes to biochem its always "NEVERMIND"
Adding to our misery seniors were going off from 15 June while we were to suffer the torture till 30th June.

It seemed as if this June would never end however it was just a matter of time that we were done with our first year!  No one of us ever thought that the journey would be so small unless till the last day. As soon as I finished the CVS test ( yeah CVS test was scheduled for last day-last period thanks to our CR and GR  ) there was a surge of contrasting thoughts that kept nagging my mind. I didn't know whether I should feel happy because we were free or  should  I  feel sad because the first year has  nearly ended.

Although we never had the perfect ending with those epic Mud fights like our seniors had I have no regrets for the journey has been too good to be true ! let's not get into details of what made the journey so valuable ( because that indeed is one heck of separate topic ) and stay focused to the current topic. Most of you would be thinking  that " dude this is not the time you get all this (SENTI).....because you still have till November  to write such articles :P  ". But that exactly is my issue ! What will happen when we are going to come after a LONG ( longer than our seniors :P )  summer break ! It is gonna go  more or less like this......

" Come back after vacation - Appear in SEND-Ups - go home for prep leave -  come back - appear in PROFESSIONAL ( which gives me shrills ) and then  start with 2nd year's classes !"

So my theory prevails that we have nearly ended with First year and it is my right to get all that "senti" !!

Well let me just put it straight ! The mere thought that we will no longer be called first year gives me such a bad feeling although I knew this wasn't something that was to remain with us forever. It's just like we are being taken away from us the office we had held for seven months. Weird isnt it ?
 But I hope that somehow we will be remembered as one the finest first years that King Edward has witnessed ( I aint boasting just  hoping though ;) ! Although some seniors might  think that we have been acting a bit over throughout the year and they are like :


I agree somewhat with you people but sorry on the part where we really acted over !

Moreover I give myself a lot of hope by telling that ahead we have a long journey and it's not just the first year that is special its every year unless you have the spark !
So signing off I would just say that I hope and pray when we return as 2nd year's we do it with a BANG  !!
Stay Blessed all of you ! :)

 P.S Have a happy Vacation you all ! :)

Vacation !! :P


  1. Haha you have every right to be senti !
    Nice post :)

  2. Aleesha Excellent! Its well written:-)

  3. Thankyou so much :)

  4. Thankyou :)

  5. hahaha !! i guess i do :P
    Thankyou so much :)


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