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USA Electives : The ultimate list of Universities.

A lot of Kemcolians have confusion about where to apply for electives in USA. There are many lists available on the internet, but the fact is that there are only a handful of place which gladly accept international students and where Kemcolians have actually gone. The purpose of this post is to provide you a basic list which has good acceptance rate for Kemcolians and give you the least headache ! This will be updated with time, so keep checking for updates !

-When to apply?
Clinical electives in USA require you to be a final year student in your medical school.
So there are 2 practical time-periods when Kemcolians go
a. Summerbreak of Final year in May- August[for this you must have your application and all requirements ready by the middle of your fourth year]
b. Right after Final prof exam March-May[for this every thing should be ready in the start of final year]

-Basic requirements for electives

1- Documents obtained from Student office

These documents can be acquired by writing an application stating your desire to apply for clinical electives abroad and submitting it to student office clerk. They will further require you to submit alongwith an affidavit (which can be acquired from the Katcheri near GCU), a bank statement of your or parents account with a balance of > Rs. 500,000, copies of all your previous result cards and fee of Rs. 100 for 1 set. 1 set contains all the following documents. It is advisable to get atleast 3-4 sets at one time so that you dont have to go through the wait every time.
1a.Transcripts [A document containing the results of all your Professional exams]
1b.Letter stating your core clinical clerkships [The wards that you attended]
1c.LOR from VC/Dean
1d.Letter stating medium of teaching in University is English [This helps as a work-around Toefl in some places]
1e. Letter mentioning expected date of graduation

2. Lab reports

a. Titres . Recent ones. These can be acquired through any lab in the city
b. Immunization record. Mentioning your complete vaccination schedule. 
For this apply through the dept of Preventive Pediatrics in the basement of Dept of Pediatrics. You will require complete documentation of all your vaccination schedule alongwith an application to get a document.

3. Health Insurance [Some places require it initially, some dont]

4. Curriculum Vitae 

Yes, you're big boys now. Better have one ready, written very professionally with minimum B.S. !

Universities with no tuition fee.

Henry Ford Health System

A lot of Kemcolians have been successfully rotating here, initially in Neurosurgery[The chairman of dept is a Kemcolian] and later in other specialties as well.

Recently some Kemcolians attended electives here. Full Review [Coming soon]

Universities with no tuition fee. but TOEFL required 


-Very selective and competitive
-Require Toefl iBt speaking score >26

Universities with tuition fee and no Toefl required

Weill Cornell Medical College

-Basic Requirements before acceptance [Rest are required once you get accepted]
Tuition: $2000
Application fee: $200 [Non-refundable]

*Some* Kemcolians have recently attended elective at WCMC
Full review of elective [coming soon]

Harvard School of Medicine

-Online app process
App fee: $115
Tuition fee: $3700/month (The tution fee keeps on increasing every 6 months!)
-Have to have ur own mal-practice insurance
-Requires b1/b2 visa

Universities with tuition fee and Toefl required


-Basic requirements with Toefl
Tuition: $3100
Housing: $1100


Application fee: $500
Tuition: $3000
A very popular ex-destination among Kemcolians as it used to be very affordable before.
Smeer Salam's Full review of elective [Coming soon!]

Mount Sinai, NY

-F1 Visa required
Application Fee: $1000 [Non-refundable]
Tuition: $2000

Thomas Jefferson University

Application Fee: $75
Tuition: $750

Northwestern: Feinburg School of Medicine

App fee: $125/application(Can send two apps max)
Tuition fee: $1500/4 week rotation.
-Toefl (Speaking score > 24)

Application needs to be on their table 6 mnths in advance of your desired date.
Provides its own mal-practice insurance.
Requires you to have a B1/B2 visa.

University of Alabama School of Medicine (UAB) 

Application Fee: $100
Health Documents Portal fee: $20
Postal charges for Visa: $25
-Requires a J1 or US green card/citizenship status....
-A sponsor is required first (Email coordinators of respective depts for this)
- TOEFL required
No tution charges
Provides its own Malpractice insurance for free

Universities KEMU has affiliation with

University of Massachusetts

-Tuition $500
Toefl required (Speaking score >24)

Unfortunately, no one in recent history has been here. So little hands-on info is available

Duke University, North Carolina

-USMLE Step 1 Mandatory [ No exemptions at all !]
-Hefty tuition fee

The Elite group: USMLE Step 1 Mandatory

Cleveland Clinic

Requires Step1 no exceptions at all.
-b1/b2 visa...

Mayo clinic 

requires step exceptions...


  1. mayo clinic and cleveland clinic have a good acceptnace rae but STEP1 is mandatory!!!
    also Northwestern is a great place..but requires TOEFL speaking score of 24 and an app fee of $125 /rotation and a total fee of $1500/4 week rotation..
    UAB,is another opportunity but only for US permanent residents/citizens or those with a J1 visa has an app fee of $100 and $20 for processing the health tution fee..!!
    Harvard is also another good place to apply but like its said "apply there only if u have BRAINS,MONEY AND LUCK!!"...the app fee has increased to $115...and the tution fee for one month is $3700....(and it keeps on increasing after every 6 mnths bdw!!)

  2. if i wish to do electives in final years summer break then when shall i send my application ??

  3. Nice and helpful post about Good Score in TOEFL

  4. send ur application atleast 9-10 months advance of yr desired date....except for places lik NorthWestern which are strict about time lines

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  6. Hi,
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  7. Hey could anybody let me know about research electives in America/canada?!
    Also if I can go for electivesin 3rd year?!

  8. wat is curriculum vitae

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  14. Thomass jefferson now requires step 1

  15. Northwestern now only accepts students from global partnership universities and our institution is not on the list. :/

  16. The Harvard Medical School (HMS) Exchange Clerkship Program is one of the largest visiting student programs in the country. Annually, the HMS Registrar's Office processes applications for over 2,000 requests from students from around the world. The program is designed for medical students in their final year of medical school who wish to participate in clinical clerkships offered at HMS-affiliated teaching hospitals. Our goal is to place eligible students who are qualified for the advanced clinical experiences in HMS-affiliated hospitals

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