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Community Medicine Important Topics


CHPT 1. Definitions of CM,Program,its types, illness,disease elimination,disease eradication,incubation period,agent.
V imp Levels of prevention complete,v imp modes of intervention complete.
CHPT 2. Definitions of health,risk factor n disease, Iceberg phenomena,names of determinants of health, names of indicators of health.
CHPT 3 Epidemiology vimp Complete
CHPT 4 definitions of infection,infestation,contamination,host,epidemic,sporadiac,pandemic,source,reservoir,case,carrier,disinfection,isolation,quarantine,droplet infections.
Chickenpox,Cholera,TB,Typhoid fever,DENGUE,diphtheria,M
CHPT 5. Obesity.
CHPT 6. Defintion of Immunity.
Herd immunity,its mechanism,consequences,Vaccines,types,examples,Cold Chain,shake test,Objectives of EPI, table of EPI vaccination vimp, Tetanus vaccination table, adverse reactions to vaccines.
CHPT 7. Screening Sampling complete
CHPT 8. Biostats Complete. Add equations n experiments from log book/prac copies
CHPT 9 Demography definition,growth rate formula,basic demographic equation,components of population growth,basic fertility measures, vimp POPULATION PYRAMID + DIAGRAM, demographic transition, cycle n trap.
Definitions of Vital index n life expectancy
CHPT 19 IMCI Components n its advantages, composition ORS bicarbonate n ORS citrate, diff bw ORS n ORT.
CHPT 21 Functions of school health services(points only)
**The End**
CHPT 10 PHC elements,principles,Health planning Cycle,rural health problems n their control,diff bw BHU n RHC.
CHPT 11. Sources of water,cone of filtration,indicators of water pollution, water quality criteria,WHO criteria of safe water, PURIFICATION OF WATER,chlorination, definitions of residual chlorine,chlorine demand,break point n super chlorination,differn bw slow n rapid sand filters(our UQ)...,Surveillance of drinking water(our UQ).
CHPT 12 UNIMP(Hosp waste)
CHPT 13 Occupational health aims n objectives,classfntn of pneumoconiosis, for mcqs do silicosis,anthracosis,asbestosis,byssinosis,bagassosis n Farmers lung
CHPT 16 NUTRITION. Balanced diet,sources of minerals,vitamins,their deficiency diseases,food fortification
Pasteurization,assessment of nutritional status,PEM,marasmus(our UQ),Kwashakoir,diff bw cholera n food posioning.classiftn of Malnutrition frm NOTES.


  1. is there any list for inmportant community formulas???


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