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Entrer La King Edward !!

 Welcome Guide to Anxious Freshmen ( Batch 2012-17 )!!

It is the same time of the year again, when King Edward desperately awaits the arrival of its First year. Oh and I am sure there are those Lucky 303 students out there, spending every moment in desperation to step into the magnificent Patiala with their heads held high in pride and recognition  of the fact that they belong here.

Welcome Home Freshmen !! :D

For those lucky Brats ( I mean Nerds :P ) here is a manual of instructions and basic rules and regulations to make their survival here in King Edward easier.

Disclaimer : These instructions are purely based on personal experience of a freshman ( i.e me ) and the administration has nothing to do with these ;)

Okay Since you read the first part and finally reached here I can imagine how desperate you guys are to know the tips to be a better Kemcolian, so from now on read every line a little more carefully because these are some real golden words to a freshman. :P

First thing's first. RAGGING - I know, I know all of you must be like "Kiya museebat hai" for those Don't worry Kiddos, ragging here is not that big a deal. There is going to be an 'Attempt to Rag' every time a senior passes by, and the easiest way to get rid of it is to listen to that very Respectable senior and do as he/she says. This way you save your time and there is a very nice of chance of making a friend who is a senior ( Which btw in KE is really beneficial)!! Just make sure you walk in groups, that way, you won't have to face anything alone ! Remember : " A Group Bisti" is no "Bisti" at all.
 Lastly, guys relax, ragging is that part of life which you will definitly cherish for your lifetime. You'll have something to laugh on when you grow up ! This is what happens to all of us now.

Since you are here for studies, lets start off with your orientation to some of the easiest professional studies ( If you know what I mean ) :P

No one of you should sweat your time in deciding which book to read, which one to buy, should you make notes or not. Here, for anatomy, you make notes only for embryo, histology or when your HOD takes your lectures. Biochemistry, don't even bother wasting your time even listening, unless again if its your HOD. Moreover Physiology lectures are something you listen to but write only if HOD or Maam Mehr takes your lectures.


Anatomy : B.D Churasia, Atlas by Netter, KLM ( A must read for clinicals), Embryo by KLM, Histo by Laiq Hussain, G.A by G.A. Moreover buy R.J last for any extra references or if you want a distinction. Any extra book on your desk, you are out of our league :P

Biochemistry : Mushtaq Vol 1 & 2, Lippincott ( A good reference book).

Physiology : Guyton (A must)!, Ganong only for extra topics.

Another important thing is, make sure you study, but don't ever forget to take time out for activities. You are in a professional college, make sure you live your life to the fullest. You are going to get a schedule for your sub-stages two days after your joining. DO NOT  PANIC at all. You need to be regular in classes ( at start :P ), and a normal student can prepare for a sub-stage in 2 days.

Just to depress you guys here is a glimpse of last years' first substage's syllabus :P

Don't make yourself overburdened by exhausting yourself preparing for a mere sub-stage. Do prepare your tests well, however failing a test or a sub-stage is not the end of the world. I know, all of you are accustomed to securing highest grades and stuff, but kids Grow up now, its going to be a lot different. What actually matters in the end is your prof. These tests and stuff are just for your preparation. And Most IMPORTANTLY, don't lose hope if you are not getting good scores, its all a matter of luck, and yeah don't feel inferior because of the "Theetas" in your class. Let them study their own ways and keep yourself contented with whatever amount you study. In the end everything balances out, Trust me IA ! :) And yeah make up your minds, the dissection hall is going to be so much more smelly than you expect. Don't forget your gloves and overalls during you dissection times. Remember, if you don't feel like dissecting just wear an overall and sit back on a stool nearby your Body. No one will ask you to dissect unless your demonstrator wants you to!

Okay ! Enough serious talk already !!....... Let's now come to what Actual Kemcolian life is all about. Its going to be way beyond your imagination guys!! You are going to gain a lifetime experience. So fasten your seat-belts - And here goes the roller-coaster story.

 You are going to get a welcome party soon as you enter, so guys and girls get your dresses ready, its going to be your first chance to an make impression on others !!

Last years' welcome party's glimpse!

After a few days of your arrival, there will be some real exciting societies showing up and introducing them. DO JOIN societies of your interest, You'll enjoy your guts out! There are going to be a bunch of activities under every society and you are going to freaking enjoy every event. From Drama nights to Mushairas, from Debating leagues to film festivals, from Blood donation camps to awareness walks, from seminars to class functions, its going to be a fun filled journey.

Here are some glimpses of a few events of last year :
Bake Sale 2012 under Social Patient Welfare Society

KAPS Film Festival 2012
KDS Annual Play 2012
Highlights of the play
Theme Day 2012

                                                         Out in the Sun  

DO enjoy your breaks, wandering around the zero point or having a Gola from the famous Patiala Gola spot. Since in start, winters will be there, enjoy your coffee or tea , with chit chat along with your friends. Don't be the "Forever Alone" type, go out make friends, you are going to find so many good people around. Do get your Vitamin D supplies from sun bathing but honestly avoid that Tan which it brings along. You are going to hate it. 

                           Don't forget about King Edward's strategic location. 

I mean guys you are not kids now. Go out explore every nearby restaurant. Don't stay back in hostels. Go out, celebrate everything. We celebrated the passing of every other sub-stage. lol :P Trust me if you really want a Life, you are yourself going to make it. You are the sole decision maker for what you want ? A Depressing , studious medical career or A 5 year experience like no other!!

Now comes an advice out of ultimate experience and Don't you dare to go offline on this one ;)
Here, a very important thing, which people don't usually tell,  is that, remember it's only you and yourself you should be concerned with. Don't be the one person who pokes nose into every other persons' business. Don't be the person who is double faced in order to make more friends and lastly don't be the one person who lies. These are actually going to make you lose all your friends. Be what you are, you are just perfect that way ! :)

Attention : Some Fancy Society Interview Thingie!!

Oh there will come a time when every society will call out applicants for society's posts. Do apply where you believe you actually belong, and if you are really going to work. Trust me getting all the posts first and then not even managing a single one to its fullest won't get you any higher in fame!! Be fair to your every duty. Keep in good terms with seniors, ( don't be overly flattery because its too lame ), because they always expect respect from juniors.

Signing off, I would say that you guys are really lucky to make it here in King Edward, So make the best out of it, its going to be a five year journey, and I wish and hope the best of for all of you !!

See you soon guys !! :)


  1. Feeling excited =)
    JazakAllaah for all the guidance

  2. realy grateful to you for ur kind advices :) thnks alot :)

  3. Haha...very funny and divulged quite a few 'secrets' here Aleesha!......thanks for the fabulous welcome to kemunited!

  4. mashaALLAH kitna khayal hai apko apne juniors se :p

  5. Now thts going to be fun :P

  6. One thing that I do manage to conclude from the blogs of you people is that most of you are living in a considerable amount of illusion, see the world outside Pakistan and then see where you stand, then you will be able to better define what 'creme-de-la-creme' really is. . .

  7. Oh yeah well, lemme just clear one thing here, no one around here lives in an illusion! We are pretty much aware of what life outside Pakistan is and Honestly there are more Kemcolians serving all around the world than you can probably imagine. Of course, I know we aint saying this is Weill Cornell or Yale, but with the amount of resources Pakistan has, this is indeed one of the best institutes, talking about your stake at what life outside Pakistan is, here is a thought why not try changing it here for good! And I guess people here are doing a real nice job to make it better. So lets just appreciate if there are some people trying to make the best out of whatever resources they have got, rather than sitting back and criticizing over petty issues and suggesting ideas which are totally impractical. You or our Govt. ( which apparently has no money for education sector) are not going to fund 303 students who get here every year on merit to a foreign Institute! Are you ? ! And trust me it is these students who grow up to be the most successful Doctors world knows of today !

  8. thanku for the heads up ! ;) :D

  9. This is rather nice. I feel a tad less anxious now.

  10. This is rather nice. I feel a tad less anxious now.

  11. While reading dx article, i felt i was in my Fantasy World <3 I hope that KEMU will realy be like that mentioned in dx article :)

  12. what an awesome guide....thanks!!

  13. Bro You are a Good writer
    It Will be our first time to come and see lahore
    So please write about lahore Also And also about the scholarships and Student support programmes

    It will be a great favour


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