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Myths and Facts about MCAT

It All Begins:

Yesterday I was sitting on my couch and was thinking that what were the things that I wanted to know before the UHS entry test. What were the thing that made me feel calm and relaxed about the most terrifying test of the intermediate year or even at that point the most dreadful test of life for the F.Sc students. Well yeah it’s of course that horrible because when you’re in F.Sc everybody is scaring you about it, teachers say, “ You stupid lazy scums, none of you is going to clear the test. It’s not a child’s play. With your attitude your done with even F.Sc rather MCAT.” ( it might be not this harsh for some but for some others it is more than this). Friends and relatives say, “ Don’t do it. I know your caliber. Even I myself tried it twice but no success. So if you ask me back out now”. Yeah I know it is scary enough to make you change your mind about doing medical because then we think that this entry test is too damn hard to clear for an ordinary fellow like me, they take the` creme de la nation’ I am just not among the cream. But here’s the good news. None of us is the` cream of the nation’ until he/she realize what he/she can do and what he/she is made of. The moment  your mind gets hold of your real ambition and your real aim that very moment you become the creme de la nation. Because now your mind knows the direction to put its efforts in, now it knows the right hard work it can do to achieve its goals.
Myths and Facts about MCAT:
Now let’s get back to the topic, what is the truth about MCAT? Is it a good news or a bad one again.
Bottom line what are the facts about MCAT. So Let’s cut to the chase now.

No.1 Myth: Bad score in matric, don’t do pre-medical:

Well that all Bu***hit. I have seen fellow students with me who topped the class whole year without even a gap and they had low matric marks. You can be a topper even if you were an average student in matric. You just have to start working right away. It is the present that matters. So don’t look back and tell yourself : “I have to do it, I can do it, I will do it”. It is all about your will.

No.1 Fact: You can do it.

No.2 Myth: Average score in F.Sc = Bad score in Entry test:

Well it’s not like that but... You have to get good marks in F.Sc to do good in Entry test. You don’t have to be extraordinary but you do have to work hard. Even if you were lazy before, you must start now. Wasting your F.Sc study time will obviously do an unrepairable damage. So,

No.2 Fact: It,s never too late to start working hard.

No.3 Myth: Academy is compulsory to pass the Entry test:

Now this is the a whole lot of rubbish that I heard the most during my own time. This-is-just-sick man. Like you can do nothing on your own without the help of some fancy academy. I’ll not name any particular institute because every such institute is doing the same job. If you are a sharp student and you think that you can handle double time then it’s your call but if you are not that brilliant or sharp or you just think double time/academy is a burden then please don’t go to any academy. Just study hard at college and make you text books your best friends. I myself never went to any academy/double time institute my whole matric and F.Sc session and still I made it, both in F.Sc and entry test. An advice: Do take the Full Syllabus tests from any institute just before Entry test to get a hold on time management and environment exposure but don’t waste more than 3, 4 days on them. My own view which I got during the one and only mcat prep session that I had during my F.Sc time even before board exam is that academy only makes things more worse. Some may not concur with my views but then this is democracy dude so chill out.

No.3 Fact: You can do it all by yourself.

No.4 Myth: Many/Most of the MCQs in Entry Test are unseen or from A-levels:

It's a big fat white…… lie. Every MCQ Every Single MCQ among the 210 MCQs of Entry test is from the TEXTBOOKS of F.Sc. Every single MCQ among the 210. Well you must be wondering that there are 220 MCQs in Entry Test paper …. So you’re thinking Rietgheee. But I know that better than you do. So monsieur the other 10 can be out of course or from A-levels but believe me the’re quit’e eeasi (`they are quite easY’ I mean) to solve.  So grab your test books and eat ‘em in breakfast, drink ‘em in lunch and Sssmoke ‘em after dinner  cause they are your key ,to the treasure of MBBS degree. Wohh! I just made a rhyme, I am a poet deep down, I never knew it. So discover yourselves lads and lasses.

No.4 Fact: Everything in the Entry Test comes from F.Sc TEXTBOOKS.

No.5 Myth:  Entry Test is REALLY Difficult:


After everything that I just told ya do you still think that it is really difficult. I mean do you really think that it is that hard a nut to crack. Everything is from the book, everything is simple and understandable (with a little effort, concentration and knowledge ofcourse), an average student can do it, you can do it all by yourself without any academy and you still think it’s difficult. Come on dude, all you need is a strong will, hard work and the right direction and you can do anything, anything in this world. YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE. And that the real secret to achieve anything….. believing.

No.5 Fact: Believe and you can even climb Mount Everest.(well you don’t have to climb it anyway, just focus on the test)

Well that’s all for now cause I’m tired of writing but I still have a lot more to tell all pre-meds out there. So keep faith and believe, and I’ll write again and tell you about the journey to Medical college and the Experience of Entry Test. Peace everyone… Praise God…. Allah Hafiz……………… Farvel!!! Ba byeee!


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  5. Thank you all... It meant a lot...

  6. can balochistan student apply for mcat? this year

  7. i appeared in mcat this year but i failed to do was my hard luck.........and also i was scared and nervous.............i have wasted my time there in academies...........and nw i have decided that i'll not repeat this mistake ..........the experience that i gained is that by self study method,there are more chances to clear mcat than by wasting time in famous academies.......han if u are living in lhr ,fsd or any other big city then u must join these famous instituions ..otherwise not...u shouldnt stay away frm ur home coz its difficult and tough to live hstel life....... u cant enjoy the facilities that u enjoy at home....well m saying this on behalf ov my experience...its up to 4or 5 full syllabus tests are necessary to know how to manage time...................hard luck this time,better luck next time.:).....hope this will help u out..........

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